Shuabby , The Captain,, I tried my best to move on but I'm so miserable

  • I'm so tired and helpless now, My health was affected I'm emotionally mentally drain and I'm dying to have gift of peace . I'm stuck in the dark now.

  • Honey i know u didnt ask for me but ur cry compelled n moved me here.

    I dont know if they mentioned this to u, BUT one CANNOT move on before one has MOURNED. And its like ur soul fights moving on bc its mourning right now. Its like ur soul screams stop cry mourn weep b depressed, do nothing but lay around watch the tv, dvd, whatever, read books, eact as u wanna, walk on beach n cry, sit in solitude n watch the waves crash.

    mourning is okay, its legit n its a nescessity. allow urself all ur feelings bc they r a part of u n a part of life. i myself am in such a phase. yesterday i allowed myself to b depressed blue to cry n b of total disinterest.

    today im so so yet i feel like just parking my ass on my couch n let the moron box entertain me. however ill try n get out to get some fresh air n shop a bit. not bc i wanna but bc i feel it will do me good. ive got rest day to zonk out in.

    as do you. so honey please like me let loose let go n feel all u need to. forget moving on for now, be in u, n feel u n just b as best u can.

    in short b human darling. b human.

    blessed be darling


  • I'm a mess totally shattered thanks CWB, I really know what else I can do I never go out I just stayed at home lying and thinking listening his abusive nasty words and treats. I was told he will file a case for harassing him. The bastard seems no care for his mentally abusive behavior. I am not scared for that cos I can back it up everything. The bastard telling me that the company tapping everything cos I send him billion message considering that I do that but I had respect for all the messages I ain't swearing will his voice mail and phone conversation has full of death treats to me and my family. So his killing acting like 16yrs asking begging to leave him alone when he saw the video clip of my exes the moron slap everything in telling the opposite words that never hurt me instead hurt me for him to being down right. He wishin hope I'm gona die in hell god what did he want in me ..

  • stand tall n stand proud, if u can envoke all all off limits restraining order which includes email net working n so forth


  • I have it all, treats on his voice mail and SMS , and recording of our conversation that keep on swearing, demoralizing, humiliating me and people's matters to me.And his using work phone his working on our airport. And he has profile on some adulthsite and his using his mobile for personal agenda, I'd always tried my best to put a closure for us . But his always telling me move on and get over it, I can't really do that cos when I'm with him I have no right to asked about his issues all I have to do is to spread my legs for him. Very abusive and his toyin me after he gets everything in me acting wierd and pushing me. Someone sending him my pictures and video he was calling me name when he saw me that my exes is more way far from him. And his killing me for talking nasty words .

  • CWB ,I had no sleep since Monday and it's 9:30 pm here. I had no anything just water and juice u had no interest the day time. I can feel you and I'm now giving up I message him and telling him that I'm shatttered and emotionally mentally drain I've ask him his dirty planned over me makes me struggling atm and I'm asking him what did I done for him to using , lying , and manipulating me. Then telling him that what eve happen I will put my all and the last cents of my family once he file a case for me. Which is for him to say that over abs over again and giving me till 12noon to stop annoying him. His totally bump very simple read the code of ethics. Tell I was reported at the corporate staff his work. And I have to deal with the lawyer of the airport bull crap .

  • Hon ure in an abusinve relationship. please seek counseling n help. this is poison for u darling.

    im praying for n with u darling


  • I'm a lost soul I really can't help myself now I can easily lose weight by doing this I have to shut my world to anyone tried to talk to me cos my mind is totally mentally blank . I'm so stubborn The Captain said were both having strong personality and we can hurt each other I had no self respect his totally egomaniac. He stole my everything now I'm wrecked....

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