Cancer Men are SIMPLE

  • Ahhhh why do I always over think things it's driving me nuts.

  • Brookeincole84 - just be yourself. That is all that matters!!

  • Thank you so much Cancerman. That's very sweet of you!

  • Your very welcome piscesmoonshine! 🙂

  • Brokennicole

    do u know the story of the Race between the hare n tortoise? if so ponder over why the hare lost and why the tortoise won.

    if u dont ask me lol


  • crazyCrustacean

    the long diaolog on cancers also fits pisces n to a degree scorpios. asa pisces we portray often an innocent looking rare exotic fish, other times a dangerous poisoneous fish, n when cornered shark or worse. we may seem strong but we´re über sensitive.

    sometimes i think pisces only work with other water signs, specially cancers lol

    HOWEVER i fit well with a libra n aries also. aries bc half my family r aries lol libras bc my oldest male friend is one.

    im still blown by it bc it was as if u explained the pisces traits also lol


  • hey guys.... i've been wondering about something i did to this cancer guy last night.

    Here's a briefing of the situation.

    We started as a sexual relationship, i got jealous and in the heat of a arguement told him i have feelings and argument still continued and then for weeks on he would still herass me to see me and i would start a argument until it reached to the extent i couldn't take it anymore i told him to go away and leave me alone then i ignored him. 3 months went by and then he decides to pop back in my life, he is being nice and so on even if i would try to make a argument so that he would then go away. I would start a arguments telling him to go and look for the girls on the social networking sites he's on and herass them. He would then ignore it and go offline and ignore whatever sms i send. I find thats still good of him because i dont want to argue like we did in december and if he does react a argument would start. Since he came back None of the feelings are gone i still feel the same way. I agreed to hang out with him but then it led to u know what. Since then I've been telling him it's the last time i'm going to see him since that happened but then I miss him and saw him 2 other times since when i'm there he would be all romantic with candles, we play games, and watch movies that kind of stuff. Saterday night and sunday I spent the day by him. It was really nice I enjoyed it when i was leaving he called me back but then said nevermind and watched me leave which was quite strange the whole day....Also since he came back he's been opening up and sharing his where about a bit and things about his personal life before he did that a bit but not the way he's been lately and even if we had 2 arguements recently where i acted jealous and insecure. He distanced himself a bit but then still would share. He also strangely told me about his sisters boyfriends.I also shared things with him. Last night, after the day with him i felt sad because I realise that I'm in love with him and this is probally not going anywhere. So i texted him in the middle of the night and told him:

    I know you enjoy the fact that i wanna have Sex with you. It will end one day eitherways. So enjoy it while it last and enjoy the sites ( social networking sites) and whatsapp ( i notice he's quite often on it lately and a bit less online but comes on sometimes to talk to me, he could be busy with school too).

    I also said: i don't see why u dont leave my P*Y alone and just focus on whoever girl you like and get hers. ( i dont know if he's into someone but there's a chance ofcourse) Then i can get over what i feel for u and then get someone who deserves me.

    I would like to finish the thing ( he's working on something business wise for my team in school) pay you ur money and then i need you to leave me alone for good. It is for my own good that you do and i need to heal my heart from what i brought on to myself.

    Eventhough I sound very emotional etc... Do you guess think I still handled it well?

  • Oh ya he hasnt replied since but maybe he is still sleeping, in school or won't reply.

    Maybe I'm rushing but it's been a year if he doesn't feel anything by now he need will so maybe i'm doing the right thing by pushing him away. Well my mind is saying so but my heart isn't but maybe my mind is protecting me i don't know.

  • Seems to me gemmi90 that aint sure what u want from him. it sounds u both want him n dont want him. when u act this confused n give mixed messages how is any guy regardless of sign to react?

    u need to find out what u want n stick to it.

  • I want him but i push away because he probally doesn't feel the same way, maybe he just being nice to me for being nice sake. I don't know and after what he told me in december that really hurt m, i don't know how to ask. So I do what I do know how to do which is push him away because i'm hurt when actually i want him closer.

