What significance does polar signs have?

  • I'm a Sagittarius with a Gemini rising sign. Also, I'd like to know how compatible Sagittarius (female) and Gemini (male) are, or the potential as a couple.

  • Hi Sugarlike!

    I am no astrologer but I've heard somewhere, a long time ago, that whatever a person's rising sign is-said person will be involved with lots of people who are that sun sign!!! That's all I can say...hopefully others with more knowledge/experiences will chime in! Oh, my Sagg son is very compatible with 2 Geminis. I mean really tight with them!!! I believe that Sagg and Gemini are known to be a great match, usually-unless some conflicting stuff with other aspects of the two people's whole natal charts...but Sagg sun and Gem sun signs-good to go!!! (usually!)

    There's another thread " Scorpio lady with Taurus moon and Taurus rising..." you may want to check out, and I started " Aquarius Midheaven with Scorpio Sun...help!", and got some excellent responses. I think if you checked that one out, you'd see a great response-people on it might help you!?!! Take Care, have some fun-you Saggs need it for survival! LOL. 😄

    Lisa "score"

  • Gemini and Sagittarius are matched well as they are each other marriage sign and go together well .Each sign has it's natural partner sign which is acommodating to each other element .Sag is fire and gem is air so think in term of what each element do for the other .I am often surprised when a water sign like cancer wonder why they can not keep thier mate say like leo which is fire again think in term of what each element do fire dries up water and water puts out fire .Please do not mistake the fact that any two signs can get together however,for a more harmonious relationship the elements are very real .

  • Hi, I'm a Virgo with a Libra rising, and I hang out more with Pisces. There's a lot of a history with this sign and there are many others that I know that are Scorpio with a history of friendship and family, too. Earth signs and water signs are polar opposites, though they have a tendency to be with one another even though the elements work differently. It's possible that the two polar signs staying together can be beneficial if one of them is trying to heal themselves, because the opposite sign can reflect (just like other signs, though in its own way) the nature of the discomfort within the person who is trying to heal their life experience.

    I have had compatible friendships with Sagittarius individuals, this turned out to be very nice. I find that Gemini, even though the two signs are different, have a way of connecting. There are so many aspects involved, though. It's better to look within your spirit or heart, the same thing, and recognize the previous relationships with those you've known very well to acquaintances through the lessons, experiences that are nice and sometimes odd. This will help learn more about the self, which is a beneficial way to improve relationships with others.

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