Burnt Libra

  • Hi,

    Im a pisces gal n enamoured 4 lord knows which time with a libra male. Ive known him 4 ten years by now, n we´ve had a hole of the durance of small 3 years.

    I never forgot what he n I had, so up to xmas 2008 i went on a limp n snail mailed him on his home address. In the years we was not in touch he was divorced n had relocated.

    We take it slow, 4 now it is email n it goes swell. Yet i try n hint i wish more, but he holds back.

    How can i help him overcome fears after his terrible ordeal of a failed marriage in which he was burnt n hurt so much?

    Between the lines he do say how crazy he is 4 me, n how much he loves me. He doesnt use love but other strong metaphores.

    I feel he wants this as much as me, yet his past burn still holds him.

    What can i do? I love him very much. I know if i didnt I wouldnt have reached out with the last try, u know the if he replies YES we have a go, or if no reply ok gr8 i can move on then.

    I need constructive suggestions, experiences of the same. What i DO NOT need is lifted fingers n i know it all n u know nothing replies. Thank u all.!

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