    I guess i have to talk to him about it and let him know and if he doesn't agree continue with further actions and cut him out of my life

  • Tell me the tortis and the hair story please :-). I love story time

  • ok

    The hare challenges the tortoise to a race. The tortoise accepted.

    On the day of the race is the hare so full of himself, he sees himself on the stand laurels on head n everyone paying homage to him, reverended like a god.

    the race starts n the hare speeds off barreling everyone n everything over, not thinking of anyone but the win n the glory.

    the tortoise follows in a considerate pace, being kind, considera´te lovable, helping those the hare has barreled over in his wake.

    time n again the hare stops to catch his breath n each time he goes im winning im winning

    at some point he is so far ahead he takes a rest grinning seeing the glory n homage to him again n again believing he´ll live on this forever.

    time n again the tortoise comes up n passes him by only to have the hare speed by again. only this time the end line, the goal is in sight n the hare thinking teh tortoise is left way way behind n can NEVER make it up to the finishing line at all takes it easy.

    he comes from his dreams n head in cloud as applauses goes off. as he races the last yards he sees the tortoise has beat him n has won the race.

    the hare is appalled, as in how can a tortoise win over a hare as EVERYONE knows the hare is FASTER than a tortoise. the hare doesnt get it n to this day he is STILL mulling over why he lost.

    Why the hare lost is obvious. he was selfish, so full of himself, egoisitic n thought of non other than himself n his importance, of what he wanted for him disregarding what anyone else might. Mind u he always lost somehow even when he won he lost

    I was once the hare n i lost big. Im transformed into the tortoise n ive won many small rewards which still lighst my heart n soul. the hare victories has long lost shade n power they never lasted a day. my tortoise rewards my MYYYYYY lol

    SO broken nicole ................. consider which u´d rather be, teh hare or the tortoise?

  • gemmi u need to learn how men works. trust me i learnt alot here

    from experience the way he keeps trying to show u he like u is telling me he also wanna b with u.

    hon u are selfsabiotaging a potential good thing n u try to smear it off as his issue on u when its u that does it to him.

    so short, u have the issue n u need to figure it out. no fair to make it his.

    best of luck


  • Thanks. I might back off q little. I'm feeling like I'm self sabotaging also. I need to slow myself down. Disappear n reflect on me. Things were better when I wasn't expectig anything. Now I'm so worried about doing something wrong that im going to change his mind but I think that comes from. My most recent heartache. I was getting to know a Gemini we had extreme chemistry and I had incense feelingsfor him. I could tell he felt the same way but his first love cam back into he picture and he ended up w her. That hurt my heart n ego so badly considering I didnt think my feelings would become so intense for him. So now I'm just so scared of being hurt. What's the rush??? I'm going to back off a little slow it down and focus on Other things for awhile.

  • EXACTLY what is the rush? that is my latest petpeeve. it goes on all areas.

    i sense it would do u good to get back to the hobbies which drove u. rediscover them

    wishing u luck sweetie

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Hmm i talked to him about it he said no even if we weren't in a sexual relationship he wouldn't want to do the other stuff and give it a chance. I told him to leave me alone after he finishes what he's doing for me. Also that i wish he didn't come back and had let me continue to heal but what done is done. he said heal? hmm oke maybe i'll let you do ur thing then.

    I said yes heal and get on with my life cuz you've been doing that all the time and after a while i was just fighting a feeling that i couldnt fight. Maybe? i know i cant control what you want to do but i do have the choice to control what i do. I also said that he should because just like u want someone to love you i want the same for me.

  • Gemmi90

    In that case sweetie ya need to find SOMEONE ELSE to fic stuff for u. mayb urself. start reading manuals, try urself first n then call a help. just not him bc if u do ure back in that on off thing.

    so ure a wee bit at fault here as u call him when u need a guy to fix a thing or more, n that leaves him to think hey we´re on after being off. so to shut that door, i advice u to as said abiove, read manuals try urself first n then call anyone BUT him

    best of luck


  • This is my first time doing business with him and he will get paid for it so he is acting a bit professional about it and we're short on time to get someone else but after that i plan to delete him and cut him off for good. Get back my control because he feels that he has it so I will let him see that I took it back.

  • U go guuuurrrll u go !

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