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  • Dear Janet,

    There is no "right" way to talk to your angels/spirit guides. The most important thing is that you practice doing it. Just like you learned how to use the computer, you practice talking to your angels in the same way. You can talk to them out loud, or just silently in your head. And then you have to stop and quiet your own mind...your own chatter...and see what is heard or felt in the silence that exists then.

    Have you tried asking for signs from them? If not, ask your angels to bring you signs. Don't demand a certain kind...instead, just ask them and let them be creative and figure out something that will mean something to you. If you don't see one, ask again. Be patient, and be alert. If something seems out of place, you may just explain it away. But if it happens more than once, that is your angels repeating that "sign" to you. Once you see the signs...you know they are with you. And you never doubt them again.

    You have many angels I am told around you, and they come and go throughout your life. One of your angels names is Maurice and he says he has a little happy gait (walk) that he uses when he's around you. He says he does little dances around you to help you lighten up, and enjoy your life's moments more.

    Your angels say they want you to know at this moment in your life that life...well, it's for the living. That you are here for a very important set of reasons and that sometimes things get cloudy in your vision of life, and that they want you to remember what you are seeing is just an illusion...and to look past what you are seeing. For the grand scheme of the Universe is waiting on the other side...within your grasp...it's yours for the taking.

    Your angels want you to really really really (see they repeat!) spend time focusing on what is positive in your life...what are your blessings...what are you naturally gifted at doing. Spend time with those, doing those things, to reconnect you with your highest self. Live from your heart...not your mind full of fears of many things that don't matter. Walk with your angels, talk with your angels, and let them help guide you back onto your spiritual path...your journey...because they say that the life you see "today" is not what your life will be "tomorrow" when you walk in a company of angels. You are not alone. You are not expected to live this life alone. You are a very loved individual and it's time to start believing in yourself. Your angels sure do!

    Angel blessings to you dear Janettam...sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

    Miss Beth

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