Cancer Men are SIMPLE

  • annielan I don't think anyone on here is out to attack you and I think the person who started this thread has no ill feelings toward you, none of us do. There were a few things crazyCrustacean said that I don't necessarily agree with as well, but that's just fine. I don't think anyone here is out to hurt anyone. We all have opinions and different perspectives on life and love and that is what makes us unique and interesting. I will let crazyCrustacean speak for himself but I'm pretty sure he has forgave you. You seem like a really good hearted person who was hurt bad and I think you may be taking things more personal than you should, but that's ok. I've been there myself. It's part of having a raw heart. I hope you feel better. 🙂

  • I have enough from Cancerian to much even my girlfriend get bashed by him so foul.

  • annielan:

    I understand that you have been hurt bad by a Cancerean and I am truly sorry but please don't write off Cancer's as all being bad. There are bad apples in every sign.

  • And I guess I made myself clear right ? I had no intention or makes thing to personal here. I've learnt a lot from here. " I already said my sincere apology" due to my intense emotion" I had a lot only plate and I don't need more negative opinion which it focus on my mistake and someone commented that I'm being hard to my comment. How you read my thread before you make a comment. And for the comment to cancerian I'm sorry i had a few person I need to cut myself and I didn't mean to be in general I'm talking about what I had to this 3 person who is under of that sign. I got to go...,

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  • doeyeyedpisces don't make me pinch you with my claw!!! 🙂

  • Annielan darling

    i know ure upset , i can feel it. PLEASE its oaky to feel upset. ur cancer man was a real crab with a capital P. Its okay to feel ggrrr n more when he is an eff to ya friend.

    I think thats bc he is a guy n not bc he happens to b born in sign of cancer.

    I got not long ago a newsletter n in this was an article on the size of mens ahm balls.

    it was stated the bigger they were /+ are the bigger larger tendece there is to them being scoundrels n honest to god real eff holes n what else we call ém when they have ticked us ladies off.

    so again i remark to u darling, ur ex eff hole musta had some huge ones bc he sure acts like well ....................... a pair of balls. Nuff said lol

    just allow urself to stand up 4 urself , dont apologize for speaking ur emotions, its a healing quality for u.


    if ya need more juss summon me n ill look for ya babes


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  • Annielan

    I have no ill will toward you and sympathize with your pain. Try not to let this man get to you. Some people thrive off of making others miserable. It is not right, but they don't care. If you can cut this man out of your life, I strongly suggest you do so. I hope that you can heal and get over the pain he has caused you and go on with life being content and fulfilled and happy.


    I am the same way with respect to relationships. When I am with someone who loves me and I love back I am overwhelmed with and ecstatic feeling of jubilation. It is like nothing else. So I compulsively search for it and obssess about it. It's like I need a woman to complete me.

  • "I am the same way with respect to relationships. When I am with someone who loves me and I love back I am overwhelmed with and ecstatic feeling of jubilation. It is like nothing else. So I compulsively search for it and obssess about it. It's like I need a woman to complete me."

    Indeed this makes being a Cancer very difficult. It does seem feel like life isn't complete without a women in my life and I am trying to figure that out but I'm not making a ton of progress. I wonder if this is common with Cancer's?

  • Cman276

    You need a profile pic, brotha!

  • Hey Cancerman276, so nice to hear from, speak to you again! I feel your heart. And I am moved by your candid expressions of openness and honesty with yourself; truly is the surest road to internal healing and increased conscious awareness!

    The following statement made by you: "......When I am with a women who loves me I am on cloud 9. She becomes my escape. I can take the focus off the person I'm not fond of, myself, and focus on making her happy. This is all wrong. Well not all wrong, but you get the point. If I can't be happy and secure in who I am I cannot be the person she wants me to be......"

    This statement really touched my heart and you're so right, it is central to a lot of Cancers; and not just Cancer, but for a lot of folks. Love, being in love is meant to be a beautiful thing, but can also be accompanied by pain; but with pain should come growth as well. Some of the greatest "teachers" in our lives are the ones that cause us the most pain; and can be a fortunate thing because through it we are,or should be, made better; must it's all a process/journey; mostly an internal one that gets played out on the 'canvas' of our lives where everyone can see 🙂 You seem to be a on a very enlightening and productive road toward self-discovery and healing and I just want to encourage you to continue; you are so right though, it does begin with yourself first; if you're not happy with YOU, no one else will be, right?

    Can I suggest a book to you that I pray will bless you, on your journey as much as it did me? It's called, "A Conscious Person's Guide to Relationships", by Ken Keyes, Jr. An AWESOME read, very very enlighten/awakening on the subject of relationships and why we suffer so much in them; all a matter of CONSCIOUS perspective; a powerful read! I think it will accelerate the growth path you're on 🙂

    I feel that the greatest gift to one's self, is to know thyself! This requires a whole lot of painful honestly with our self, but well worth it!!

    Light and Love surround you!


  • Cancer men are simple, my foot! lol. They cause too many people grief and headaches to be simple. Totally done with them. However, I have 2 more chasing me right now. Where's my pot of boiling water?? lol.

  • Where's my pot of boiling water?? lol. hahaha!! Love this! 🙂

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  • I am just enjoying this thread!!

    Crazycrustacean - YOU have described my relationship to a T. J & I's relationship has been almost to a T according to your outline. The less "needy" I became or acted, the more "we" settled. Now, after 17months, we are really, really intune, jelled, comfortable, relaxed and so stable with each other. Now, he is the man that you and Cancerman have described. That he needs and depends on me. When we are not around each other, our worlds are outta whack.

    And, I think it was CWB, who said it is usually the women, that was dead on.

    Thank you for this thread!!

  • lol Doeyeyedpisces! I'm not very much into seafood, but a couple of psycho crabs sounds pretty damn delicious at the moment. i'm hungry and they deserve it 😛

  • fish is also seafood guys heheheheheehh n i 4 my part prefer fish over crab LOL

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  • Lol, I don't eat seafood, especially fish. i'm vegetarian 🙂

    but, on occasions such as this, toss a crab on my plate. haha.

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