Here is my reading request Shuabby - Thank you so much!

  • Shuabby,

    Thank you for saying that you will give me a reading. Here is my situation. I am still hooked on ol Cancerian friend born 7/1/66 and I am born 2/20/68, We used to talk everyday, he stopped talkign to me back in Aug of last year. My husband had contacted him telling him that I loved him and to stop distracting me. He did for a while then we reconnected, but he was different. Ok, he is a elusive to begin with but if you have an answer to these questions, that would be great:

    Did he love me?

    Does he miss me?

    Is it possible to ever be with him in the future? (he is married as am I) Here is why I ask that question, I have loved him for 14 years secretly, if I knew that he would love me say 10 years from now...I would wait. Insane, I know, but he has an unprecedented hold on me. I felt like I could feel him missing me this weekend when I was missing him. Anyway....what do you see?

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  • Hi Shuabby

    I was wondering if you could do a follow up reading? You always have great insight. - this is the reading you did for me nine months ago about me 2/20/68 and m 7/1/66 - I had contacted him shortly after this and he ignored me. So, I think it has been a romantic dream this time around. I have had a few readings (one online and one in person) both said that he would contact me again. Whats your take on it? I feel very burned by him and very guarded. What do you see? (side note: my husband and I have been getting along great - not great romance - but good has been nice)

    Also, do you see anything about my career? and what about me and my singing/songwriting?

    Thanks Shuabby!!!

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  • Shabby,

    If you have time, may I have a follow up reading?

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  • Dear Shuabby,

    If you have a moment, may I have a follow up reading from the one you gave me a year ago. He has not contacted me at all.

  • So, I saw him yesterday and said hi, he looked at me and turned away, mind you apart from our 2 year of daily online interaction, this is the first time I have seen him in 14 years...what was he feeling?

    Thanks Shuabby...


  • doeyepisces

    Time has gone by and life goes on. His feelings about you are a pleasent memory. He will not contact you or try to in the future. I know you still have some heart felt feelings for him and these are yours to cherish and remember from time to time.

    Life now should be taking you along another pathway into another man arms and life. I know what you mean and how you feel when you think about him. It is really nice to have loved and lost , but it is better to just carry that love in your heart and move on now.


  • Thank u....

  • Shuabby may I have a follow up reading. I found out mike has terminal cancer and I really want to see him again and have peace and closure.

  • Hello doeeyepisces

    You seem to be unable to let Mike go, and now he is ill and you want to say good bye? Are you friends with his friends? If so you can send word to him of request.

    Your marriage is going to be under the microscope soon, and you will need to have the strength to tell the truth regarding your inner needs and wants in which are not being fulfilled in a marriage of convenience. You will find the words that will just seem to flow to you to write a song, which will be straight from your heart, a beautiful love song, in which you should send to Celine Deon so that she can make it a song that she will sing in Vegas. You will get the recognition you deserve. Let us all know when you have archive this honor.

  • Thank you Shuabby. He knows that I know now and what I want. Before I found out, he told mutual friends not to tell me. He even deleted some on Facebook so they wouldn't. I found out anyway. According to a female LinkedIn acquaintance of mine (but friend since childhood with him ) he is still angry with me. Even after 5 years of not speaking. He wouldn't tell her why. He knows that I want to either be there for him or at least a peaceful goodbye. I wrote him a list of 49 things wonderful about him for his 49th birthday. And he did read it but blocked me after another message after.

    When I was so depressed my husband asked me what was going on with me and I told him. He said "get whatever closure you need". We have been doing better than ever actually in the past few years. Going on date nights. Bonding.

    I have been writing a lot of songs about Mike. I am a singer. ( And have covered some of Celine's stuff in the past). So I will do as you say.

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