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  • Hello, I am new here...seeking some clarity. I am looking for help to interpret this spread so that I do not miss anything,. it is something that is very important to my family.

    A bit of background info,... I am a step mom to a now five year old boy, whom I have cared for since Spring of '09. He went through a lot of bad things with his bio mom, long story short we won custody she kept supervised visitation. We are being dragged into court because we are moving away for better opportunity and I asked what I could expect for my little boy. (Kiddo was not only abused but has adhd severely and autism to which I have been fighting for testing and resources).

    This card which I believe symbolizes my kiddo was stuck in the card wrappings before I even began to shuffle. Page of Swords.

    Present-Queen of Swords ( I feel this could either be me or my kiddo's therapist)

    Influences-5 of Swords

    Past Issues-The Lovers

    Immediate Past-Two of Wands

    Thoughts-Three of Wands



    How others see-Four of Cups

    Hopes-Seven of Pentacles

    Outcome-Ten of Pentacles

    Bonus cards,...

    The Fool

    Nine of Swords

    Knight of Cups

    Six of Wands

    I am using the Gilded Tarot deck, without reverse card interpretation(my book doesn't work with it)

    All responses appreciated and am happy to return the favor ❤

  • not only do we share the same birthday but also have a son with severe adhd hahahaha except my boy is turning 7 in july lol

  • Queen of Swords - This represents you

    5 of swords - Your concern to protect your son from harm from her bio mother

    Lovers - the decision you are faced with now

    Two and Three of Wands - You are positive about the future and really want to move

    Future - There will be a rebirth of sorts for your son and the your family. Hope this is true. God bless all of you

    Fears - You want your son to be physically active and fine. You want him to be healed and cured fully

    Four of cups - It seems there are many people who care about you and would like to at least give you a lending ear or emotional support. But you are ignoring that probably because you are busy with dealing with all the issues going on in your life right now

    Seven of Pentacles - You really hoping that all the efforts you have made so far bear fruit, and you don't face any obstacles in moving and helping your son grow normally

    10 of pentacles - Yes, you will have a great family life and your son will appreciate all the efforts you have made and be grateful for it

    Ignored the bonus cards because I think the spread is quite informative and enough.

    All the best!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you so much!! It is so wonderful to have my self reading confirmed by others, sometimes when I read I feel like my cards tell me what I want to hear but when it comes to this I want to be sure I am reading everything correctly, so thank you for your time, patience and generosity 🙂 Any time I can help you in return please do not hesitate.

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