CharmedWitchBente- Can I Have a Reading Please? Need some insight.

  • Hi. Thank you for considering, someone else recommended you. I am a Pisces and was wondering if you can offer insight on an issue. I just ended my marriage, wondering if you see that as totally over, if the anger will stop soon, from his (Capricorn) side. Also, and most importantly for me at the moment, I have a friend who is a Cancer. Wondering if we will be in contact again soon. I think I kinda pushed him away. Also, if you see us continuing with a friendship and if there is any chance for more in the future. Do you think I will see him soon?

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  • Hi

    I sense that u need to sit down n write him a letter, normal n send to him. in this u tell all that went on in ur life n why u acted out. Its an apology. It may not bring him back but u apologized.

    ive done it n i won my friend back. Spirits makes me sense if n when u do this allow him time to mull it over, n they say chances he reconnects to u is high.

    if this turns sour know u at least apologized n u explained. u did ur best to fend the broken fend. rest is then in his ball park.

    im kinda weary bc guides i have advice me not to read ur friend as u asked bc i dont have his approval to do so. Its kinda like violating a patients records without haveing permission n a court order to do so.

    so get down n write from ya heart. Not only are u apologizing to him u are healing n apologizing to ur self also. when it goes on we are somewhat aware but we dont care bc we are in the twister of emotions n we´re so blind. we´re the hare in the hare n the tortoise raise. barelleing all n everything n everyone over regarding feelings n what else just to get what we want no matter what they want n need n desire.

    ure now the tortoise. continue this.


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