Hanswolfgang ... Can you please help me ...

  • I was totally miserable for being stubborn . I don't know who I am and where do I have to start to find my way out. I was in my deepest emotion. I admit that I can't really let him go until we tear apart and changing hurtful words. He was threatening me but I was not really afraid for myself but from the people's matters to me. I thought things will be fine for us and let go and move on. He always wanted me to leave him alone but I couldn't really understand I had no chance to explain for him to accusing me those nasty words and calling me names . He hated me if I had question or I send him txt or call for a few times. But if someone send him my pxt, video and everything he was enjoying it and I felt he betrayed me cos I had no privacy and the way his talking to me he sounds jealous. He wanted me to let him go but I want his explanation until we both mad and his totally erupted cos he can't stand that I knew everything and I was right though I have few mistake .I want my closure for the first time he never ever answer me back. Is this I have to end up cos we both wanted to deleted in each other life to the fact the no contact at all. I have to be honest I have always feelings that we cab still keep up and keep our friendship but know I don't really think it will gonna happen. I'm physical mentally drain and need to go back to my doctor due to my drastic losing weight . I thought yesterday will be my day to start all of a sudden when I get home I feel my emptiness and emotionally intense . I just want to live my life the way I was before I don't mind being alone or with friends as long as no is feeling bad on me and I was worried for I knew his not going down for me . To say sorry nor explain. I give up and total wrecked . If I can turn back the time I will do the best me. Thank so much

  • This post is deleted!

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