Transition States of Consciousness

  • by The Hathors via Tom Kenyon

    A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon


    Chaotic Nodes are clusters of chaotic events. According to the Hathors, Earth has entered a Chaotic Node and, as a result, we can expect ever-increasing levels of chaos—including but not limited to earthquakes, volcanic activity, aberrant weather patterns, ecological distress, as well as economic, social and political turmoil.

    Transition States of Consciousness are what the Hathors call the in-between places when a major loss has occurred and we find ourselves temporarily poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed.

    Perceptual markers are a term the Hathors use to describe how we make sense of our world and navigate through our lives using our five senses.

    The Message

    By their very nature Chaotic Nodes tend to generate transition states of consciousness. Transition states of consciousness emerge when perceptual markers disappear. And when this occurs you enter a null zone in which your old reality no longer exists, or has changed radically, while your new reality has not yet come into existence.

    Due to the fact that you have entered an even more intense phase of the Chaotic Node, we wish to share with you our views regarding transition states, in the hopes that you will be able to utilize this knowledge for your own benefit.

    For our purposes we can divide transition states into three primary categories: 1) personal transition states, 2) collective transition states and 3) physical death.

    Personal Transition States

    Let us turn our attention to personal transition states first, for your personal perception is the pivotal point around which your perceived reality operates.

    Your perception of reality is fundamentally a personal creation. It is influenced by the collective perception of your culture, time, place and circumstance, but fundamentally your perception of what is real and not real is a creation—your creation.

    Your perception of reality depends upon habits of perception, if you are like most persons. You are used to experiencing certain realities in your life and these tell you where you are, so to speak. You wake up in the morning and you look to the clock and the collective perception of time is immediately before you. Your choice to engage this illusion, or not, is a personal one. Indeed, one of the signs of spiritual mastery is the ability to navigate cultural illusions successfully while clearly understanding their nature.

    When a situation in your personal life shifts dramatically there is a tendency for the perceptual markers to disappear or re-organize themselves.

    Let us present one possible scenario. If you have worked at the same job for many years you have built your life around the demands of this position. You eat lunch at a certain time. You return home at a certain time. You interact with others in specific ways, tailored to fit the demands of your job.

    If that job were suddenly removed, unexpectedly, those perceptual markers would disappear. There would be no need to get up at a certain time, eat at a certain time, return home at a certain time, and the people you interacted with for the bulk of your waking hours would no longer be available to you.

    This situation is inherently disorienting for most people. Again, the perceptual markers have disappeared.

    The same phenomenon occurs when any radical shift in your personal life takes place. If a relationship that is important to you suddenly ends the perceptual markers of that relationship disappear, and you enter the transition state of consciousness.

    If you have a health crisis and your physical life is affected in radical ways the perceptual markers disappear, and this can be disorienting. You have entered a transition state of consciousness.

    As the Chaotic Node increases in its intensity more and more persons will experience the shock waves of their old reality crumbling before them. What was certain in their lives is now uncertain. What was solid ground is seen to be no longer solid. We mean this both figuratively and literally.

    There is another wave of transition states that is emerging from this Chaotic Node. It is already affecting many persons, but its affects will spread out in consciousness much like a tsunami.

    This particular transition state has to do with the collapse of the collective lies of your culture. Increasingly more and more of you will see behind the shadow play; you will sense the puppet masters, and although their identities may elude you, you will see with increasing reality that aspects of your culture are a manipulation, a limitation, and in many cases, downright lies.

    The lie that we are speaking to here is not the lie of economics, the lie of wars, or the lie of confining religions, but the lie of your identity—a lie that ensures your imprisonment. This lie is the belief and cultural assertion that you are nothing more than a physical human being and that there are, in fact, no other realms of being beyond your earthy experience.

    The recognition of this lie is a harbinger of personal freedom, but in its beginning stages it can be quite disorienting. This is because multidimensional experiences are so different from your earthly day-to-day experiences. If you find yourself marooned between your earthly and multidimensional life, you have entered a transition state of consciousness.

