My Gift To Myself And The World-Wish Me Luck!!!!

  • Hey everyone being on this site I have grown alot inside and I can tell you I am learning to tackle on of my biggest problems-self doubt and overanalyzation. I have replaced those to with a gift to myself which will eventually become a gift to the world-the gift a self assurance. Ive discussed various things with several readers especially Captain, hanswolfgang and numerologist Markie808 and Ive been told time and time again of my extrodinary qualities and strength as a person and of my future sucess. Markie808 reminded me that I just need to believe in myself, Ive heard this before and I was confused at first because overall Im a pretty confident person, warm hearted and assertive in anything I do. BUT THEN I quickly realized what he was saying. Repeatedly, I will ask them and anyone here about anything I asked or wondered about. I would analyze every action, word and practically everything I do in my life in fears I wont be sucessful if I dont do this or that or learn how to grasp the concept of this or that. From there and after yesterday of being fed up with this, I realized my problem-I get so worked up, nervous and over analytical in any decision and in turn I create feelings of self doubt which have others to have less faith in me.

    After realizing my problem, I decided to work on my overanalytical ways by focusing on other things when I get that way so I dont have time to obsess over every little thing in any decision I make. By keeping myself busy at a steady yet productive pace (not overwhleming myself-I have a problem with that to) I have every quality I need to succeed and I dont need reassurance in anything I do. I have great intuition, looks, a wonderful heart and brillant mind why am I second guessing myself all the time? Im happy with my life right now, Im ready to tackle any future endevors and adventures I have. Any time if I do fall, I'll learn my lesson be happy with it and move on because Ive survived from the past before and I can survive again on my own. I am and I will continue to be sucessful. Im sucessful in tackling my emotional and physical well being-Im doing alot better, stronger and more open in the mind than ever before and Im in the best shape of my life. Miami is looking great right now so once I go out there and keep all the things Ive learned intact-I know this is going to be a great year all I need to do is believe in myself WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Wish me luck everyone!!! I feel it in my heart, mind and soul now that I will be just fine. JUST BELIEVE!!!!!

  • Me and my state of mind!!!

  • Happy Birthday Asia,

    What a wonderful picture to go with your wonderful attitude. Hold on to it!!!

    Blessings and Big Birthday Wishes.

    Look out Miami!

  • I began to think of all this after overanalyzing my life, progress and future decisons I wanted to make. My muscles in my neck began to hurt and I realized I couldnt go on stressing myself out any longer-why do all of this thinking if I believe in myself. If it works it works if I doesnt learn the lesson and move on is what I told myself. Then I thought-What will my mother think, what about my family and friends but I snapped out of it and told myself-ITS MY LIFE, I must live it to the fullest, Im going to live it and after all they will always be there for me regardless so dont worry take a chance on life and challenge yourself to do what you think is best for you.

    This was one of the decisions I was working on but concluded to eventually:

    This may be interesting but Ive decided to add my ex on Facebook (haven't done it but I probably will some other time). After being in Spiritual Boot Camp-Ive gained some insight to my relationship with my ex through the Captain. He did have deep feelings for me he just wanted a different lifestyle at the time, he didn't want to give it up so he broke up with me but I reacted in a very logical (smart move on my part) that made him realize that it was his loss and he should reasess his life before being rude to me. In turn I dint contact him every since that day 4 months ago to work on myself and rid myself of any deep rooted issues I had in my life to have a more postive impact on myself and the world. It is working I must say-Im better than ever before. I been talkin with tarot reader Hanswolfgang and he said that my ex still misses me and loves me but is scared to contact me because he thinks I hate him because he hurt me. He also said adding him on FaceBook is a good idea because its will help him dig deeper inside him self and eventually find deeper meaning and value in his life because he misses my positive influence. He'll respect and actually thank me for it-that part shocked me because here I am holding on to my own personal dignity and scared that if I reach out to him I will look like a fool to everyone around me. Then I told myself its about what I want and believe. Everyone around me especially my mother who tells me she knows me and doesn't think it's a good idea because she thinks I will blow progress and get distracted. Not to say I don't love my mother or don't believe her in knowing me, but I don't believe her because I know my own strength.

    especially being a different person now.

    At first I overanalyzed this decision so much that I actually began to believe her and think I could fail in my efforts and lose sight. As time progressed and I began to see that when I create self doubt within myself it is hard to see any light in anything so why not take a chance. I believe by adding him on Facebook gives me a challenge because I still love him and have compassion for him to help him but I want the best for myself but I know the best for myself is to focus on me. I don't need or desire a relationship with him or anyone right now. It gives me the challenge to put up boundaries and not just rush into anything. I can help him from afar and help him become a better person while all the while helping myself by focusing only happiness. I love helping people but I am assured now that I can help him without being with him right now because Im helping myself by staying focused on my goals. I believe this can work and I have a great feeling it will.

  • 🙂

  • Almost there Asia. Just one question; if you don't need "reassurance in anything" you do, then why are you posting here asking us to wish you luck and bumping your thread?

  • True Marc lol guess I need to stop that but I just thought wishing me luck wasnt so bad thanx Marc and thanks for everything you've done for me. I wish you the best in all of your life 🙂

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