Needing some insight! psychic in need of a "jump start"

  • I am new here, but feel I found a "safe" place. So much going on in my life I feel a wet blanket tossed over me so "tuning in" is near impossible for me. right now I have two major legal battles one is divorce from abusive ex, the other is a workmans comp case hurt myself at work. Then trying to help my two children recover, my son recently moved back w/abusive ex, then I am being pressured to go back to work and am not physically ready. My current relationship w/fiance' (am totally divorced going back constantly as ex is always in contempt of court orders) is really strained due to me unable to work so the financial burden falls upon him. I also lost sensation down the right side of my leg and foot permanent damage (had a 51/2hr reconstructive back surgery. I want to go to school to become a registered nurse. But it seems when i put out one fire 6 more big ones flare up! Is this chaos going to settle down? and will we recover our relationship and finances? I have been on top of everything constant contact w/lawyers being responsible just need to know that theres a light at the end of the tunnel that I will win my workmans comp case on 6/11/11 that life will go back to normal, my health will improve, that i will go to school and NOT have to return to the job that really "talked about being a family" until you get hurt n cost'em money and will this psychic fog lift?

    Thank you in advance

    Loads of Love & Light!


  • Hello Markie808!

    Wow that was fast, sure my date of birth is 2/2/1963 born at 6:28am

    Thank you in advance for your help I feel smothered!

    Loads of Love & Light!

  • Dear Markie808! WOoW! MANY THANKS for the help and clarifications! You hit the nail(s) on the head! It's been hard I can do readings for others but when it comes to myself I have felt as i said in a "fog" however I do talk to my guides "Anastaisia" & "Charlie", ask for guidence from my "soul family" keep the faith w/God and Jesus and am constantly asking for all my angels to pitch in. I come from a highly psychic family going all the way back to the 1500's. My aunt Beth Blevins is doing a ton of work out in CA, I am a health intuit, medium, head tap, laying on of hands. It's bothered me that I have felt like I have been put on "pause" but every once in a while I can do readings just miss the daily ability but hopefully as you said things will relax and I can get back at it.

    I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 16years old but as you said have had many try n hold me down. I think coming from a child hood of "all abuses" has stunted me however I and my cousins and aunt have all worked together to break the "abuse cycle" our children will be the first to grow up in "loving" "safe" homes and sturdy involved parents.

    That date I spoke of 6/11/11 if I get money thats fine but I want what happened to me and my family NOT to happen to anyone else. besides the physical loss of sensation on my side right leg and foot I lost a lot more this has been one of the most challenging times of my life! But i don't take any "s _ _ T" from anyone any more either. I am not rude but I am a "truth teller" as I expect in return good bad or indifferent, the truth always prevails!

    I am soooooooo looking forward to Feb 2012!! And maybe I just will be a doctor, I hear it a lot not trying to be unmodest bragging gags me!!! LOL Thank you so much for taking the time to help not only myself but ALL that you help here on the boards, yer pretty awsome yer self!

    I hope we can keep in touch posting back and fourth.

    Thank you so very much! you have helped so many!

    Loads of Love & Light!


  • Hello Markie808! I had one more question, I am currently engaged to Mark born 5/2/63 @7:28am we seem to be connected but then so far apart I am just wondering if my gut feelings are true or not or if it's just the stress he is under (was a confirmed batchelor till me n the kids teens to boot!) he is a Taurus I read we don't get along, but we really do. could you take a peek and tell me what you see? not up for another divorce!

    Thanks again!

    Loads of Love & Light!

    Redwolf! (reddog)

  • Hello again Markie!

    I apologize for my be-lated gratitude! I really DO appriciate ALL you have done for my family. You have such a huge gift and I am so honored that our paths have crossed here on this board! If I can help you in ANY way please drop me a line my e-mail is please don't think I am being forward, but I feel we can be fast friends! If that is okay w/you I would not want to cause any issues in any way. I do think the world of you, you have given me much insight and is starting ro help my insomnia it is the worst it's ever been for a year now. I value you as a freind and confidant your honesty and clear sight are a true gift!

    You have inspired me to start back up w/honing and practicing shaking off the cobb webs so that I too may begin to help others as you have all of us. You do this out of the kindness of your very generous heart, and beautiful spirit you shine very bright! I see you going and doing big things, books, classes, ect...very lukrative I may say at that, your gifts will take you very far in life so "go for it"

    Looking forward to a new freindship!

    Loads of Love & Light!

    Redwolf P.S I look forward to our next correspondance be it e-mail or here on the board!

  • Hello Markie808,

    I popped back on to share the readings you graciously gave they are gone! I am not sure "why" they were removed, can you please repost them? I appologize if I was any trouble.


    Loads of Love & Light


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