    Our purpose in sharing this information is to suggest a practical course of action during transition states of consciousness.

    When you personally enter a powerful transition state you might, like many human beings, remain stuck in overwhelm. Many individuals find the shock of realizing that their perceptual markers have disappeared, along with the reality that they assumed to be real, deeply disturbing.

    Due to the fact that time is accelerating—and by this we mean more events taking place in less time—remaining in a state of shock or overwhelm is a psychological indulgence which you cannot afford. The essential point we wish to convey here is that regardless of the nature of the transition state, whether it is personal in nature having to do with changes in your personal life, or due to recognizing your cultural manipulation—you are the creator of your reality.

    You may have stories to explain why suddenly your life is bereft, but these are just stories. You may blame other persons, situations, or institutions for your problem, but this is misplaced responsibility. Your stories may be true and there may be other persons, situations or institutions to blame, but when you have entered a transition state of consciousness, you are at the central vortex of a powerful creative process. There is no reason or need to cry over “spilt milk” as one of your folk sayings goes. What is lost is lost. What is gone is gone.

    Now the central question becomes, “What will you do?”

    Will you remain stunned, in shock, in overwhelm, anger and sadness? Or will you step into your identity as a creator of your life?

    To those of you who choose to remain in lower states of consciousness, we have no comment.

    Our comments are for those of you courageous enough and bold enough to step into your identity as creators. If you are one of these, here is what we suggest.

    When everything disappears, meaning the perceptual markers of your former reality, understand that you have entered into a void point.

    A void point is a critical transition between an old reality and a new one. That which was, has ended. Instead of regretting the loss, you accept the void. This is, for many persons, a challenging undertaking, because in the void point there is nothing that can be done. You must simply be a witness to it, and to yourself, for in this no-man’s land there are no perceptual markers.

    Be careful what new markers you put into place, for these ideas and beliefs will be the stars in the new sky of your mind, and you shall navigate your way into these new times by the stars (thoughts and beliefs) that you have placed in the heavens of your own consciousness. So be wise when you go about creating new stars, our fellow navigators of the Mystery.

    Collective Transition States of Consciousness

    The human collective, from our perspective, is currently like an immense cosmic serpent shedding its old skin, writhing and twisting, scraping off old encumbrances. Some of these take the form of economic turmoil. Some of them are political in nature. Some of them are the collapse and transformation of cultural institutions. And some of these writhings and twistings are related to earthquake and volcanic activity, as well as aberrant weather patterns.

    As natural and manmade disasters increase, more and more of you will find yourselves entering transition states of consciousness. Obviously those who experience an earthquake, volcano or destructive weather directly are the most prone to enter transition states, but those of you who are empathic in nature can experience the brunt of a natural or manmade disaster as if you were physically present.

    Indeed as the veil that separates human consciousnesses from one another dissolves, more and more of you will experience the changes taking place in the world at a visceral level.

    We now wish to address the question of a new creation for those of you who may find yourself in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster, such as an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or destructive weather patterns.

    If the destructive force is strong enough, the perceptual markers of your former reality may no longer exist. Your home or place of business may no longer be there. You may find yourself dealing with shortages of food and water, and there are any number of variables that can come together to create a state of shock and overwhelm.

    We wish to be very clear in what we are about to say. Shock and overwhelm in the face of disasters are a natural mammalian response, and if you are to transcend and transform the moment you must reach upward to higher dimensions of your own existence, your own being, to those realms of consciousness that are beyond time and space.

    To the extent that you are able to incorporate the transcendent aspects of your being as part of the equation for your survival, you will be able to mitigate the shock and overwhelm.

    The central feature that needs to be identified in the midst of chaos, any form of chaos, is the portal of opportunity.

    This opportunity for survival or for a new life may present itself in ways you do not expect. This is because the perceptual markers are no longer in place and your consciousness may not recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.

    There is a deep-seated human habit, or tendency, that wishes to conform new realities to those of the past. This would be an unfortunate habit to engage in these situations.

