Hi reading request please

  • i got knight of swords in me

    the lovers in situation

    four of cups in challenges

    additonally J G C 16 nov 1980 and myself, G N 1 march 1977

  • You are being brash and impulsive about a choice or decision you have to make and not weighing the options carefully.

    In short, you may hastily make a wrong decision

    hope that makes sense. Sorry can't do a reading right now, will try a little later

  • kindly do a full reading on your own......i have provided the dob of us two that i want a reading for, thanks

    it involves three people myself gn, jgc and pl, 2 men together with each other.

  • the situation was i knew jgc from 5 months n fell in love , when i invited him out formally he agreed but after a week when he told his partner, he divulged this thing that he was with pl since 5 years to me. my instant reaction was i refused to meet jgc, but he was still ready. the situation came to a standstill where we stopped communicating. then after a week i realised i lost even the friendship we had initially so i made an offer of meeting again, he said yes to it but he wants to meet me with pl along with him. out of courtsey i said ok, i will meet them as a couple but my heart aches for him and i dont even know pl, why should i have to meet him, are they insecure so they want to stick together, or they r trying to show me that i cant come between them.

    i just want to know whats going on? is this situation worth it? what should be the best course of action for me? the thing is i would be lying if i said i dont have feelings for jgc even after knowin his sex orientation...

  • Hi drgagannagi,

    You are really into this guy and really want a relationship with him.

    He, on the other hand, is not really interested (i am sorry) and will not get into a relationship with you since he is already committed.

    I don't see any chances of this working out for you. Really sorry.

    But I am sure you will find someone worthy of you soon. God Bless.

  • thanks. i understand.

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