• if your available are you willing to do a full love reading on me for this year... very confused... ive been told many many months ago less than 3 months the love of my life will enter into my life... well im still waiting anxiously... i do however like someone very very much... i get dreams and visions of this man and have even before i met him in real life... can you tell me anything about him... basically do you see anything between the two of us... if so how far down the road... his bd is 3/24/65, mine is jennifer 2/27/73... anything good or bad will be of great desperate help... i even have visions of us lately with a baby boy is there a meaning to all this... thanks

  • hello jaffeebella,

    I just wanted to say to you that your anxiety and desperation are acting like a form of psychic blocks. You need to trust in yourself and have faith in the Universe that everything will turn out for the best. The more positive you are, the quicker and easier things will move forward for you.

    Also, don't sit back and wait for things to happen, decide what you want and go for it. Make it happen. I want to tell you that a psychic reading isn't always about a prediction. Sometimes they are self-fulfilling prophecies. In other words, they come true because you had the psychic reading or insight. I think it's best illustrated with an example.

    This is a story I read on another psychic website. A woman went to a psychic, totally fed up and despondent with her education and career. She said that she'd been at University, that she had struggled with the course and just dropped out. She also said - adamantly - that she's not going back and she has no intention of studying anything else.

    Well as it turned out, the Tarot reading she received predicted that she would go back to University and she would come out with a degree. And so she did. But here's the key; she said that she only went back to University because of what was told to her. If she hadn't have gotten the reading, she wouldn't have even considered the option.

    So if you are interested in this guy, then why not do something about it?

    Love & light,


  • Sorry to bust in, but Jaffeebella, is this the guy that was physically abusing you? Or is this the guy that came in afterward and started to control you with emotional abuse? Or is this someone NEW?

  • this is someone new hon... can you or are you willing to give me some insight on him... is he the one im meant to be with... your help will be great... i just try to go after him and it doesnt work yet every psychic i go too and i go to different ones because they all give me the same answer no lie... less than 3 months... well i wait them 3 months and nothing happens... what am i doing wrong... is it him or someone else, im at a loss here... jennifer

  • thanks marc, its just hard.... i have tried to persue him but its not working at all... i dont know what to do... as ive said yet every psychic says hes the one just give patience and time... but ive waited now... ive also be told to give it less than 3 months i have marc... it was told to me numerous times... so i say that psychic is full of shit and move to another... they all tell me im going to end up with the law enforcement man with the blue truck... no lie, they all tell me that... but my question is how long is it going to be... my heart is being played with here...

  • watergirl dont be sorry, your reply is very much welcome... any insight or reading is welcome hon... thanks for it too...

  • I'll do a reading for you, but not tonight because I am a bit out of sorts about something personal and don't want it to interfere. But, I have to say that just from personal, human, female experience you need to follow the path of least resistance. If you've been "trying" to get with this guy and he is not interested, then the best thing to do is move on.

  • You are being blocked for a reason, usually that reason is that this is not the right choice for you at this time.

    Instead of scrutinising every little thing, try taking a Hawk-like view of things. Soar above your life and situation, notice things on the fringes of your current view. Surround yourself with images of Hawk to help you in this regard.

    You may just find another law enforcement man with a blue truck!

    Love & light,


  • Oh, also just got a thought; what is meant for you will not pass you by.

  • This post is deleted!

  • marc, that is what many psychics have told me, a law enforcement man with a blue truck... i dont know who it is yet... it is amazing that you see what many have told me... wow, thanks for this and i needed this... jaffeebella

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