Cancer Men are SIMPLE

  • I guess it's ironic that I too am speaking in broad generalities then, huh?

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  • Come on piscesmoonshine! We're not all that bad!! We can be difficult I admit, but to throw us all under the bus is just so bitter. How many cancer's have hurt you?

  • Wow, CrazyCrustacean, I'm speechless, by your last dialog.....Extremely introspective and pure, I love it!! 🙂

  • doeyeyedpisces

    He obviously did have feelings for you. You don't enjoy someone's company to the extent he did and not have feelings for that person. I would guess that it may have something to do with his marriage. It is said that cancerian men, even infidelious ones, will put their family above all else. So maybe he was faced with the choice of losing you or losing his family.

  • If my last post came off as unsympathetic I apologize profusely. I spoke without weighing my words carefully and giving proper care to your feelings.

  • Hey CrazyCrustacean: I'm only bitter for the moment and venting. that's the beauty of threads lol. I'm not throwing all of you under the bus. But let's just say, I've been hurt by 3 cancers over the years. Their breakups were the most painful because of the way they did it. I try to avoid you crabs, but you all chase me!! Leave this little fish least for a moment lol. I need to catch my breath before I let myself go insane again for another crab. 😛

  • Charmedwithbente or crazycrustacan or cancer man any advice on how to carefully persue this cancer man. I try to show him im here for him when he's down. I just don't want to come off to pushy or a push over.

  • Hey CrazyCrustacean, if that "apology" was intended for me, NOT NECESSARY, I was paying you a complement in what you'd said!!! 🙂 I love the depth, sincerity and honesty with which both you and Cancerman276 speak from in educating us about Cancerian men!! 🙂 I personally think they are the greatest male sign in the zodiac!!!!

  • brookenincole84 - just be who you are naturally. There is no magic formula for "catching" anyone. It is either meant to be or not. I am not trying to be difficult. I am not. You 1st and foremost have to be strong and confident in who you are. Everything else just comes......whether it is with your cancer or another. To force, manipulate or try to pursue someone to the point of catching them, is not worth it.

  • that's exactly it... if you come off as too pushy or a push over he may rebel against it. Make it clear that you're into him, but don't try to force him into a relationshiop before he is ready. Let him discover for himself that he wants something more with you. Let him know if his behavior hurts your feelings, but don't make it personal and don't attack him. Communication between the two of you seems good so I think you're on the right track. I know the mistake an ex girlfriend of mine made was trying to define the relationship before I was ready. I was heading in that direction anyways, but forcing feels like you're trying to pull us through bars into a cage and we will rebel against it causing you to want to hold on all the tighter. Let things happen naturally. I'm not sure how far along the two of you are, but don't let him get away with emotional abuse or excessive disappearing acts. It is one thing for him to let you know that he needs some space. Often times, we need just that for inner reflection, but he also needs to be considerate of how his actions affect you. If he wants to take you for granted make it clear to him through your behavior that he is going to lose you. This doesn't mean you start to see other people because he'd be deeply offended by that, but you should make yourself emotionally inaccessible as well. If he likes you this will bother him and he'll come seeking the emotional fulfillment he found in you.

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  • Do NOT try to enflame his jealousy. This will breed contempt and resentment. The only chance you have of keeping him with this strategy is if he is already deeply in love with you. Otherwise, it will likely in his mind change the person who he thinks you are and make him drop you like a bad habit.

  • doeyeyedpisces

    the situation sounds somewhat similar to mine when I was very young. I wanted more than anything to be with this girl who was already taken but also wanted me back. She played games and tortured my soul but oddly enough I still feel she loved me. Eventually I won out but it took almost two years. After I did, I was disillusioned with all that had gone on. My feelings for her were there, but now that the struggle was over, and she was all mine, I panicked because I had never been with anyone like that before and the resentment and ill will I felt toward her for putting me through what she did overwhelmed me so I decisively cut off communication and held on to the resentment for some years. He may be feeling something similar after being confronted by your husband. It's not that I necessarily hated her although there was some contempt, but more like I felt so betrayed by her.

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  • Piscesmoonshine I am so sorry you have been hurt by 3 Cancer's in the same way!!! I definitely feel for you girl. I would be bitter of Cancer's as well. If you are a believer, pray for God to bring you a good loving man, regardless of his sign. 🙂

  • Cancerman: Agreed! I have been praying for a good guy. He's out there, but who knows where! lol

  • I'll pray for you girl. God has something amazing planned for you. Don't give up faith and hope!

  • Ahhhhhh why do I think into things so much why can't I just relaxxxxxx

  • Ahhhh why do I always over think things it's driving me nuts.

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