I am confused need some insight!

  • Hello!

    Well here go's, my b-day is 2/2/1963 @ 6:28am my fiance's is 5/2/1963 @ 7:28am all i keep reading is how awful this will be for a relationship. we do have our issues over money, but he seems to want me to be by him 24/7 and I really do need some "down time" when said to him w/compassion and love he then says "fine..i will start hanging out w/the guys at the bar" through gritted teeth, mind you my time apart is in our room reading or on my laptop sooo...I guess what I have been beating around the bush about is do we come up compatable or not? i am not in the market for a divorce.

    thank you in advance

    Loads of Love & Light!


  • My question is, why do u base ur marriage on astrology n ur sunsigns alone? U need i think to recall why u fell 4 him in the 1st place.

    as a wise person once said , do not believe all that which u read.

    astrologers are as individual as the next guy, and each has his her take on what is compatible.

    as for down time, whast wrong with him shuffling about the house when ure reading or r online? to me it sounds even if its said lovingly he hears certain words that makes him feel unwanted n unloved. he disguises it by the line ill start hanging at the bar from now on.

    aint the home his too? ever thought it might be fun to just be n sit reading in seperate chairs?

    from this honey, ure slowly but surely embarking on the road 4 break uo seperation n divorce.

    i SENSE STRONG that u want to change BUT like so many women b4 u with u n after u has n will do, is to project ur OWN need 4 change to ur spouce. Now u tell me, how is that fair?

    SO, avoid astrology sites for now and dont shun ur man when u need ur down time. he knows by now when ure "off limits" so try to notice him being quiet ndoing his own thing when ure in noncommunicado.

    best of luck


  • This post is deleted!

  • WOW! CBW, I didn't think I would be put on "blast" asking for some help. Your advice was way off, I don't mean to upset anyone however I feel that maybe you didn't really understand my question or maybe I wasn't clear enough in the way I posed my question, any way no harm no foul. I never would expect anyone to change for me, nor put my own short coming upon them I wasn't raised that way, my mother was a true "hippiy" so I do not follow your aformentioned insights as to "all women" there are many of us "out side the box" thinkers and color out side the lines too. relationships are tricky in so many ways NOT as in "trickery" that stuff is for beginners or those whom love to manipulate, manipulation is the worst possible way so is trickery to start, keep a telationship as it won't last.

    With me you get what you see, no games, no manipulations no female bull. I do agree with the one area that you spoke about "I say it in any way shape or form and he hears something different" so I thank you for that insight. Just remember that there are a lot of others on these posts that are very sensitive and "harsh" words does't make your point come across any better.

    so in closing I thank you for your advice and wish you well!

    Loads of Love & Light


  • I dont believe in sugar coating things. what good is it if its all sugary n the truth smacks u hard on the butt? who will u come to n blame?

    the wasy i do this is holding up a mirror that lets u face what u avoid. so if u dont like it tough. truth smarts.

    in end is the harsh truth better than a hazy sugarcoated halftruth

    cwb standing by her advice.

    ps as a good friend said i was " in ur face truth"

  • Dear CWB,

    In my post as I said I was not trying to "Ruffle any feathers. and I do appriciate your time and commintment here on the boards. as far as "truth telling" I am all for it as I am one myself. My point was that you can be a truth teller but in such a way as it doesn't come across as "harsh" there is no need for that here on these boards as we are all "family here". You can tell the truth w/out "sugar coating " anything was my point. I do value your insight and have taken it to heart.

    So I hope we can bridge this gap, call it a miscommunication" and move forward as I feel we could be good friends if given the chance. By the way I am bull headed and stubborn myself LOL but I have needed to be as a single parent w/a psycho Ex-husband whom is living w/an even more disturbed girlfriend.

    These last 6 years of my life have been ...well challenging that doesn't even sum it up but for a lack of a better word..there ya go. I have a lot going on in my life 2 legal battles one w/the ex the other workers comp claim that the place I worked talked about how we r all "family" that is until you have a life altering/devastating injury as I have. So I am not out to hurt/insult/put down anyone including you. SO I hope our fences are mended and we can have a wonderful freindship.

    Loads of Love & Light to you CWB!


  • Consider them long mended. I may bark but i dont bite. I dont stay upset for long, takes too m,uch energy. as for baggage of bad stuff ive got my share to carry ;-D

  • Dear CWB,

    Great! I would rather have freinds then enemies, as THAT sucks up to much time, energy ...you know the drill!LOL!!! I am just glad I found this space that I can be myself, I am gifted myself can read for others but not so much for myself, I can if I get my mind to quiet down!LOL!!