    There is much we could say about the hyper-dimensional realities involved in choice making during chaotic events, but we wish to “cut to the chase” and give that which will be most practical. Perhaps some other time we can share with you our philosophical musings about your infinite nature and the infinite possibilities that reside within you. However, for now, let us be a little simplistic and give you a formula to recognize and create opportunities for new life and a new destiny when they present themselves to you.

    Assuming that you have entered a transition state of consciousness and that you have befriended the void point and are more or less comfortable with the great uncertainty of your situation, this is what we suggest.

    Be curious and expect miracles.

    By entering a state of curiosity you engage an aspect of your mind that is free to move unfettered by expectation. It becomes very much like the mind of a child, and it is this innocence—which is not the same as childishness—that allows you to enter a vibratory state of consciousness, which greatly benefits you.

    By holding the expectation of miracles you release the power of creation within you, and to the extent that you accomplish this you will find increasing incidences of serendipity, coincidences of benefit and unexpected treasures, whether they be physical in nature or mental and emotional.

    This combination of curiosity about what will happen next joined with an expectation of miracles will move you rapidly from the void point to a new life, a new creation, regardless of what might be happening for those around you.

    During collective transition states of consciousness it is helpful to remember that each person is the creator of his or her own reality, and in the midst of chaos people will make different choices and enter different personal realities.

    Do not be swayed by those who enter lower vibratory realms. You cannot save them from themselves. Look upward and live upward with curiosity and an expectation of miracles, and even in the gravest of situations miracles can, and will, occur for you.

    Physical Death

    One of the greatest difficulties for embodied beings is the transition state of consciousness you call death. This is due to the fact that all perceptual markers, including the five senses, disappear. If a person identifies solely with his/her material existence, he or she will find this transition state to be most difficult. This is because what she or he identified with no longer exists.

    Although the physical world continues on, there is no input into consciousness from the five senses. It is as if the world has vanished and the body along with it. The great I Am, the central feature of transcendent consciousness, no longer receives information from the body, the five senses, or the external world. This can be deeply disturbing and disorienting for someone who has not directly experienced the other realms of his or her being.

    Metaphorically speaking, you are like a vast tree, a Tree of Life, with many branches and many, many leaves and blossoms, and your current physical existence is just one of these leaves and one of these blossoms.

    When a person passes through the transition state of consciousness you call death there are several options. If you are in a spiritual tradition the central figure of which is a guru, avatar or savior, you can follow the path of this being into the vibratory realm of his/her consciousness. In some religions this is known as heaven.

    If you follow the path of a guru, avatar or savior understand that you are entering into his/her heaven, her/his vibratory attainment, and by necessity you enter also into his/her limitations in consciousness.

    From our perspective the universe is infinite in nature, and by this we refer not to external space but to the interdimensional realities of your universe, and there is no single being in existence, from our experience, who understands and embraces all that is.

    If, however, you wish to join your guru/avatar/savior in the death realms we have a few suggestions. One is to mentally call upon his/her name. This is an ancient understanding encapsulated in the Egyptian term Ren, meaning name. When you call upon the name of a spiritual being an aspect of him/her is compelled to move toward you.

    If, in that moment of encountering your guru/avatar/savior, he or she deems you worthy, you will be taken by him/her into his/her heavenly realm.

    For those of you in eastern spiritual traditions there are mantras connected with specified deities. Chanting these mantras mentally during death, or in the death realms, has the same effect.

    For those of you who are not part of a spiritual tradition that follows a guru, avatar or savior, then the transition state of consciousness called death offers other possibilities.

    As with the other two transition states of consciousness, the death realm has a void point, and its dominant features are stillness (silence) and darkness. All possibilities exist within the Void, but no actuality is in existence. It is like the acorn of an oak tree. The oak, the giant tree itself, is potentially within the acorn, but it does not yet exist.

    So when you find yourself in the Void, which you will recognize by the fact that you are utterly alone in darkness and utter stillness, know that you are in the central nexus of your creative powers.

