Mother's Day and thinking

  • It's an odd coincidence or is it? It's Mother's Day and I have been thinking of my mom. I am 24 soon to be 25 and my mother passed away when I was just 4. Mother's Day is therefore is an emotional day for me but oddly I feel a greater emotion as my 25th birthday is around the bend and I was also born on her birthday. I don't know if any one has any idea of this / children being born on parents birthdays and if there is any particular meaning behind it however, of you do know I would greatly appreciate any additional information. Our Birthdays' are June 27 1964 and 1986. Thank you 😃

  • Just to share, I too find Mother's Day very hard emotionally challenging. I feel luckier than you, I had my Mom up till 5 years ago although she did pass away on her grandaughter's (my neice) 16th birthday. Not a very good birthday present right? She has become very special to the rest of the family although my Mom's passing caused a big rift in the family with alot of legal problems.Anyways, the other night I was watching the movie "Steppingh Out" with Liza Minnelli and when she was singing, I just out of the blue started crying, I guess that would have been a movie my Mom would have liked. That is very interestingly mystical that you and your mother were born the same day, almost like kindred spirits. That sounds very special. Do you ever feel her presence around you, especially on your respective birthdays?

    Hope someone out there has more info for you, hope you don't mind my opinion.

    Many blessings upon you.

  • I appreciate your opinion and it is very welcome thank you. Funny you brought up Liza and Stepping Out, after my mom passed away my grandmother well, I should say my entire father's side of the family helped raise me but, my grandmother loved everything Judy Garland / Liza and I grew up watching that movie. 😃 She just passed this past December and her and my mother were very close from what I have been told. Funnily enough her name is Pearl which is June's birthstone so as for presences I must say I believe both to be with me every day and you mentioning Stepping Out made me smile. Whether, it be my grandmother or mom perhaps both a smile means a thousand words. No matter if your're mentioing a movie or it's a coincidence your post is a positive impact! No, it's not easy it has become easier with time but, I still miss both mainly my mom which I didn't have the chance to know. I would like to say that I feel her presence with me but, most often I don't take the time to stop and smell the roses like I should or little things are often over looked. You words have given me a newer sense of attention / awareness that all these little things could be connected to her / them. I believe that their passings and the times that they happened did so for a reason as I would not be who I am today if I hadn't lost my mom when I was younger. And, I like to think that sharing our birthdays is also maybe something more as due to my inquiry. Thank you again for your post I may have to watch Stepping Out again soon as it has been years! Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom as she is still with you as mine is with me! 😃

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  • Same to you and all who are in your life with Mother's and children 😃

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