I am confused need some insight!

  • At times we need to went.

    at times i feel like my boat is rocked like they did in the 3rd pirates of the carribean flick plus other times the malstroem. other times up n down in high waves. Other times a sickening joyride which aint much of a joy.

    i think we need a buttload of rhum and choc cake lol

  • Hi Gorgeous!

    It's a date!

    Loads of Love & Light


  • cool sorry slipped my mind to reply ya lol

    any new q´s`?

    i still await mine lololol BUT i know ya prolly still under the weather. im in a family leave me the EFF alone PLZ lol

    catch u later babes mwaaahhh


  • Hello gorgeous!!!

    sorry for the incomunicado, been goin though some real shit! the worst iswe lost our beloved "Sadie" 11yrs German Short Hair pointer, she was fine then one night my honey called me down to her I circled the wagons and went speeding through the night to a 24 hr Emergency vet. they did tests said surgery would fix her we were jubilent but I knew betterbut hld out hope I was wrong as none of us can ever be 100 percent all the time, we brought her home to heal she did well for 2 days my honey left for work and at 6:21am Sadie (always w/me sleeping w/me always laying on top she weighed 75lbs sorta scrunched up her paw so her nails woke me up again this time worse so my daughter and her freind got sadie in my car and it was on like donkeykong my daughter 2 min out from er hosp vet saud "MOM she's NOT BREATHING"i said yes she is just shallow so i put my hand by her face she liked my hand and nuzzled it we got there and put her on the floor doc came out to find a heart beat but he averted his eyes and I knew she was gone I really didn't care who was in the waiting room and before I knew it I was half on top w/her head on my arm just outta my mind bawling soon I pulled myself together and held the and comforted the the girls my worst thought was how to help my honey he raised her since a pup and the 6/22/00 was anniv of my moms death then I have surgery on july 1st have had streph throat for 10wks no meds will kill it so i am sick as hell. we picked sadies ashes up today and i started to bawl my head off AGAIN! write me w/some good news!

    miss you!

    Loads of Love & Light!


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