To all The Mothers

  • I pray that all you Mothers have a good mothers day and a enjoyable one ,i know i miss mine a lot she had a lot of wisdom and raising 9 kids a lot of experience i so miss our talks and visits but knowing she is always there is comforting and also knowing a Mothers work is never done but on mothers day i hope you can take time for yourself and enjoy the day cause Mothers mean so much to us all Happy Mothers Day Love Tooter

  • Delbertc

    This is such a nice posting. I'm not a natural Mother, but I call myself an earth Mother because I nuture other people and my animals with a warm loving heart and soul. If you are a Mother I hope that you also are blessed with happiness on Mother Day.


  • Sweet post.....

    Touching x

  • Well in a way i am some but just mostly a father i raised my 2 girls and a boy for 5 years by myself with the help of my mother and anyone else who volunteered LOL walking 2 girls thru becoming a young women was a trip be leave me i was lost on that but we got threw it Love Tooter

  • angel hugs

    Delbertc, any person, male or female, who takes on the responsiblitiy of raising a child(ren) alone, has the right to be called a "MOM". Even a female has the right to be called a "DAD", if she raises a child(ren) on their own.

    I raised my son and on the odd ocassion, he called me "DAD". I am not sure if it was in jest.

    Tooter, you are fortunate you had people to assist you.

    I had no support for anybody.

    YOu are very blessed to have been able to raise these children.


  • Thank you for the Mother's day wishes Tooter ♥ ♥

    Re-posting from another site:

    A prayer for those who have a Mom in Heaven........

    If flowers grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me,

    Place them in my Mother's arms and tell her they're from me.

    Tell her that I love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile,

    Place a kiss on her cheek and hold her for a while.

    God Bless ♥ ♥

  • Thats beautiful Danr

  • Danr that was so pretty and i do hope Father hears that prayer from me to my mother i miss her so much the only time i wouldent talk to my mother and tell her what was going own was when me and my ex were having all that trouble she ask me if i wanted to talk about it and i said no i was ashamed to my wife i had up own a pedistile and even my parents thought she could do no wrong they loved her so much so did i but i was a shamed to tell anyone for a long time ,my mother was always there for me and the one thing i will never forget is she was always last to start eating she always made sure everyone got their fill before her and i know this divorce i went threw would of broke her heart if she had still been alive but she never gave up on me and i put them threw H*ell in my younger years and she always loved coming out our house and her words was she just felt at home there to me that is a big compliment but i am glad she never had to see how things turned out and i so miss her but i am very glad you wrote that it is a perfect prayer for Mothers Day or any day thank you Love Tooter

  • Happy Mothers Day to all ... I miss my two wonderful mum in this world wish I could spend my time with them now . I am now craving from a mum' s hug and comfort .

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