Need help with anyone.

  • Good morning Everybody,

    I have a relationship problem, i was born on 25 nov 86 0810hr SGT was dating 23 june 1989 SGT (birthtime unknown). She wanted to take a break on the 1st April 2011. And even till now, after the mercury retrograde she seems set in this decision. I always see this in perspective, and thought perhaps my feelings would have changed as well after the retrograde, but i can't see myself dating anyone else but her. She insist on being friends, but i can't be friends with someone whom ive got feelings for. It would never be for the right reason, i'll always want her back. I've been through loads and countless break downs in my past 3 relationships prior periodically (all cheating on me btw, long distance so that might be my fault in itself) with girls 20/10/86 & 28/02/88. Each time, i went through periods of changing myself to be a better person and when i committed myself to the next. I had to be able to love the next girl more than the previous one. It would be nice if someone could help, i really hope some way or another we could work out, please advice the actions i could take. She will be returning to my hometown in june for 1 year to work before she heads out to UK for her masters. Thank you!

  • Forgot to add the last ex 20/02/88. And i met the cancer girl whom i'm still madly in love despite on the 16th july 2010, an issue would be her parents and friends don't seem to like me very much although they don't really know me. But i swear I've been good to her and never ever took her for graned, true story. Someone, please help!

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