Captain, can I get some advice on Scorpio male

  • First let me apologize I'm new to this....

    I met this scorpio 10-29-70 (mine is 4-5-63) and he has been showing alot of interest and now all of a sudden this past weekend he just quit. I'm straight forward and not into games and I am not sure how to let him know that. We just started seeing each other and I have never dated a scorpio and not sure what is going threw his head. I have never been so confused in a relationship. I don't know if I need to back away and give him space or let him know where I stand with him, or what I would like to see happen between us. Everyone tells me if he was not interested he would not talk to me much...

  • This relationship is unstable, fluctuating, and full of tension. Your friend may have little respect for your goal-oriented drives, which he may see as blind or even mindless. If principles stand between you and success, they will often go out the window, and this your friend cannot abide. Moreover, should you justify an action by pleading forgetfulness or claiming that you were misinformed, your friend's demand for truthfulness will begin to glow red. It will be hard for him to believe that what you view as an oversight, miscalculation, or slight was not deliberate, no matter how innocent or uncalculating it seems to others. Suspicion and mistrust are part of the Scorpion nature.

    As a love affair, the relationship can be intense, but also painful and uncertain. Your friend generally doesn't let go easily of those he loves. You on the other hand must be free to do your thing, and won't hesitate to abandon the relationship if you feel it is counterproductive or unrealistic. You also will find it hard to put up with your friend's secretiveness, withdrawals, and lack of sharing. Should your sexual involvement be deep enough, however, you may find yourself trapped and, in certain circumstances, at the mercy of your controlling partner, causing you great anguish and frustration. In such a situation, you may have a need to serve your partner, yet may dread doing so, even while deriving great pleasure from the relationship.

    As friends, you will have fallings out over broken promises, missed opportunities or unkept commitments, but the good humour and fun times you share can outweigh this downside of the friendship. You greatly enjoy your friend's sense of humour, and can even stand to have it directed against you, as long as you know that your friend really cares about you. He will rarely betray your trust, but will make extremely exacting demands of you. Power struggles in all forms of this relationship can make it a painful and unhappy experience all round.

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