    If I can help you in ANY way please let me know, always willing to take a peek see what I am given. Pay it forwards my motto! looking forward to many posts together!

    Loads of Love & Light to you CWB!


  • I think what hit u was it was so to the core n it left u feeling naked n vounerable. Exposed !

    i dont pass on these senses n message 4 fun or to hurt anyone. When i do my thing its like im onlyu in control of my fingers. Rest im like taken over by a spirit or at times a few as they exchange places. its an eerie unreal odd emotion.

    as 4 self read i dont think any reader can self read. reason, we´re not objective enough nor detached from emotions so its way to easy to confuse messages from spirits from ones emotions n wants n desires. One never then know wether its ones self wants n desires or a spiritual message.

    On ur offer since u offer.

    Im trying to land a job as a personal assistant for n with a man named Charlie. He owns a rental condo business in the us. Im a dane myself.

    im a march 10 1972 at 11.20 PM born pisces n Charlie is a june 24 1941 at 2.47 Am born cancerian.

    he n i share a special karmic bond.

    i wonder what u get off this regard job with n for him or something else,. thanx


  • Hey CWB!

    Sure I will take a peek at it, see what I get, my instant hit was a "there will be some back n forth " in this close partnership/possible love relationship, the job he will hedge about leave you hanging but then give you a firm answer, as to the answer I get a "split" or 50/50 your actions or inactions will have much to do w/his answer, don't pressure for the position, just keep checking in every once in a while or he will feel "pushed".

    As for me, I am American Indian, hence "Redwolf" my name in American Indian. Hope this helps!

    as always

    Loads of Love & Light!


  • Wow ure like my 5th native american no 7 or so friend by now.

    right on the pushing bc i feel like a desperate hare n im more a tortoise. back n forth is right lol

    his last relationshiop was a nasty one, ended on a serious bad note, dragged on 4 years bc she had lured him into some joint business with him n itr went on n ion n on

    so he is also mending his heart i reckon.

    ill look in later or tomorrow as the time is getting kinda late lol


  • BUMP!

  • BUMP!!! back attcha (btw not to sound like an idiot, what does that mean?) I hope alls well w/you been sick w/ sinus infection/streph throat it's a party in my body "germ fest 2011"!LOL

    Loads of Love & Light to you!


  • Hi sweetie

    bump just mean bump up the thread to get noticed lol

    ohno germ fest??? yikes .................... i 4 once dont have such in my system ............ its unuseal 4 me to feel not infested with this or that germparty

    it explains u adsence. i wish u well


  • Hi Hon!

    Yeah....I fee; ;ike a petrie dish the ones they grow germs in!!! LOL!!! BTW I LOVE the new pix you have up very pretty! I did look at your situation again and akk i am getting is that you already know all the answers and what to do, trust yer gut, it will never lead you astray. I personally find that when I "don't listen" is when the hammer drops...usually very hard. Also love, I see you in school for buissness/mngmnt/accounting that line of work, you have a great talent for perfectionism, and that in the buisness worlds a must have don't wait start on some "funding" look at enrollment times don't hold back! And any "nay sayers" please dismiss! It;s YOU'RE LIFE no on elses, but then again I feel ho;ding you back would be like trying to hold down a team of wild horses! ( wink) so go gettem! As for Charlie "keep on keepin' on" he does Love you very much but as you mentioned once bitten twice shy.

    Hope this helped but seriously get yer butt in school! you will have time foe ALL you want to acheive and all whom require your loving attention! GREEN LIGHT! GO!!!!!

    Loads of Love & Light Charmedwitchbente!!!!!

    Alway here for you!


  • hmmm maybe switch from computer science to marketing ........ hmmmmm

  • CWB,

    Your chart indicates that you would do well in marketing.

    Anything in promotional type of work, advertising, anything that deals with the public.

    Create A Great Day!


    P.S. Did you get my email?

  • Oh i forgot dang me i think my brain is still in nautral resting unplugged lol

    the sudden interest or i should say RE interest in faries came from a pal who always say i look like a pixie with my hairshort spiky in place do. PLUS Charlie called me his Pixie the other day, sweetest thing ive heard since spitfire n ye

    he is a telepath n healer by the way n i do think he is WELL aware when he astral travels n telepaths with me lol

    so am SO happy u said he loves me very much, to read it makes my heart swell n jump outta my chestcage along with eyes water in pure aaaaaawwwwwwwww LMAO

    So DO tell me more much much more

    on the once bitten make that 3 times bitten, n as a cancer man they r shy beings hahahaahahah

    the last bitch he was with took the cake of all bitches ive ever heard sense n seen. OH MY GODDDESSESS!

