House of Endings

  • If anyone can shed light on what it means to enter one's 12th house of Endings, I would appreciate it very much.

  • I'm not familiar with the 12th house being about Endings. In my learning, the 12th house represents self-reflection, self-sabotage, mystical awareness and higher power. It is often referred to as the "Hidden" 12th house due to this spiritual aspect. It is where we seek to transcend the humanness of ourselves, but at the same time where we fear to do so because of the uncertainty as to what we will find. Nevertheless, the ego is lost in the 12th house whether we like it or not in order to delve deep into our most unconscious issues and perhaps even take a peek at the collective unconscious. Once we get past the fear of losing the self, we find a treasure in the 12th house that teaches us our greatest potential for compassion, universal love and service. The house is obscure, giving it the reputation of being the “house of self-undoing.”

  • It's the ending of all things that no longer serve you. Relationships, businesses, emotions, anything and everything that is no longer for your greater good at this point in your life.

    It is also a period of entering the end phase of cycles. The winter before spring if you like.

    The 12th House also governs what is unseen. Hidden emotions, secrets, usually the things we bury deep within. Expect them to come to light. It can be a painful process, but also a very liberating one. We're being given an opportunity to revisit old wounds and to heal them.

    The best advice I have for dealing with the House of Endings is to allow time for strategic retreat. Take time for yourself, honour your feelings, even if they are scary and painful. Let them out. Also, know that within you is the power, the wisdom, the strength to sustain whatever losses you incur. This is the strength of the soul. It can withstand losses with impunity and even generosity.

    Go within and draw on this strength.

    Love & light,


  • Found the following on the Internet:

    "The hidden potential and the big secret that lays hidden deep within the Twelfth House is that the ending it governs is the highest form of spiritual evolution; ascension; the state of becoming conscious energy without the need for physical form. So, the 'ending' that the Twelfth House governs is the conscious end of the need for material and bodily existence; thought becomes energy in its purest form...

    This is an incredibly difficult energy to assimilate at any level and is why the Twelfth House traditionally gets such a bad rap. To reap the benefits of this house you must cut through the illusion and deception, you must unlock your own innermost secrets and you must actively search for that which is hidden. The Twelfth House represents the path to wisdom and enlightenment, its not an easy path by any means, but if you choose to actively engage this house the spiritual rewards are incalculable."

    Source & Copyright: Cornerstone Astrology.

  • Thank you both! Very helpful! It's time to walk through the fear and let my spirit soar...

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