Cancer Men are SIMPLE

  • Neptunian - Thank you. Me too! ๐Ÿ˜„

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  • Men who have been burnt by a woman has a harder time letting a new one close. The new one fights odds thats often unfair, but so is life often.

    a cancerian male that has been burnt too often n is left feeling he has effing judgement in the one 4 him is even harder n longer to get to open up to n close to. they protect their hearts, soul n space n sense of peace more than any other ive come across. n we as new women in their lives r fighting against odds, bc we have to prove to him we aint like his ex or exยดs. its long tedious hard effing work n way 2 often one tires off it n yell oh to eff with it n him.

    HOWEVER if one knows without being able to explain how one knows as one JUST KNOW then i am not gonna give up. n this is what i say to those who will like this toward their cancerian. the rewards r small n far between BUT SO WORTH THE HARD WORK.

    in short ill use teh analogy of the race of the hare n tortoise. n ask why did the hare loose?

    at least thats my experience.

  • CWB - So true and en excellent analogy! Great patience is really needed in any relationship, butm even more so with a hurt cancer male.

  • CWB what you said is so true! I am actually going to wait a while before I try love again (or at least that's the plan but you know how that goes lol) because it would not be right for me to take on a new relationship with my heart in the condition it is in. It would not be fair to the girl!

  • NeptunianDreams thanks for the instructions!

  • The tortis and the hare ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes I feel like quitting but then my heart says to just keep going with the flow... It is like 2 steps forward 1 back now that i'm thinking back to the whole situation.. It was weird because we were instantly attracted.. I wasnt going to contact him because I felt like it was just another guy Id not see again.. Then he found me on facebook and added me we emailed a little bit.. I then texted him and saw him a couple days later.. from then on he'd text me almost every day. One night we had a 3 hour convo he told me about his life and his dad not being there and all this stuff.. I couldnt believe how sweet and open he was.. Then bam nothing lol So after that I just decided not to take him serious.. Every time he'd come to my town he'd let me know he was here but I was always to busy to see him or I just didnt really want to make time i wasn't really sure about him.. Finally we got together and he has been coming every weekend if not every other.. So from the beginning to now we are at least somewhat closer to whatever it is that is happening here haha.. I feel like he's probably worth the wait so I guess I'll just keep going with the flow. I'm in no hurry but sometimes I wonder if i'm just wasting my time.. Guess time will tell

  • thanx guys, one learns from experience. i used to b the hare now im a tortoise n the rewards WOOOWWEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHahahahahahhheeheheheheheheh

  • i fell in love with a cancer man that i was dating for 9 months and i am pretty certain that he was in love with me too jusging by the way that he would pursue me ....also like you said i would not have felt him so strongly if he did not feel it. in any case, on thanksgiving of 2010, he left me without a word. no explanation, no nothing just went away. i just so happened to bump into him recently and unexpectedly after 5 months and we just started talking like nothing ever happened but still nothing on his part about why he broke up with me. i am still not over it but i didn't let onto that with him. whoever posted above that they work their way in until we can't breath w/o them and then abruptly disappear, hit the nail on the head about the pain being just as great as the happiness is exactly how i am still feeeling. with the commanalities of posts here as well as other sites about cancer men just disappearing, it has to be a cancer trait, cause apparently he could give a rats behind about how he hurt me.

  • harriai1, this happened also to me, plus i was the hare so it was not making it better. after s few weeks silence he told me he had gotten married on to me an eff day. i was DEVASTATED to say the least. i wrote him why her why niot me what has she got i dont.

    as IF that helped anything.

    once i calmed down i listened n spirits said it was not to last. i felt sorry 4 him but obviously a lesson he had to learn. i thought meself free of hahr lessons to learn n to change. famous last words LOL i was STILL the hare.

    i learn a lot like patience n a year later out of blue he reconnected. all showed signs he was VERY unhappy in his marriage. it got so hot i felt married to him n then again SUDDEN UTTERLY SILENCE. i felt robbed n what had i done wrong.

    needless to say that today he is single again, busy with his business n healing while giving me rare but special rewards.

    im NOT saying he got married or such but more he might be so dang busy. Cancermen are NOTORIOUS workaholics.

    Also nor am i saying ya is a hare in the race but u may wanna think if u werent a wee bit. if ya is the tortoise do ya own thing, hobby reconnect, keep in touch with him n hope he reconnects to ya.

    ya can also ask why the sudden silence, i wondered bc i really did like u.

    saying it like this makes him feel not on trial if u get my drift..

    wish u luck


  • "with the commanalities of posts here as well as other sites about cancer men just disappearing, it has to be a cancer trait, cause apparently he could give a rats behind about how he hurt me."

    I don't think it's a Cancer "trait" but I think there are a lot of women who fall in love with Cancer men and the type of women who fall for Cancer men are the type of women who post in forums like this, so it gives the appearance of it being a Cancer trait. But I am fairly confident that there are tons of disappearing men throughout all the zodiac. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well said cancerman276.

    thats one of my petpeeves also. as i used in my apples in barrel analogy.

