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  • Hans I hate to bring you intothis again but when is my ex going to contact me, you said soon on a Wednesday of the 5th week. What Month?

    I try my best not to worry about the date or anything but since I know it's on a Wednesday on the 5th week-now I just wonder ansometimes anticipate it. I haven't tried contacting him at all because you said he will come to me. Is it going to be soon because in a way I feel I am wasting my time even slightly thinking about it. I try my best to be patient and not care bur when I think about it. I sent him a request awhile ago. When I checked to see if he got it the past few times. He hasn't been on it since April so I wonder if he even seen his page. Imnot upset with you or anything Hans just slightly disappointed nothing has happened yet.

    Why hasn't he accepted my friend request yet?

    Is he goingthrough the turmoil you mentioned a while back?

  • Asia118X,

    How can I balance my own union inside? By strength, self determination, a beginning, being determined, by leadership, clear purpose, by cutting away what's not needed ,by identifying long term goals, but first of all by being universal conscious.

    What union? Somewhat effeminate in appearance.

    What is it (the union) between? It embodies all three lunar phases as well as the sun.

    Where is this disharmony come from? From you. In large measure we are the creators of our own world, and our attitudes determine how we experience that world.

    How can I balance this? By biting your own tail.

    Are you saying its best to think about solely myself right now? Yes.

    What Month? No month has five weeks, read again and think more about it.

    Is it going to be soon: no.

    Why hasn't he accepted my friend request yet? Because he allows creativity to flow through himself.

    Is he goingthrough the turmoil you mentioned a while back? no.

    He looks like you but please remember not to make him like you.

  • You definetly right about how our attitudes determine how we experience the world! Very spot on.

    Hans I love you and your guidance but now I am confused about the situation regarding my ex. Ive let go for the most part but have expected him to contact me again and have been anticipating it. Youve told me all of these things several times that he is coming back into my life, he is going to contact me, and all this other stuff and the last time we ever spoke of anything relating to this you told me he was to contact me soon and their was no action on my part needed. I know you are not god or superman and yes you are human but you have to see my disappointment in this. Im not saying this is all Im waiting on but I discussed this with you awhile ago and to be honest it slightly stings but not all the way. Im not sure the way to describe exactly how I feel altogether. Why do I even bother?

    Are you saying he is never going to contact me again?

    Forget about him compeletly all together?

    He is not going to accept my friend request at all?

    Has he seen it?

  • Hans (Im not angry with you) but I am angry and hurt that Im been trying-nothing feels like its happening, Im holding on to false hope (even if its a slight one) with my ex and nothing has happened in regards to that. Right now I feel embarassed, like a failure and stupid for even wanting anything like this. I dont even know how to feel, too many thoughts and emotions flowing through my mind right now especially thinking about how Miami was. I will keep going but Im mad upset and really want to hit or throw something right now

  • Asia118X,

    Why do I even bother? Because it represents the desire to turn away from the getting and spending of society to focus on the inner world.

    Are you saying he is never going to contact me again? No.

    Forget about him compeletly all together? No.

    He is not going to accept my friend request at all? No.

    Has he seen it? No.

    That's why the more science progresses in the world, the more poetry starts disappearing, because poetry needs liquid words, with many meanings, so the poet can play around. Science needs exactitude. the word should mean only one thing and not anything else. 'A' should be 'A' and not anything else; it has to be precise. So the more prevalent science becomes, the more precise words become. Their meaning becomes narrowed down. They are no more vague, no more nebulous, cloudy -- they become almost like stones, settled, defined, weighed, measured; but then poetry disappears. Poetry needs not stones -- it needs clouds to play with so it can give any shape to the cloud. It needs vague words -- hints, rather than meanings, just indications, nuances.

  • For being so frazzled and upset the other day. I had time to cool off yesterday and I feel alot better I took into consideration everything you said and everything you've been telling mee especialt the part about planning out my goals and chasing them. I just started back up the process of writng my script again and revised it and I must say it's pretty good not being arrogant but I actually love it so far but I know there us so much more to know but oh well just going to push through and continue writing lol thank you 🙂

  • Thank you Hans and again sorry for being so frazzled it wasn't you my emotions can get out of control at times. Love you always and you really deserve the best life has to offer for helping and touching the lives of others 🙂

  • Hi Hans! Just wanted t odrop a little HELLO to you in this gorgeous, happy summer!

  • Hi Firehorsecrab! Nice to meet you! (only saying this because you are on my thread-not saying it in offense but in a good way) Hope Hans has made a very positive impact and heavenly touch on your life as he has mine 🙂

  • Oh yeah hope you guys (you and Hans) will have a wonderful summer as well.....