    What you choose to create next will determine the course of your destiny and what worlds you will inhabit or realms of existence you will reside in. This is a critical juncture.

    Many persons frightened by the darkness move to the light prematurely. And what they do not realize is that in their yearning they create the light. A portal opens before them, like a tunnel, and they can move into this tunnel of light, encountering those they have known before, thereby entering back into embodiment or other vibratory realms of existence without having fully understood the consequences. This is certainly one option open to you, and one that is often taken.

    Another option, however, is to remain at the void point, residing in the Void itself, becoming aware of your Self as pure consciousness—transcendent to all phenomena.

    If you reside in this state of awareness long enough without the need to create something, you will discover your identity as the great I Am. And from this point of awareness you can choose the circumstances of your embodiment. You can choose the worlds you will inhabit or the realms of consciousness where you will reside.

    This latter method gives you the greatest opportunities, though it is the most difficult for most people. And the reason for this difficulty has to do with the fact that most humans find it uncomfortable to not have a body. The yearning for a body and the experience of the material world often draws a person from the Void prematurely.

    In summation, due to the intensifying phases of the Chaotic Node many of you will find yourselves in transitional states of consciousness. Regardless of what level you find yourself engaged in, whether it be your personal life, the collective experience, or the transition state you call death, know that you are the creator of your reality.

    The Hathors

    April 20, 2011

  • Deep ,i would like to have some of them here now that has been living A normal life as a human as we do and see how they take this reading sounds like the same thing i have been hearing most of my life but now it says stay in the darkness to receive the full benefit of and as IAM and when all hell is breaking loose do you really think i am going to stand there and meditate and the Hell with everyone around me i don't think so .

    You know some of these i really wonder about, NOW Poettic i am in no way saying or complaining about you or what you have done for us not at all just the opposite and i have missed these you bring and some are very good.

    For one thing how are we to create our future and it not be based on 3rd ???

    I am trying to find answers to this and i am finding a hard time from anyone who can tell me what or how we should create our future and i am at a point of being disgusted about it .

    Think!!! the hippies days were live on Love , did that work ?the all kinds of change the future by thinking or mind power ,and the biggest one religion and now ascension and it says we planed this our selves long ago then why in the Hell do i need to worry about changing things sounds to me the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and now it says to get the full benefit is to stay in darkness when we die and not go to the light so we can get the full benefit of the IAM bullshit ,we are told to live from the Heart thew it says to ignore the other ones just concentrate on me .that is contradiction to me ,that is why i do not beleave in the bible teachings love me in one hand or i kill you ,don't love and worship i kill you or make you suffer till you do ,and if you don't do it my way i will destroy you ,sounds like a lot of the same stuff to me .

    You know what i am sure of for sure ?? When i am nice to someone i get a lot better response ,saying thank you helps ease anger and it also promotes a good feeling in others ,LOVE giving of ones self with out expecting anything in return ,try that 100% its almost impossible if not impossible. In love it hurts ,it hurts to see loved ones do what they are doing and you can not do anything except watch and hope for the best for them when you know the outcome.Love hurts when a child falls and hurts his or her self we hurt with them but at the same time we try to be strong for them .There is all kinds of hurt in Love so why do we seek it so much why is it the hope of all of mankind ?? Cause with love comes knowledge of self and of others with love comes hope of a better tomorrow and a new chance of a brighter day . GOD did not bring me this far to tell me to stay in darkness to have the knowledge of him.It is in the light where my hope is born it is in the hope of a brighter tomorrow like the breath of a new born child ,its in the hope of all man kind living in peace and harmony .

    My biggest hope is if i am where destruction or calamity or any disaster hits that i can reach out my hand and say together we can overcome and i don't have the answers but together we can try and find a way patience and tolerance is the key to understanding and from that come Love and with Love comes the knowledge we will need to get threw this , to build a house you first need to know where ,then what you need to build it with and the know how and the tools to do it with .

    I don't just think a thought and it appears and until that is shown and proven to me then and only then will i have faith in it but until then i have to rely on me and my actions to bring these things about and if anyone can show me different please let me know .

