Captain can I get your advice please!!!!

  • My dob 6/20/1968

    His dob 2/25/1963

    We've been seeing each other for a few years, I stopped seeing him for about a year 09-10 but he kept in touch with texting. We started seeing each other again towards the end of last year through the first of this year. Then things just cooled off so to speak, we haven't spoke in two months so I was just curious about the relationship and where it was headed.

    Any insight will be helpful.


  • Hmm, your member name worries me a bit, Stalker1.

    No matter how different you two are temperamentally, your relationship will be close and intense. Yet, although neither of you will hesitate to give the other a piece of their mind, what you tell each other is highly selective - you are both capable of keeping secrets from each other for long periods of time. An inherent honesty is usually present here, however. Sooner or later, you two will tell all, but only when it suits you to do so.

    In a love affair here, you two are capable of sharing a great deal with each other, but you must work on being more independent. Mutually possessive attitudes may restrict your scope of expression. These attitudes will be laid bare if the relationship breaks up, when it may be difficult for you two to pry yourselves apart. More advanced types in this combination will have each other's interests at heart, however, and will be open to separations or splits if they feel they are to their mutual benefit. These decisions are cool and rational - they do not mean that you love each other any less. As ex-lovers, you will remain friends, in fact, long after your affair has ended.

    Should your affair evolve into marriage however, it has a great chance of success, and having children will cement it through thick and thin. Both of you can be nurturing parents, complementing each other in many respects. A problem may arise if you close your children off to the world too much, a protective gesture that actually deprives them of the rough knocks they need for normal development and survival. Open yourselves and your kids up to the world, but cultivate inner strength too.

    A relationship here can be intense, empathic and honest but it can also be overprotective, secretive and financially unaware.

  • Thanks Captain, very spot on! The chemistry I feel with this person is very intense almost scary. I have never felt this for anyone before, which led me to seek out advice on how to deal with the spiritual, physical and emotions tied into this relationship. You are so correct with the intensity of emotions felt on both parts, because he expressed those same comments as well. Selective conversations on what we express to each other is sooooo true. However, we both are honest with what we do say...haha if that makes sense...Thanks so much again for the very insightful advice very true....

    oh, and my member name was one i thought would be eye catching, it does not reflect my personality at all...thanks for noticing it as

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  • Barretmorgan, please start your own thread as you will get more replies that way..

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