Please help with cancer guy

  • Thank you Blueglasslady, i am coping in my own way. Yes you are right, i need to be there for my sister and family. So much more important things to deal with right now than a damn man.

    If only it doesn't hurt so much.

    Helps a lot to be able to talk to people that understand. We are all dealing with the same...

  • Hi Taureen girl, I'm sooo sorry I haven't had time to come to the forums these last few days; I feel like the stereotypical cancer man who doesn't call back lol. You can write to me at if you really need to talk. I'll be here.


    Almost three months without any communication whatsoever from him. I am still not closer to an answer, but it doesn't really matter that much anymore.

    All that sweet words... were just what they are... words... empty words.

    He has proved that he feels less than nothing for me or my feelings.

    He doesn't want to talk to me, but can't stay away from my dating profile. I disabled my profile now....

    I have started dating again.... had four dates this past week... two more coming up. But, actually that wasn't a lot of fun..... Lots more fun just to hang around with my friends. I find it difficult to trust again, and even to trust my own judgement.

    Wishing luck on all of you

    Take care

  • I guess this was not the end after all

  • wow! I would give it another try if i still had feelings for the guy, but you've been forwarned, gooo slowww, and talk about what happened the las time before you decide to become intimate again. good luck that's a tuff call.

  • Thank you sexygem,

    If i knew all the things i know now months ago, maybe things would have been a lot different... lol

    And yes, i agree with you....... slower than SLOWLY... will see what the future holds.

    Thanks once again for taking the time.

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