Do you agree with my interpretation?

  • Hello I'm kind of new to tarot and new these forums, but not the site.

    Background info: I'm in a 5 year relationship, we have 2 kids, and recently I had been uneasy about him being faithful (I started practicing the tarot recently and started seeing negative spreads about our relationship), so I decided to confront him. I thought he was a different man from the rest and so I completely trusted him up until I started practicing tarot after 4 years of stopping. He had revealed some infidelities before when we first started dating, but I finally got him to reveal everything to me not too long ago. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it still broke my heart and I was disappointed in him because even though I am a flirt I never physically cheated on him - I usually just flirt online and he completely knows this because I tell him absolutely everything.

    Ok, so I did one of my first "real" Celtic cross spreads & I think I did a fair job, what do you think? I'm confused about some cards like the Queen of Wands - does this mean there is another woman around? I would usually get the Queen of Wands to represent myself in readings however lately I get Queen of Pentacles, but since the Queen of Wands is in hopes and fears/things I'm not aware of position I'm afraid this might not be me. So how would you interpret the Queen of Wands in this reading and position (based on my whole reading)? Also, how would you interpret my reading? Thanks a bunch!

    1. Present Issue/Focus Point: Knight of Pentacles R: I guess this is the reason I am seeking the tarot. This indicates dishonest actions motivated by greed (he has told me he felt greedy because he wants to keep me while also being able to have fun w/ someone else....) a suspicious man (I was very suspicious of him before he confessed to me).

    2. Surprise/Related Issue: Six of Pentacles: This card represents generosity, getting what I deserve, gratitude, appreciation, etc. The "King" is not giving me what I deserve. He is not appreciating the love and honesty I offer to him. He is not treating me fairly or as he should be - not revealing the whole story.

    3. Source of the problem, reason behind events, root cause, unknown factor, hidden influence: The Empress R (I get the Empress R in my readings and I take it as it usually represents me, but not sure here!): Promiscuity, Excessive preoccupation, depression (I suffer from it), stagnation, failure to thrive. Greed may be creating problems in my relationship, indicates sexual problems (I wasn't really a sexual person - but lately I have this new found energy for sex). I think this card indicates that he was bored of me in bed, I wasn't as exciting as he wanted me to be - I believe my depression is the culprit. I wasn't really turned on by him at all...but now it's different that has changed recently (and I really mean very recent). Do you think this card indicates that he was unfaithful and had sexual intercourse with someone else while being with me? He did reveal that he had sex w/ someone else in the beginning of our relationship - like about a month into our relationship. But I want to know if this card indicates sexual infidelity as of recent..what do you think? Or does this card just represents myself/and my problems?

    4. Something related to the past/Something that has been taken care of: Queen of Swords R: Another woman???? She is represented as a "real bitch" , complaining, betrayal, emotional blackmail, malicious lies, deceit, untruthfulness, bigotry "An angry woman who feels she was treated unfairly" - this (the last line) definitely describes me..a "real bitch" also I guess (When I am angry that is), heheh. Could this represent an event? like for example how I demanded him to tell me of his infidelities because I thought it was unfair that he was keeping all of these things from me and sneaking around behind my back when I am completely faithful to him - I tell him everything.

    5. Alternate future, what I accept as true, desired result, what is known, diff. possibility: Justice: A fair outcome, harmony, restoration of balance, examination of conscience - this is self explainable. I told him to be completely honest, and he did - we examined our conscience and came out clean, hopefully I hope he has told me everything so I can truly be at peace - it's the reason behind this reading. I want to know if he is being completely honest..

    6. Future, unresolved factor, developing concern: Ace of Cups R: So there's a Queen of Swords R and an Ace of Cups R in positions 4 and 6 - DOES THIS INDICATE THAT THERE WAS/IS ANOTHER WOMAN? He also told me of this online crush he STILL has on this girl (I knew about her before, but I thought he was over her) he tells me he still thinks about her, but they haven't spoken recently (since the time I told him to stop it's her or me this was over a year ago) - which I don't believe! I think he still talks to her, but he sounded sincere , however Idk whether to trust him or what: Unrequited love, Unhappiness, Sadness, Sorrow, marital problems, broken heart, rejection, feeling jerked around emotionally, a sense of feeling unloved. I am really confused as to how to interpret both of these cards (Queen of Swords R & Ace of Cups R) - is this another woman??

    7. As I am, as I present myself, my point of view: The World: Reaching a natural conclusion, well-being, harmony, oneness, wholeness, completeness, elation, unity, everything progressing smoothly according to plan..

    8. Outside environment, me as others see me, another's point of view, the other person's side, what others want from me: Six of Swords: A reconciliation, moving away from conflicts and difficulties, a beneficial change. An event may relieve me of suffering leaving a destructive situation or behavior pattern behind.

    9. Guidance/Overlooked factor/Key factor/What I might do/What I need to know/What explain everything/What I suspect is true or what I dream and long for/ideal or secret desire: Queen of Wands (another woman?! although I think this is definitely me as I want to be): Career woman, balanced family and career interests, queen of hearth and home, love of life, passion, tirelessness, popularity, fondness for sex, confident and attractive, a devoted wife and mother/a married woman of high energy and enthusiasm who successfully runs her home and also pursues outside interests (definitely how I Want to be to a T)

    10. Overall Outcome/Most likely result: 10 of Cups: Joy, a happy family, lasting happiness in relationships, tranquility, unity, undying love, joyful family overall very positive card which needs to further explanation (I absolutely adore this card because it represents us - 4 of us - we have a son & a daughter and this is shown on the Robin Wood tarot deck)

    So please I need some feedback! Please help with the interpretations..especially the Queen of Swords R and the Ace of Cups R..thanks!

  • You shouldn't really read for yourself especially when you first start out because you are not experienced or objective enough to decipher the cards unemotionally. You will see in the cards what you want to see and not what is.

    Flirting and actual affairs both have the same basic motive - to prove you are attractive to others and lovable. You and your partner both suffer from the same insecurity issue. You need to work through it together and boost your self-esteem and confidence. And just because you tell your partner that you flirt online doesn't mean he isn't hurt by it. Why don't the two of you just sit down and work out what would make you feel satisfied, secure and fulfilled in your life together rather than acting out or not dealing with the real issue by flirting or having affairs with other people?

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