Closer than best friends to me, HELP THIS PISCES MAN PLEASE, I LOVE MY SAGG

  • well imma pisces guy, ive know my female sagg friend for like alomost 2 years... so close to each other... so much the same but also so different but with get along with each other just fine.... when i first meet her she was trouble about a passt a relationship with a girl... i didnt find out she was in to same sex after 3 to 4 MONTHS in being really close with her... thats when i got kinda hurt... because i was liking her and falling for her.... but now were best friends... this is the tricky part... we tell each other we love each other everyday multiple times a day... she says she couldn be with me cuz im a guy... BUT... she lives with me, showers with me, sleeps with me kisses me, makes out with me... holds my hand, and all that stuff.... but later she continue to tell me that she wish she had a girl friend... what does that mean... i never push my self on her the connections we have just happen... i also told her once well and many couple times before that i would always be her bestfriend...and i have... but im starting to feel confused... how can she be that way with me but still continues to say shes a lesbian.. and that she wants a girl friend...... and this recently started happen after about a 1 YEAR AND A HALF OF BEING MY BEST ON ONLY FRIEND with the ways shes been like back and forth with herself.... i like her i love like shes my girls friend and bestfriend...but i don know whether to go all in or just let things be because i don wanna loose her as my bestfriend...... SOME ONE HELP ME PLZ

  • She's turned on by your emotional and mental connection, but not your physical one. If you were a true friend, you would accept the kind of relationship she offers you and not be wishing for one that suits your physical needs better. Your love and friendship seem to be conditional to her changing her sexual orientation. Either accept that you can only be friends or move on.

  • thats so hard to do

  • Maybe - but it's the right thing to do.

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