  • Hey Markie

    yes i got it. im not done re reading it at all lol it blows my mind

    as for marketing n such im gonna look into it. im STILL PRAYING HOPING CROSSED ALL I CAN CROSS that Charlie will hire me, That would ROCK!!!

    yesterday my mom asked if i had chosen anything n i said no ive not had time to sit alone with my thoughts n feel what i want to do or path to take. she was then well drop all educations n get a job, be ur own person n free. here i saw this one, n i thought it wuld b great 4 u.

    it was a job in a show store aiding kids to new shoes. it comes from mom feels thinks im great with kids n im a good service person so a combo to unite taa ddaahhhhh

    im just fuck shoes? be in store set shoes in place, gather shoes to try on small feet, pesky parents stubborn kids etc ........................ ok i guess its a start as a step stone to something better .................... but im SICK SICK SICK of being influenced to educations or work by family.

    i WANT to do THIS one BY MYSELF ON MY OWN DAM*N ACCORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in a year ill b 40, n COME THE EFF ON ......................

    Onward as 4 moms ive got bleeding 2 of the kind, my mom n my sis. SOMEONE SAVE ME.

    when i envision future i see me with Charlie, as an retired fireman he is a local hero, so all in all him coming here or me with him is a cliché all along, n the wedding is me barefoot n knocked up n i bloody LOVE IT. SIGH!

    my EVER present guide or Charlie sends me flashfilms of a firertruck n he comes ro recue me hahahahaahahh cliche numero uno! next im walking in my special made ecco sandals constructed in cooperation with chiropractors n physiotherapist on a tropical island, knocked up n headed around in sightseeing. cliche numero dos

    next i see myself barefeeted headed calmly smilingly down some rocks to a beach still preggers tomarry the man i love n dream off. clicje numero tres.

    cliche on cliche.

    Oh i wish this would be THIS here summer, but im realistic enough to know it wont be until next year ..... oh well ......................


  • Hey Sweetie Pie!

    Hows Life? I am still recovering......yuck...went to my physical therapy today ...OUCH!!!! Having loads of fun w/the psycho ex! He just won't let go....the type of person whom has to "always WIN" and thought I was "less than" the advocary I AM" and have come out "even" I wasn't one of tose ex-wives that feel they need to take "him to the cleaners" I don,t buy into that though God knows what he,s put us through could never be fixed w/any amount of money. Today I find myself very frustrated and alone...depressed all I have ever wanted was a "simple kinda life" w/it's usual bumps in the road, like bills money car issues ect....thats just life. Seems the harder I try to "right my ship" my "balast" is WAAYYYYY OFFF! And if I let go even a wee bit then the preverbial "s_ _ _" hits the fan" I feel I have lived a THOUSAND and one lives at this point sure wish some darn wisdom woulda rubbed off!!! LOL!!!!

    UUUUGGGHHH!!!!! I am SICK of constantly going to court, he's a dead beat dad living w/one of the women he cheated on me with, at night I send out into the universe that "they find healing, peace and want to just move on w/their lives" as we are desperatly trying to do. I am a warrior been one since the day I was born (was suppossed to die) but I am 48 now and getting tired . I hope there is an end to all this soon,

    I have a lotta health issues, have a pacemaker/defib that keeps my heart beating I have A.R.V.D. untreatable rare mortality rate moderate in the end stages all they can do is a heart transplant hereditary no neither childs showing signs yet they get tested often(got it when I was 36yrs old) Rheumatoid arthritis whole body (grew up on a dairy farm all work by hand) have had 25 major surgeries to date am full of metal, heart, 8 by 10 titanium mesh holding guts in, 7 knee surgeries metal there too! recently my back surgery they basically made me a new low back I blew it out at work I am a Certified Nursing Assistant going for my R.N Registered nursing degree. I LOVE helping to make others comfortable n well I work in a nursing home many that come are there for life.

    WHY i am blabbing this I don't know, melencholy maybe I don't feel sorry for myself, but if I do i give myself 5min for the pitty party w/hats n horns and pity party confetti, then it's time to move ON! big difference in feeling "low" than self pitty. UUUGGHH! I musta been a very awful person in my past life! It,s like making some head way and then 6 steps back I am working for and looking forward to the "simple kinda life" I know it's there I sense it see it feel it guess thats what keeps me going, that and my children they are my world! If nothing else I want them to see that no matter what you can get your dream, pull your self up by the boot strap' and no matter what you CAN perserveer!!!!

    Loads of LOVE and Light


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