Hanswolfgang, I am lost...

  • Hello. I am on the verge of tears as I type this. I am in love with my ex- a Pisces man born 2/22/69, and I am Pisces too, born 3/4/71. We had a terrible break-up 2 months ago, and I can't seem to let him go. Can you PLEASE tell me why? I mean, I'd like nothing more than for us to work things out, but I sense he has moved on. I don't know if he will return, as right now we aren't even speaking.

    I need to know what's going on here and what, if aything to expect in terms if us. Thank you so much in advance.

  • I hope you don't mind me jumping in here but I felt drawn to your post.

    I feel this is not the end for you two, but merely a separate space for working on yourselves to become much less overly sensitive, with less easily pushed buttons. It's not the right time for you two to be together now but I do feel after some months have passed, you will both be older and wiser and better able to deal with each other. Work at becoming more objective and less emotional so that you will be better able to understand and handle the relationship when it comes around again. You both need to change for this relationship to work. I feel your friend misses you too but do not strive to contact him. Instead work at the things I have suggested so that you will be in a far more objective and emotionally stable state of mind next time.

  • Wow, I am shaking, Captain...no I don't mind your response- I APPRECIATE IT......How did you know I'd tried to contact him all along? Yes, and he has ignored me. I can't understand why he met with me the day after we went to court (long story) which I thought he'd never do-but then ignore me now. I feel he is seeing someone new, and I guess the best thing I can do is to let him live and experience life without me in hopes that he will miss me and appreciate me later on. Things are just so "final" right now that its hard for me to fathom us ever reconciling. Do you have any sense as to when (what month) he will contact me?

  • I am feeling October, but it all depends on how much you both change for the better. It could be sooner - or later - depending on how quickly you both learn your lessons while apart. Just trust that this separation is well timed and beneficial, and that you will be together again. Don't focus on time passing but on becoming more self-aware and less personally sensitive and tougher emotionally. Forgiveness (of both your ex and yourself) will help you to heal. And don't just wait around for him, get on with your life and welcome new experiences and people who will help you to grow and evolve and lose your protective 'armour'.

  • Thanks for your insight. I actually am still getting on with life...I'm dating (reluctantly), but I am trying to be open to new people. Its all part of healing I guess. :). Thanks again.

  • Hello, Captain. Just wanted to update you that I heard from Teddy...guess it was a lt sooner than eiter if us expected

  • Well, I meant October as in putting your relationship completely right, in one way or the other - that is to forgive and maybe even forget.

  • oh i definitely know its not right tight now

  • soory...was half asleep, what I mean is, although we saw each other, I know things aren't right between us at this point

  • It will take you a while to get over what you have been through. It's like the grief after someone dies, in a way.

  • I'm kicking myself for not ignoring his texts last night..........he's still not ready for me

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