    I am not trying to spread fear or doubt and i am very much trying to hold on to my faith and for those who say it is lack of faith prove me wrong not by your words ,tell me what you see for the future and how show me how it will work and if you think man is going to change to make this a better world , yea right maybe in a few hundred years .

    Yes i am disgusted with what i am seeing and hearing and it is sure not good and i am saying to the Guides the spiritual guides lay it out tell the truth as it is in plain English in our terms not something that no one can understand what the H*ell you talking about i don't want to be dazzled with your knowing i want to know how i can understand it you keep going over the same thing just different words and its getting old and if you don't like what i say take it up with the boss he is the one who chose me for this i didn't i just agreed to and i agreed to see it to the end . Tooter

  • Hey Toot! Missed you, I think you said the most important thing and that is what you said about Love, I agree 100%, I think man is inherently good, I think there are more good people in the world than evil and maybe that is because we can't be 100% good gotta have balance and the goal they say is to guide the dark into the light. What I do personally is read everything, ingest some of it and believe some or not. I feel you with the way you feel you want more, sometimes I feel we are only told what they feel we can handle, spoon fed like you feed a child and let's be honest everyone is different and some people probably cannot handle the truth. What I got from the above article is that what they have always said, "OUR MINDS OUR POWERFUL." And whatever we "Believe" is what we are going to get after physical death, you believe in Jesus, then Jesus is who you are gonna call on when you reach the void, or Buddah or who ever and that you will be limited by your believes because that is the reality that YOU created. There are saying that the Omniverse is much more than the limited amount we know or remember, Or they right? Even Tom Kenyon says to take what you want from their teachings and believe what rings true for you.

    I definetely could not stand around and let anyone suffer and not try to do something about it either, not in me. The true measure of a man or woman will show itself in times of distress. Live your best life and wait until more is revealed, I think if we have any issues left that need to be addressed or purged we will not move to the next level until we deal with it. Your forever sister in light..... Love You and Praying for all of us! I know that works! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you Poettic for that i enjoyed reading it ,But you know i am full of a fear i do not know how to deal with or if i want to get rid of it . You all know the things i have been threw and the experiences i have had and even fighting the battle with Jesus beside me and going to the different realms of existence and even Father showing me how he began and how every thing started ,and meeting Andrea and then finding out she was me and then finding out i was going to be a father and then becoming a father and seeing him with that black full head of hair and them pretty blue eyes ,i don't know where them came from, Andrea i guess .

    Now the problem ,i am mad angry and scared to death of what i know and feel . I have come to Love Andrea more than my own life in one since and in another i feel sometimes own the verge of insanity wondering if or why all this is happening the way it is and for what purpose .

    Have you ever held a new born baby in your arms and that wonderful feeling you get or a child falls and scrapes his knee how it hurts you to and you comfort them and assure them it will be ok,or a good friend or a loved one dies that you cared so much for those feelings you have .

    There is nothing more i wanted than to be with Andrea every thing we have experienced the meeting the kissing and hugging and the blending and going to our home world and the other realms the dancing and the battle and all the cutting up we done with each other and even going higher into the purple color and even becoming parents with one of the first children born during this time and would make any parent proud, all these things that has happen to her and me, you would think i had found and have the grandest relationship a human could have and i do .

    Then why am i so angry and scared to death ? Because i can not feel it ,i want to so bad i see myself holding the baby kissing and touching and even with Andrea what drives me nuts is i want this so bad and its there but i can not feel it ,i can not touch her and feel her or the baby its like watching your life unfold in front of you but as a hollow gram you see you doing all these things and you want every thing in you to be leave it is all real ,but you can not feel it no matter how hard i try i can not .

    You know what i said about holding a new born child how it feels ? Its not there them feelings are not there and the reality of it is like eating food that you love fixed just like you like it but you cant taste it and when you can not taste it you wonder what has happen why you cant taste it how can you enjoy it if you can not taste it no matter how well it looks if you can not taste it , then it starts losing its appeal and it don't matter anymore and you start wondering why even bother trying to eat if you can not taste the food !!

