TheCaptain - please enlighten me ^^

  • In the context of relationship, boyfriend - girlfriend, husband - wife ... what are the houses in our natal chart that we should look at? I read it from some website, that in the context of relationship, you should look for the V house, and VII house of your natal chart. Is this true? So, for example: If my V house is Capricorn, and my VII house is Pisces, what are these things telling about me? Should I look for 'earth' and 'water' elemental sign girls, because I'm likely will get along with them smoothly? Or? What are these V house and VII house means to my natal chart or the relation of them with my sun sign, sagittarius?

    Also, I read it from another website ... in the context of relationship ... its better if you compare your moon sign, venus sign, and mars sign to your potential mate's moon sign, venus sign, and mars sign ... rather than just comparing between your sun sign with each other, because these planets tells more about relationship than your sun sign, is this true?

    And what about the rest of the planets? What are they for? For example: Rising sign, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and N. Node ... Sometime they also mentioned 'Ascending', what is that means?

    One last thing ... which is more influential between western zodiac signs and Chinese zodiac signs, in term of telling someone about themself, and the compability between two people? What if according to western zodiac signs, 'A' n 'B' is NOT compatible, but according to chinese zodiac sign, 'A' n 'B' is compatible, so if they are going into ccommitted relationship, boyfriend - girlfriend, or husband - wife, are they going to be for the long haul?

    Thanks TheCaptain, I really want to know all about these, usually I just look at my sun sign and compare it with another person sun sign, but I knew there is must be more about this whole astrology and horoscopes thing. I tried to googled them, but it just made me more confused.

  • the censored word is'fifth house'

  • PS: If my moon sign is Aries, my Venus sign is Scorpio. and Mars sign is Capricorn ... so I'm likely to behave like an Aries male, but in romantic situation / love ... I'm likely to act like Scorpio Male? Which tends to attract and compatible with another water sign and earth sign? And, the way that I'm presenting and communicating myself to other people, and what I want, and how I think about my children is like if I'm a Capricorn?

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