• Hi Captain

    I just read a thread where you helped someone with a lost item i was wondering if you could help me? my son has lost his glasses and i am at a loss as to where they could be as the case is here and they have been missing for months now , I would be really grateful for your insight .

    Many Thanks in advance Love and light Loap:)

  • Sorry but I get an image of them being crunched underfoot and broken.

  • It doesnt suprise me as s much as i tried to be on to my son about looking after them he still used to leave them all over the place , thanks Captain for your help i really appreaciate it .

    Many Blessings Love and light Loap:)

  • He doesn't really like wearing them - thinks they make him look nerdy and unattractive so I'm not surprised he 'lost' them.

  • yes you are so right Captain hes always going on about that and trying to get out of wearing them i had his teacher come up to me the other day very concerned as he told her that he doesnt need to wear them anymore and ,he only needs them for reading and writing he doesnt have to wear them all the time .

  • I had the same problem myself at school until my mother got me these really trendy colourful type of frames for my glasses. Maybe shop around for some really cool frames for your son and let him pick them?

  • Yes thats a great idea but the ones he has he picked himself and they are a very small frames not bulky or big looking but as i have to get him a new pair i will give it try again . I wish they had Ben 10 frames or something hes into then i know for sure hed keep them on .

  • There are internet sites where you can find the right spectacle frame for your face - just search on Google. Loopsoptical dot com has cool kids' glasses in all sorts of colours. Also, the allaboutvision dot com website has what's new in kid's glasses - there are some very groovy styles. Maybe there's some musician or actor who wears glasses and your son can get the same frames. You could also try getting those glasses that darken so they look like sunglasses when you go outside.

    I bet he'd be more careful with his glasses if they were cool. 🙂

  • oh for sure he would Captain thanks for that il have a look i was wondering if i could ask you another question relating to this do you feel that the glasses got damaged at home or at school ?its just that my littleone keeps telling me that they were thrown in the bin and he keeps going on about it now its got me thinking that he might have stomped on them and hid the evidence so to speak .

  • Actually that was my feeling too - I felt like it was his foot (but I didn't want to get him into trouble.) 🙂

  • Ok thanks Captain for all of your help my little one has just done a reenactment of it with a piece of a train track its exactly how you describe and i never mentioned a thing all i said was what happen to your brothers glasses? of course he said some one else did it but he doesnt know who it was rather cute actually i had to refrain myself from laughing as now he has just said that Buzz Lightyear done it thanks once again at least i can rest now instead of driving myself crazy about it .

    Love and Light Loap:)

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