    Right now i want to share in the joy of being a new father and taking my family home and taking care of them then the reality of right now ,what family i see have seen it but i dont feel it ,she has never came like they said she would ,my phone still works ,my address is still the same ,and not working i am here most of the time ,i make up excuses to justify the whys she is not here but it still goes back to what they said their words not mine and all this in my head and heart and even in my heart i do not feel it ,i want to so bad but it is not there .

    To me it has and is like telling a kid this piece of candy is so good and sweet and it just melts in your mouth and just make you want more of it ,it is so good ,then you put it into your mouth and nothing ,no sweetness ,no melt in your mouth good ,so why would you want more of it ,but you keep putting it in your mouth with the hope of just maybe ,just maybe it will be all they said it would ,but up to that point it hasn't and hasn't even come close to being what they said it would be.

    My doubts my fear my anger is that it never will be, it hasn't been and i see these things and desire these things and hope for these things so why eat a favorite meal if you can not taste it why hope for a better one ? I have thought about this a lot and the experiences i have had and yes they where grand and all the knowledge i have gotten and have learned ,but you can tell yourself 24 hours a day and convince your self of just about anything you can think of ,but if you don't have that feeling that passion from them feelings it don't matter much .

    We see it all the time ,its like a person has a passion for what he does and he puts everything into it it drives him and sometimes it consumes him but he puts his love into it it becomes him and he has grown that passion into his love of being and threw that love becomes everything he is and the person he has become and every one around him prospers by his passion and the love of doing what he so love to do and in turn he passes this down to the ones he cares so much for .

    But the problem is they do not feel it ,the passion he had for it ,so they squander it away little by little until it is all gone and why ? Because they could not feel that passion he had or the drive he had to do what he done .

    I have lived my life for several years driven by that passion and love of my Father and i have felt it ,it drove me when i didn't have the strength to go own ,but the strength always came the knowledge always came and the means to do it with always came and always looking back wondering with amazement how i did all these things and being grateful for all of it then to be trowed into total kaous and loosing all, that passion had brought into my life only to lose it all even the women i thought Father had sent to me .

    Now almost like being handed the keys to the kingdom and even a relationship that is out of this world literally, experiences i feel not many have had but at the same time i can not taste the candy i can not feel the passion that has driven me for so long threw so much and the fear of never having them feelings again and knowing at the same time no matter how much i want it to be and it is in another realm i do not feel it . With all the knowledge and research i have done trying to learn and understand all of this and wanting to be a part of all of this so much and to be the father and provider for my family and to be with them i can not feel it ,so what now ? i don't even know if its real or not cause i can not feel it .

    Life as we know it now is of its self driven by emotions and feelings whether it be love or hate or i just don't care ,but they are feelings ,take that out and see what is left ,are we going to be like robots going threw the motions of existence ,they say live from the Heart where is the feelings ??

    I am still searching and waiting for that to happen and it hasn't yet and i am scared to death it wont and i do not know how to over come this fear i have i have tried everything within me to be leave and except it will but one of the most precious times and i can not feel it and knowing it will never be again ,i so wanted to share the joy with Andrea but i can not feel it and if its not there now will it ever be ? So in a way i do not know anymore i just know the whys are driving me nuts.


  • Tooter you can't let it consume you or overwhelm you, if it is ever meant to be your reality it will happen if not in this life maybe the next one, don't worry, I understand how you feel that would run me nuts too, sometimes the knowing is worse than the not knowing I'm thinking that remember time means nothing to them they call it an illusion so while the clock is ticking for you in this lifetime in their Universe there is no time it just is. Things we can't control we can't worry about, what they always say is live in the now, I say dont wait around for Andrea anymore, go taste some life now, it will happen when it happens and who knows remember you may already be living that other life now and just not know it. Stay in this reality for now and enjoy your life, your gardening, your kids and grands and go meet some females that you CAN FEEL NOW. lOVE YOU.

    I understand the frustration I'm feeling it too.

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