• Asked for a reading from Shuabby and got that? She said she is only ther sometimes, is it perhaps possible if you could answer me if she is not there? Will really appreciate it very much.Something specific that I would like to know about. My husband has a job but someone wants him to embark on a new venture with him to open their own bussiness. Can this person be trusted but more so will this be succesfull?? We cannot afford for my husband to just up and go and have to concider this very careful? And then we have been having financial problems so what doyou see in futre and when will all be ok again?

    Thank you so much

  • Hello Cappies,

    I sense your feelings of fustration with this matter at hand. I feel that your husband will do what he wants to do and is inner lead to do at this time. My suggestion would be for him to make the business with the friend a P/T venture to begin with and not release his job. Is this new venture in a different area which would make you move in the future? I feel movement here. Spirit tells me that it will be alright and you will have to trust your husband judgement in regards to the man offering the work venture. I do not feel anything dark about him at this time. Other than he is a gruff man and lacks a bit of warmth in his nature, he has had to work hard for what he has and he has no room for nonsense in his life now. Does he have a dog with him? I feel a dog blk and white around this man.

    Money is slow flowing where you are at now and if there is a move involved I feel it will bring more money to your husband and your family. Do not be afraid to move elsewhere. I see rolling green hills and it feels beautiful to me to look at, it will take six months before you all will be on a upward finanial path, but after that you will be smiling and happy with the results.

    Best Wishes,


  • Hello Shuabby! Boy am I glad you back!!I really missed you you know! Hope you had a lovely Mothers day - dont know if you have children but still hope you enjoyed it. Just to let you know by the way - We had problems with Markus's eye (as you said) cos the cornea rejected about a month ago. I was beside myself! But doc said we cought it in time and treated it urgently and now he is fine again Thank God! (You said it will be fine) and it is now. He is having his 21st on the 29May, my baby not a baby anymore;-) Had some problems with my other son Wayne DOB 2/9/75 (drugs) but he is ok now just hope he will not go back to his old ways if you can maybe tell me what the future holds for him? Please dont dissapear like that again! I did not even feel like going into the forum anymore! It was luck that I saw you aswered another thread and SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU! I even looked on the Inernet for you! You better come visit, you will love South Africa (just not now it is the start of winter and coooold) Oct - March best time here.

    Thank you for the answer I really appreciate it very much and it is true what you say about this man maybe that is why I feel the way I feel ( I am a warm kind of a person) and if I dont feel warm about something it always make me think? You know - an old man told me something when I was about 18 ( You get wise people and you get otherwise people) I have never forgotten this;-) and to me he was a bit otherwise:-) We are not planning on moving anywhere but the greenhills sure sounds like heaven I must tell you! And yes we have had bad luck for the last +- 2 years now so please God it is now enough! If I may ask you Shuabby, is there something or someone around my house? Bad vibes? Or something? Just curius?

    Anyway my friend so nice to talk to you and God Bless you always. Hope to hear from you soon you sure sound like a busy lady.



  • Dear Yolanda and Family,

    Thank you for the kind words and Im getting ready to make a 2000 mile move. The journey will start on the 15th of this month and take four days to get there. I will have my child (Cat) with me and she will comfort me and me her. I hope that your Mother's day was special in some way for you. Markus is a really blessed and strong young man, he will do well in his life as I feel he has a loving heart and this will lead him to a career where he will be helping people. I feel a medical career for him and he will receive a grant or funds to help with the education. Wayne is a more worldy type of man and likes adventure as he seems to get bored and this leads him into troubled waters, however he has a wonderful Mother that will help to stir him in the right direction with tough love and tender rewards. Wayne feels like to me he will work around water and ships or boats for awhile in his life. The water will help to calm him.

    I like what the old man told you about wise people or otherwise people. You feel you do not like this man that is offering your husband the work venture, I would suggest that you try to find out his background to ease your worries and make your final deceision.

    Regarding your house, I believe you are feeling anixious due to changes coming and you feel unsettled in the dwelling now, I do not feel a danger around the house so to speak , has something happened to make you feel that someone around your home is sending bad vibes? To keep you and your home protected you need to burn some sage in everyroom and ask God to seal your family and house in his white light of protection. At night before you go to sleep. Ask the angels to be placed on the north, south, east, and west of your home to keep it safe. I do this myself and feel safe in God and my angels arms.

    I would love to come and visit you someday Yolanda as I had neighbors in TX that moved from South Africa and Judy told me how beautiful it is and that she wanted to go back as they had family there to visit as often as she could.

    I will be returning to work once we are settled in , however when I find time I will check this board and look for you too.


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  • Hello doeyeydpisces,

    Sure just start another tread and I will read for you. Thanks for the safe thoughts about our trip.


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  • Hi Shuabby Well I wish you well where ever you go - sure is a faaaar place you moving to? Thank you for telling me about Wayne and that is just what I told him that his problem is boredom! And no, nothing really happened in the house, I just sometimes feel since we moved here out bad luck started and even my friends say they cannot believe that so much can go wrong with 1 person? But glad to hear nothing funny around, and my prayers I think also help a lot. Yes SA is beautifull, specially in summer and I know everyone that comes here from overseas cannot believe the big open spaces AND GREEN HILLS in some places. Who knows maybe one day hey? Well sure your journey will be blessed and safe, and hoping where you are going you will be very happy. 2000 miles gosh that's faaaar! So good luck and God Speed my friend and yes please look for me otherwise I am giving you my e-mail add;-) so go well.

    Have a safe trip

    God Bless


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