Fighting with myself... Reading please.

  • I would greatly appreciate a reading as I am currently 5 mins from banging my head against the wall. I am in conflict with myself. My fears are getting to me and the fact that I don’t really know what I want is an issue also. Let me tell you the past 8 months has been interesting since I had believed I always knew what I wanted. Anyhoo… I’ve been dating someone for approx 2 months now. There is one issue well, HUGE in the back of my mind (so peculiar!). I have been debating back and forth with myself if I should even bring it up and speak to him about it. I know I’m holding myself back guarding myself but, it’s difficult to let the walls down and become more vunerable. I may of course be being naïve yet again however, it’s hard to block out friends voices. And, those voices linger in the back of my mind regarding him. I’m a closet hopeless romantic and, so want to believe in people being good and true and not the nagging voices of friends. Hope no hope for he and I? Should I have the conversation which, would also take a lot of romance out of what is missing if he is truly interested in a future relationship. Or, should I run? 😃 Thanks in advance and sorry about being all over the place. More difficult to get what’s in my brain into actual words (never used to be an issue). Have a lovely night!

  • Romance equals unreality. You need to be dealing with reality and truth here or else you are heading for one painful and ugly wake-up call down the track. Of course, you have to be open with him - it's what makes a good relationship. If you feel there are things you can't discuss with someone who is supposed to be your partner in the relationship, then he's not the one for you. You have the right to express your feelings. If he cannot deal, too bad for him - find someone who will - you cannot hide behind romantic ideals that replace reality. You need to know the exact situation of your relationship NOW.

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