• I'm always seeing the numbers 444. I can wake up at night look at the clock and it says 444. Catching the bus the bus number is 444. scratching a lottery ticket my numbersare 4 and 44. I know this means something but what.

  • I can relate with seeing same number's over and over again. I'm no expert but I have read some info about numerology, and there is sev. info on under Hanz Decoz. I do know that number's do mean certain thing, and it is really interesting when you find out how to break them down or even how they relate in the littlest thing's in our daily lives. Such as even chooseing a new home, or even your phone number for a new buis.etc. So try and see if that will give info it should help you, as well as it helped me! And if your still haven question I will be glad to help!

    Live,Love,& Laugh Often.....Life is too short not too..........

    Devine Evanescence

  • I know how you feel because i always see the numbers 336. I always wake up at 3:36 and like you I see it everywhere. i've always wondered whta they mena too...

  • sorry I'm just responding. I stop coming to this site because It seems no one was listening. I'll checkout the site. Thanks DevineEvanescence. I like your name.

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