Pisces and sleeping

  • No, not that kinda sleeping! lol.

    I've read in a lot of posts over the years that Pisces tend to have insomnia or strange sleeping quirks. I was wondering if any of your pisceans had a similar issue.

    I tend to not be able to fall asleep quickly and I have these recurring thoughts/day dreams that lull me to sleep. Sometimes they are repetitive, but soothing.

    Just wondering!

  • Hello piscesmoonshine,

    I dream everynight and remember most of the dreams.

    I really did not start this cycle until I entered memopause and my chemicals in my body and brain must have changed in this process because I now remember the dreams. When I was younger I would have a dream here and there but not like now. I now suffer from insominia because of memopause also.

  • I have always had vivid dreams and a mind that never shuts off. The dreams do not happen every night, well at least I don't always remember vivid dreams but rarely will I wake up and believe I have had a dreamless night.

    I have never needed much sleep but in the past 2-3 years there has been a lot of stress in my life and my sleep patterns are shot. I am lucky if I can sleep 90 mins at a time before waking up - all night long.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yeah, I wake up through out the night, or can't fall asleep at all. My mind is like a rat on a wheel and never stops spinning/thinking. Ugh.

  • I especially love the days I did not take a nap, ran around like crazy all day and then lie in bed trying to sleep till 3am.

  • YellowDaylily,

    I totally know that feeling!! It is so frustrating. If you notice, fish (the actual animal) don't really sleep. I guess it transfers over to us.

  • pisces, i find that within myself also and im a pisces also, feb 27th 1973... lately i find that im sleeping more during the day because my nights are not good at all for me to sleep... plus im like shaubby, i dream all the time... it is like watching a movie when i sleep... i always remember them too... sometimes i actually have nightmares and they wake me up in a tense situation... but mostly the dreams are pleasant or weird... i even dream of things before they happen, or ill dream of a certain situation and find out later it is true of that person... really something;... ive always been told im like a psychic sponge but i never realized just how much of one i really am... i guess im starting to believe it... the best advise i can give is when you get a chance sleep girl no matter what time of day it is... stay caught up, deprived sleep is not good for your body and mind... plus it makes you more suseptable to colds and sicknesses... good luck jaffee

  • That's interesting you mentioned having prophetic dreams. I do too. They are pretty rare, but when they happen it's awesome! Yes, I do sleep any chance I get; I've even canceled going out with friends to sleep 😛

  • I've really been paying attention to my dreams in the past year and a few of them have been prophetic. Love it!

    I have also learned to doze when I am tired..... but that doesn't make the nights any easier. Working out doesn't help either.

    On the plus side I have not been sick in a very long time so I guess something is working. 🙂

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