The Nature of Mother

  • a message from Mother Mary channeled by Judith Coates

    Gentle ones, blessed ones, Children of the Most High, I would speak with you about the nature of mother. My son, the one you have known as Jeshua, Jesus, has often spoken with the terminology of Patriarchy, of the Father, but in this day and time your are moving beyond what you would see as the restricted definition of Father. The One Creator is, in Truth, genderless.

    Now, in the process of becoming aware of your holiness, you have often chosen the experience of motherhood, fatherhood upon this plane because you have desired to know all, and you have desired to know Love. The little ones offer you great opportunity to know and to extend love. They will sandpaper the rough spots from you. And you, they. For indeed, the little ones come as great masters. But they also come with their own rough edges, the own desires for completion of certain aspects, and they say to you, “Here I am. Have fun with me. Sandpaper me.” And you do. It is very much a process of mellowing.

    Look deeply into the eyes of the little ones and see the Light, for each one comes with a remembrance of the Light. The little ones who have come to you are wondrous angels in disguise. They have come to you because you have asked them to be companion with you. You have asked them to push out the boundaries of what you have thought human family was all about. And they have come because they know that you have great strength to guide them. They ask of you to give them certain structure within which they can grow. It was the same with Jeshua.

    I gave unto him certain structure, order, discipline within the family. Not constricting, but of certain expectations as to how there would be harmony and respect. And because he is Love – as all of the small ones are, including even the tall ones – he responded to the higher nature.

    The little ones will respond to your expectations. In other words, when you set a certain structure for them, and a certain vision for them, they will rise up to meet it – and even the tall ones will respond to the vision. For the innermost desire is to be loved and to know one’s self as Love. It comes forth as a desire to please, and when there is clarity about expectations, and when the vision is held with consistency and love, honoring the highest Self of them, they will accommodate that vision. For indeed they desire to be harmony. They desire to bring forth love. But they do ask of you discipline, order and consistent structure. And within the structure allow the communication that I would call discussion.

    You have experienced a time in your growing up when you were trying to discover – remember – who you are, and you tried pushing out all of the boundaries to see what would lie beyond those boundaries. “If I rebel enough, what happens?” And so you tried it. And so did Jeshua.

    When he first agreed to activate a body within the incarnation known as Jeshua, he knew well the oneness with the Father. And there was an agreement – such as you have made – to take on certain collective belief that is held within a time interval, known as a lifetime. So there was a process of setting aside temporarily some of the remembrance. He wanted to know, “What does it feel like to be a small child in this time? What does it feel like to have human emotion?” He knew that always he was one with his Father, but he also desired to know human experience.

    Now, some of your writings and your depictions have portrayed him as being so holy that you could not relate to him on an intimate level – nor he to you. But he knew sorrow. He knew doubts. He knew the emotion of love. He knew the emotion of jealousy. He knew the emotion of wondering if he was good enough. For he had a cousin John, whom he loved. You have called John the one who baptized: John, the Baptist.

    And John was of a strong physique, very muscular, and could do anything with the body very quickly. He could run. He could climb the rocks. He could swim very easily. And Jeshua, being a bit younger, looked up to his cousin John and wanted to be of the same physical prowess as his cousin. And there were times Jeshua experienced what you have experienced: envy, self-judgment. Until the one known as Joseph, his father, said to him, “Claim your power. Know who you are. Go sit by flowing water and feel the peace of the heart. Do not envy another one’s qualities, but take stock truly of Who you are.” And Jeshua contemplated and remembered.

    Now is a time of ascending out of the limited understanding of who you have thought yourself to be. Try seeing through the eyes of the child. For a child does not see great complexity. A child sees simplicity, spontaneity, a now moment. You know you do not have to make complex plans to protect yourself, to protect the body, to protect all of your material goods. Many of your brothers and sisters have already experienced losing all of the material goods through changes in the Earth’s surface. Many of your brothers and sisters have experienced loss of material goods recently when you had the great waters that came upon the land. And you have seen that the ones who have lost possessions in the great cleansing are re-manifesting new possessions. Or they have said, “You know, simplicity of possessions is a great gift to me. Maybe I don’t have to take care of quite so much.”

    This year you will have opportunity to see the family of man, of woman, in its choices. You will see conflict; you will see disasters, as they will be judged to be; you will see disease and inharmony of the body, of the emotions. But you will also see others who are choosing for their unlimitedness, who are choosing for love, for healing.

    This yeas look to your Family. Look to the wondrous Family that expresses upon this plane – and beyond this plane. Allow yourselves to reach out with the heart in your times of meditation, your times of quiet, your times of prayer to commune with my Children seen and unseen. Allow yourself to reach out and to gather in under the wings, the most unlimited expansive wings of the Christ consciousness, all of mankind/womankind, all of the Children of the Most High, and to bless them with your love.

    And then get you very busy extending your love in tangible ways: extend the food that is needed to nourish the body; share with the brothers and sisters the warmth of clothing, of blanket, whatever the needs for comfort. Allow yourself in each week to gift unto your brothers and sisters one tangible gift. It will not be difficult. Set it as one of the things that you will do in your week. Put it upon your appointment book to give a tangible object of love – good, clothing, household articles, toys for the little ones – to your organizations that collect and dispense such goods. And if there is not such an organization in your area, form one. You have much that you can share. Look unto your own dwelling place, for there is much that you have that you can share with others. Then, most importantly, look unto your own Dwelling Place within and share with others what have within: love and understanding, the word of comfort, of encouragement, the smile that bring radiance to your face and healing to one in sorrow or confusion.

    Allow yourself to ask, “How can I be of service to my brothers, my sisters?” Adopt in each week one new person into your life. It does not have to be for what you would see as all time – but you may find that you want to keep that one as friend for all time. Adopt one new friend in each week. And when you come to the end of this year, you will have an abundance of new friends.

    Adopt the one at your grocery store with a smile, with a word that goes beyond just asking the consumer price of an object. In other words, ask that one how she/he is doing. Share of yourself.

    Adopt a small one into your heart; perhaps even into your dwelling place, your home. Follow your guidance. Share your time, your learning, your wisdom born of experience with a small one. Adopt a grandparent. Be a companion; learn of their wisdom.

    You are the Family of the Most High. You are going beyond what the world has described as relationship of family. You are allowing yourself to look beyond the narrow description of family to know heart to heart what Family is. And as you allow yourself to adopt family members – who have always been your Family – you are extending my work upon this plane.

    Always I have been seen as the Mother, but I cannot do the work of Mother without your help. You are the Mother what is nurturing the Love that is now coming forth to be known upon this plane. No longer is Love being held back by the words of the world that would say, “It is not safe to show your heart. It is not safe to love. It is not safe even to smile for ‘what will they think?’” You are acknowledging that you are the Family of the Most High and, as such, you are Children of Love, and Love is your very nature.

    You are my Family and I am your Mother. Collect unto Me the lost Children of the Family. Feed them, clothe them, nurture them with our Love. Remind them of the goodness of Life and the Father’s Love, from before time. Love them for me, as I love you, my Child.

    • Mother Mary

    in expression through Judith

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  • Thank you Poetic, very beautiful message.

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