    HOWEVER 4 the record there r ALL sorts of women posting on forums not just women who has the delightful curse to have fallen 4 a cancer man ( wink wink )

    it just looks as if cancermen is an popular topic lol

    like cars n boxing n football is for men lol

  • Cancerman - Right on!! My ex husband libra - was absent for entire 20 year marriage!! That would be why he is the ex.........

  • CWB - BC cancermen are amazing!!! :0 ;) least I think mine

  • Lol man oh man. This conversation exploded while I was away for like 30 minutes! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Back to the matter at hand, cancer men are not simple, never have been, never will be. I'm sorry to everyone who's been effed over by these weasels. round them up and toss them overboard!

    Yes, i am bitter (for now) and can totally relate to all these women on this thread that have been used and abused by these scared little crabs. they are the most bizarre sign i've ever met. that says a lot because geminis piss me off. (parents are both. talk about a circus act around here!)

    they say crabs are the most sensitive. yes. but only for themselves! they only care how THEY feel about someone, not how others feel for them. they run away and hide. cancer men are sissies!

  • Any libra women in here date a cancer man before?

  • Piscesmoonshine - I don't think so. I really don't. J cares too deeply about everyone in his life that matters. He has stood up to me on many occasions and sissy would be the last word I would use to describe him. As a matter of fact, his strong manhood, is what attracted to me to him in the 1st place.

    Of course he does not want to be hurt, but who ever does? I don't. I guard myself. I act like a jerk from time to time. I am a Taurus, it comes very easily to me. lol

    But one thing about J, he will not let me go. Even when I asked. I was ready to bow out bc of his kids and his ex. I cried in front of him like no tomorrow. I could barely speak, but I did. He called into work the next 3 days, but was back and determined to NOT lose me. That is not sissyfied.......that is strength. BC he has to stand up for me, deal with his kids, who suffer bc of his ex and still he continues to pick me. That is hard for him, bc his kids are his everything. Placing anyone in the middle of her, is difficult. Yet, he stands his ground. It would be so much easier on him to cave to her. It would, I know this, that was why I was ready to bow out.

    That endeared me to him that much more so I believe. BC he knew it was the 1st thing on earth I wanted. I just needed him and his kids to have peace. So, I was prepared to walk. He knew I was genuine. He appreciated that more than any lunch or dinner or breakfast I could fix him. His feelings matter to me more than my own. That is the depth of love that I have for him. He glows in that. He does.

  • thanks you guys for your responses to my post. i don't think he is married because when i ran into him, i purposely looked at his left hand. my spidey senses didn't tell me that he was married anyway. cancer men are just weirdos. all that female energy mixing with gender just messes them up i guess. while we were dating, i let him control the pace mostly. it was pretty slow but i knew that he liked me so i was patient and i'm normally not. he just blindsided me when he left. fell in love over time and the nice dates that he planned for us, not just because i am a type to post on forums. i searched online just looking for some type of closure that i am sure i will never get. even if they do get married, who is gonna put up with all that moodiness? noone.

  • Speaking from experience, women tend to fall in love with cancerian men without them even trying. We possess a sort of magnetic, boyish, shy charm and are truly are very tender and sweet. We powerfully exude both yin and yang energy because we are men, strong men, and yet at the same time there is something about us that is also very feminine. It seems to me that there is duality to our vibration, our energy, in the same way that at a quantum level matter has concrete substance and yet simultaneously behaves as a probability density wave. Our egos can be grandiose and larger than life yet as fragile and breakable as glass. We can be supremely confident and somehow curiously shy. The depths of our emotion know no bounds, yet, when we are adorning our armor, our shell, We can somehow confine it to a hidden place within. This is done to protect ourselves, because the pain we feel when we have lost something precious to us is indescribable, just as is the jubilation we feel when with someone uniquely special. With age I am maturing and can recognize when someone is developing feelings for me that I do not or can not share, and I am direct with them and stop them from thinking something exists which does not, but the attention is indeed flattering and I can relate to the compulsion to bask in it. I have never set out to hurt anyone, but I know that in the past I have done so by failing to directly communicate my feelings. The reason for this is not to lead people on, it's because communicating your feelings requires a certain amount of vulnerability that cancers simply aren't comfortable with. It also requires you to hurt someones feelings when that is the last thing you want to do to someone. So I am no longer coy about how I really feel, because I am well aware that it can lead to tremendous heartache, and that is something with which I can not live. This, however, puts a tremendous burden on my personal life because I yearn to connect with people on an intimate level, but casual relationships simply don't seem to be possible for me unless someone is to get hurt. The amount of love we cancerians have to offer is dualistically both a curse and a blessing, but I wouldn't trade my emotions, even the painful ones, for anything, because they provide for a richness and flavor to life that most simply don't get to experience. Having said that, the title of this thread which I started seems ridiculous, but I take issue with people speaking in such broad generalities and attributing malice to my behavior simply because they are hurt by a bond they formed with me which I did not share nor intentionally foster. I, for one, am not cold hearted and would never again without warning just disappear in the manner described above. I am ashamed to say that I am guilty of doing so once when I was very young, but the pain I was caused was tremendous and I panicked.

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