CharmedWitchBente- Can I Have a Reading Please? Need some insight.

  • Hi sweetie n thanks for asking for me.

    1st off im in ur face truth n it can smart as truth smarts. i dont believe in sugarcoating it for u bc it in my book wont do u any good in any way.

    If u can try n ignore ur ex, dont let him see he gets to u. he´ll eventually stop n move on., his behavior i sense is from his own lack of having made the marriage work. he feels like a failure n as such is the human way to project n cause grief 4 the one one loves still.

    its a human condition to feel anger n sadness n depression when one has given time energy n love into something n it doenst work out at all.

    men are the weaker gender in regard to emotions. they take longer to heal, often it doesnt look that way but its the truth. men do a mix of the following 3:

    1. nights out drinking gambling with guys pals.

    2. date date n loads of 1 nite dates

    3. work work work n more loads more work.

    on the cancer friend, i feel u aint as ready as u think u are. if u storm ahead it wont last. it will b a rebounder 4 u. so my gut n senses says for now be just friends, allow urself to heal from ur marriage that no worked out.

    i feel in some 5 ish months time u could n might be ready 4 more n i think cancer guy will stick around, he will also respect u more n find u more fascinating bc u didnt drop ur shorts so to say.

    as 4 seeing him soon, well a cup of coffee at a cafe by the sea doesnt sound bad now does it? friends can do this catch up thing.

    by it i say if u wanna see him, call n ask him 4 coffee or what u can think of. just keep in mind for now affairs aint so good for u. and if u do well itll end faster n leave u feeling real bad.

    in end choise is urs n i wish u the best of luck.


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