Cancer Men are SIMPLE

  • Red meat is all I eat!!! Some tasty bull or yummy lamb... mmm... mm... so satiating!!! 😜

  • Red meat is all I eat!!! Some tasty bull or yummy lamb... mmm... mm... so satiating!!! 😜

  • uh... definitely didn't mean to post that more than once!

  • steamed fish? mmm depends on this. boiled NO EFFINV THANX LOL

    i dig schrimps n on very rare occassion crab tails. im an overall fish fan. i think my fave is salmon lol

    garlic roast, garlic roasted lamb YYUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM


    not that i drink a whole lot of beer. LMAO

  • So crazy crustacean do you guys really like to take things super slow? I've been hanging out with a cancer man lately..In the very begining he told me how his ex's cheated on him because he didnt have alot of time for them because of school.. He's tells me about how he wants children and asks me if i ever imagined what my wedding would be like which I never heard a man talk about.. He texts me almost daily just asking how I am what I'm up to but no calls.. Whenever he goes back to school I feel like we start losing the connection. He lives an hour and a half away right now.. He is about to graduate college and says he's not sure if he'll move to where im at yet because he's unsure if he'll be able to find a job here.. I want to ask him where this is going we have been talking but not really in depth about anything except once in a while since december... We only really have been hanging out and talking more lately like the past 3 months.. I give him space I dont want to bother him I know he is busy with school ending here soon.. He tells me he wants to be able to be closer to me.. I want to get to know him more but am starting to feel like quitting... AHHH idkk Maybe he's just being nice and i'm reading into it to much.

  • also I see this sideways walk thing.. Just when I feel we are making progress and connecting and getting closer he is all of a sudden distant..

  • lol o yea something had happend where I was supposed to fix something for him on his cell phone account so he gave me his password.. I went on and saw he had this thing called my favs and there were three girls on there.. For some reason I left this get to me.. and said something along the lines to have one of his favs fix his account do me and fav and never talk to me again.. He kept emailing me and emailing me explaining himself and that those are just friends and he has alot of female friends and he cant believe id cut him off that quick over something that is nothing blah blah.. So I mean it seems like he doesn't want to just let me go..

  • Hey CrazyCrustacean 🙂

    That's some pretty nice insight into the cancer man's head. Oh yes.. cancer men play games.. slowly I'm starting to understand how it works.. My ex cancer guy for example.. When I ignore him for a while, and keeping myself pretty, too busy having fun and make sure he sees it, he pops back in no time. Why Cancer men do that? Before he had all my attention but I guess he didnt value it.. I really like the guy.. but now I wonder if I give in to him, wouldnt i be back to square one, where he doesnt value me anymore?

  • BrookieNicole84

    What you are describing to me sounds very familiar. We are very protective of our hearts and do the pain of rejection or loss is extremely damaging to us. He has likely been hurt somewhat recently, but he is showing a tremendous amount of interest by discussing marriage/children etc. with you. We take these issues very seriously and wouldn't discuss them casually with someone where there is no interest. He is likely getting scared of the feelings he is developing for you, because he is keenly reticent of a recent past wound and doesn't want to go through that pain again when he is not 100% sure. Unless there are other signs that he is being untrue to you, the girls don't necessarily mean anything. They may truly be just friends that he feels he can confide in and turn to for insight. It is something to be aware of, however, and you should pay attention and be cognizant if he displays other behavior that suggests he is seeing more than one person. He obviously cared when he thought he was going to lose you so you seem to be on the right track. Unfortunately, it may take him a long time to make up his mind. Especially if he is young man which is likely considering you're either 26 or 27. Have patience and don't put up with emotional abuse is my best advice, because we do know how to push people's buttons and often do so unconciously.

    Neptunian Dreams

    I think that it's that we take for granted what we have as if it will always be there until we're threatened with it's loss. This is ironic, because when we lose something we value we are deeply hurt by it. It takes time, but the dance gets better and better until we accept that you are the one we should be with and that we desperately want to be with you. So, you wouldn't exactly be starting at square one. With us, it's more like 2 steps forward 1 step backwards.

  • After writing that last post I see what all the fuss is about and how childish this behavior is. Actually, I already knew as much, but I feel that the criticism leveled against us is far too harsh, and I think my original intent was to soften the negative image we get portrayed as. We, at least the good ones among us, do not act this way to hurt other people. Our behavior is as such in order to protect our extremely soft insides. For me at least, there is no malice of forthought or ill intent in this behavior. It is simply a self defense mechanism because I feel so intensly.

  • BrookieNicole84

    I reread your post and I definitely feel that he feels betrayed by some women whom he had feelings for who couldn't handle how busy he was, and he doesn't want to get hurt again. Often, I prefer to text with someone because you don't have to put yourself out there as much, and you feel less vulnerable, and you can be thoughtful in your communications and explain clearlyand exactly what you're thinking/feeling. I am just naturally better at communicating through the written word so I prefer this method of interaction. Don't read into the fact that he texts you instead of making phone calls. His interest is very high if he is communicating with you everyday. If you'd like to hear his voice, go ahead and call him, but don't get needy if he doesn't answer. Afterall, he is very busy like you said.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't come on strongly unless I feel strongly, and leaving abruptly when I have those feelings is the last thing I would do. There is no needling my way into someone's heart whom I wouldn't have in possession of mine. We are very sensual people, so often inspire great passion in those around us, but I'm curious as to whether or not there may be some misinterpretation by others as to the extent of our feelings towards them.

  • Relationship dynamics are hard. People's emotions, signs, past experiences play into everything so much. And ages. I think age is more of a key than anything. Even intelligence plays into it.

    It is complicated for everyone!!!

  • Oh - BTW - I do not eat meat! I only eat fish and seafood. No bull, no

    Crab happens to be one of my favorites! How ironic.......

  • Ah.. sensuality and cancer men.. 🙂 Would a cancer man mean the "i love you" words in a moment of passion? I felt like a goddess with mine.. but then the next day, it's like he's moved to something else.. which i can't figure out..

  • Thanks for response I really appreciate it. I'm being really careful I have been really hurt too. I'm having a hard time letting my guard down n just believing in him. Do you think I should put more effort in or just go w the flow

  • Notwithstanding all the mind games, we gotta give it to the Crab guys.. the sensuality between a cancerian and piscean person is prolly one of the most beautiful things.. it's almost like a symbiosis.. almost spiritual 🙂 They make wonderful lovers..

  • Neptunia - DO I know that!! Some of our best communication is during passion. It is like we can feel each others needs, wants, desires and sometimes thoughts. I had to question my ownself in the beginning to see if what we have is just lust. However, it has lasted and grown far beyond that.

    I will admit that our powerful connection is one of the bases in our relationship, but not the only one. We genuinely enjoy one another. We are light hearted and fun. WE do not blow things outta proportion. We are both very reliable, strong and always right there to be there for one another.

    I am very laid back. Which compliments him so well. I imagine if I was not, our relationship would not work. I am not clingy or jealous, but he is. Not over the top, just a typical guy I think. I could not handle over the top.

    He definitely loves being the "man" in my life and I definitely enjoy being the "woman" in his. I love providing comfort, meals, etc for him. Which is really odd to me, bc I was never a fan of being domestic before him! lol

  • Hehe happy to hear it worked out for you Taurus7 🙂 I so know what you mean 🙂

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