  • Asia118X,


    but the very nature of the experience is such that it does not come from outside; it happens within you. Life is creating a situation around you so that what is asleep becomes awake. Once you understand it, it will not look crazy, it will not look irrational. It will look certainly super-rational -- beyond the capacities of the mind.

  • firehorsecrab


    I always like it seeing your little picture popping up here.

  • Thank you Hans 🙂

    The very nature of what experrience?

    All of the emotions and awareness and realizations Im going through now?

    The situation with my ex?

  • Asia118X,

    The very nature of what experrience? Transmissions of a higher and deeper level.

    All of the awareness Im going through now? Yes.

    The situation with my ex? No.

    You are participating in a great experiment of tremendous import. Feel blessed. Feel fortunate.

  • Thank you Hans-the funny thing at the end of the day regardless of what Im going through I do remind myself I am fortunate and blessed to have come this far and to keep on going regardless of what mood or situation I am in. Im just trying to cope and find balance everything seems to be crashing when I seem to put it all together and now I just need to recuperate. Im just feeling lonely and irritated and disappointed alot of times but I do try to find an outlet (like writing my script for a contest) so I feel like Im doing something worthwhile.

  • Why do I feel the desire or need to isolate myself from everyone at this time?

    I don't really feel the need to be bothered by anyone who judges me constantly (my family) and Im tired of feeling like an outcast at my job and I don't talk my old friends anymore I just don't feel the need too or want to anymore. I actually like my solitude ad don't want to be bothered at this time as try to figure a way out to Miami and chase my dreams. Any advice on this?

    Is this ok that Im doing this?

  • Why do I feel this way?

  • Asia118X,

    an ancient Chinese story will help you to understand.

    The ancient story is that a great emperor, being afraid of death, created a palace with a single door. No other doors, no other windows, no way of entering into the palace except from one small door where he had placed a complete row of guards. Guard number one was to be guarded by number two, and guard number two was guarded by number three, and guard number three was guarded by number four... seven guards watching each other! More protection is not possible.

    A neighboring king heard about it, and he wanted to see this most secure palace. He was welcomed. The owner of the palace took him in, showed him all the facilities inside, that there was no way for any enemy, for any thief, for any killer to enter.

    The king was very much impressed. He said, "I will immediately order the same. Just give me the names of the architects, to make the same palace for me in my kingdom."

    Talking with each other, they came out to where the chariot of the king was waiting. And when he said, "I'm going to make exactly the same palace. I loved it, the very idea. It is so safe and secure..." a beggar by the side of the road started laughing madly.

    Both were stunned. For a moment there was silence.

    They both asked the beggar, "Why are you laughing?"

    He said, "I'm laughing because there is a loophole in all this, and I know the loophole. I have been sitting in this place for years, begging, so I have been watching the building of the palace."

    The emperor asked, "What is the loophole?"

    He said, "That one door!"

    The emperor laughed. He said, "I have placed seven guards on it. They are guarding on each other, nobody can betray. What is the fear?"

    The beggar said, "With due respect, I want to tell you that death will enter and your guards will not be able to see it. And death is the only insecurity. What else? Do you have any protection against death?"

    The emperor was at a loss.

    The beggar said, "My suggestion is that if you want really to be secure, tell your builders to raise a wall in place of that door! I still cannot guarantee that death will not enter -- but at least you have made as much effort as possible; close the door and be inside."

    The emperor said, "But that means I'm already dead! It becomes a grave, not a palace, if I cannot come out."

    The beggar said, "If you think just by closing one door your life will be finished, don't you think that by closing other doors, parts of your life are finished? By closing the windows, other parts of your life are finished? You are going to live at the minimum, while the maximum was available."

    Both the kings were surprised to see the intelligence of the beggar. They came close to him and they asked him, "From where have you come?"

    He said, "You will not understand. Your fathers were my friends. Once I also used to be an emperor. But seeing the whole unnecessary trouble, I made myself completely secure -- I dropped all walls, all worries, opened all windows. Now for almost half a century nobody has harmed me. I'm just a beggar -- why should anyone harm me? I have nothing to be stolen. I sleep as I have never slept before."

    If you really want to be living at the maximum, don't listen to the duality of the mind.

  • What shouldI be picking up from this story exactly?

    What duality?

  • Asia118X,

    What shouldI be picking up from this story exactly? The only security in existence is going beyond the mind.

    What duality? The function of the mind is to divide things. Duality is its territory: darkness and light, life and death. The mind cannot conceive anything which has not its opposite.

    But existence is not obliged to function according to the mind. In existence day and night merge into each other, every evening, every morning. They are not separate. Neither are life and death separate. If they were separate it would be possible for someone to go on living, and not to allow death to enter into his house.

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