Can i get a reading please

  • I would love a reading,I'M having trouble in my marriage 5 years my husbands mother passed away leaving him a large inheritance .he and his sister would not let my son and I attend her funeral.when he gets drunk he tells me how much land and money he has that he put it in his sisters name.but when he's sober he say's he never said that.His sister is cauceing so much trouble in our marrage I'm at the end of my rope with him.I need to no the truth is he hiding this from me and what else is he lying about.It's hard to understand how he could turn his back on me and his own son.

  • Your husband and his sister believe that what is theirs is theirs given by their mother and should not be shared by those outside their own direct family (you and his child are sadly not included in this 'family'). These are very greedy and selfish individuals and they will not prosper from their greediness. You have now seen how he feels about you and your son. Leave these selfish people to tear themselves apart fighting over the money. Get out as fast as you can before a dirty war breaks out.

  • but you do see him owning land.and d o you see a divorce in my future

  • He would fight a divorce because he would be afraid of having to give you some of his money but you should do it anyway. A spouse who is this greedy and selfish will just mean unhappiness for you. He won't give you a penny unless you force him legally.

  • do you see him winning in a divorce

  • No, not when you can show he withheld funds from you and your son. He may not even contest a divorce, fearful of his full inheritance money and property being disclosed. Try and accumulate any evidence and papers of his net worth - bank statements etc.

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