Love Reading Please

  • Could I please have a reading. DOB 27/9/61. Thank you

  • You must develop more confidence and raise your low level of self-worth in love as well as life, Inshreds. You have the potential to step into the public spotlight and become a leader if you can only develop the self-acceptance and self-assurance to do so. Sensing from childhood that you are different, you surround yourself with friends for validation. But little can assuage your insecurity until you believe in yourself and feel confident in your messages or mission. You must face down the notions of perfection and imperfection with which you compare yourself to others. No one is perfect. Setting yourself apart from others only holds you back. You must also be careful not to mask an essential indecisiveness under a barrage of criticism. You are gifted with both the charm and sociability to achieve your goals once you make a firm decision to go for them. You must discover the power that decisiveness can bring. If you can learn to open up to others and share your emotions before they reach 'critical mass', and channel your natural energy into some higher purpose, your life will be wonderfully rewarding.

    Ironically though, success will not come to you as a result of seeking the limelight as a way to gain acceptance. This would make you ineffectual as a leader because your actions or decisions would be predicated on approval seeking. You must become so confident in who you are and what you think that you are wholly immune to issues of popularity. The greatest danger for you is that you may become carried away by ego, hubris or narcissism if you have not eliminated all traces of insecurity or the need for approval or adulation from your psychological makeup. Dictatorial tendencies can harm your spiritual development and that of those you serve. Alternatively, should your confidence be undermined in any way, you may begin to question your every decision, thus weakening your capacity as a leader.

    Your life mate or partner may have to accept the role of foot soldier to your general, carrying out daily responsibilities while you go about your work of leadership or command. However partnerships of inequality are not ideal for you since your innate sense of fairness will make you feel guilty. Thus, friendship for you may always be preferable to more restrictive relationships like a business partnership or familial or marital matches, since a friendship leaves you freer to act, with fewer binding expectations or fixed responsibilities. You aren't afraid of responsibility - it's just that your worldly goals leave little room for emotional investment in others. You can often feel torn between the stability of family life, and a drive towards independence. You can learn a lot about your relationships by digging into the one you had with your family of origin. What you learnt about love came from your parents and/or siblings and other relatives, and you may have unresolved issues there.

    What you really want most is to receive love, and it's an insatiable desire that can drive you into doing almost anything to gain acceptance and approval from others. But other people (even if you like to think of your circle of friends or the world as your extended family) can never give you enough support for you to break out as an individual and take advantage of the exciting opportunities life brings. You must become your own best friend and encourage yourself to go after what you want and what will make you happy. Part of your emotional maturation entails accepting your feelings and following a process to develop deeper, more intimate relationships, from which you can form a key part of the foundation to realizing a higher and deeper freedom. Someone like you naturally gravitates to new ways of being, living, and doing as you search for the larger picture of life, so it's unlikely you will form totally conventional relationships, although you do need to form responsible ones. Beyond biological drives, you desire a sexual relationship that has an element of adventure or variety, although you also seek a deeper sense of connection. You need to accept that your way is not the way of others but don't let it isolate you from intimacy or love. Be free to be you and don't try to fit in just to be loved and accepted. Dare to march to the beat of your own drummer and see how other people admire you for that very thing.

    Good luck to you - I hope this helps to make things a bit clearer.

  • Thankyou. Yes it makes sense. I have booked into a spiritual healing session this weekend. I am hoping this will help me. I have realised that although I broke off my relationship with someone I love dearly, not all the blame is his. I dont know how to let someone love me properly. I want total devotion, I want to be the centre of that persons world and when that isnt so I retreat into myself until I run away from it all. I know I have issues from the past, my childhood but I am unsure what they truly are. My childhood was lonely, my parents fought alot and were not home alot, I was sure they didnt really like me. If I was naughty a beating was the punishment. I guess I think its Ok for someone to treat me in an unacceptable way because thats how I grew up. I hope this weekend helps me heal.

    Thankyou again

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