Willingness & Embracing Change

  • People tend to become stagnated with the difficulties in life. Some may say "stop and smell the roses"; however, to stop your life from being stagnant you must be willing to sacrifice unhealthy thinking with positive affirmation and be willing to embrace change.

    People do not like change; therefore, reaching a place that they are willing to accept/embrace change is somewhat alien to them. Moreover, if you honestly want your life to change begin with small steps...start posting positive affirmations on your social networks daily, take a walk in nature, and come to a decision about what you truly want in your life. If that want means that you need to make changes; think about reaching a state of mind that promotes a willingness to make changes. Once you become willing to change, embrace the potential within yourself once the changes occur. Eventually, you will have the capability to use your willingness to embrace change and then you are willing to change because you have learned to embrace your personal willingness and the necessary changes to heal; whether physically or spiritually.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and/or questions and comments about my affirmation.

    Hint: The process I'm discussing helped me to learn how to become willing and to embrace the changes I needed to embrace and face before I was able to have a more spiritual and healthy lifestyle.


  • Your message is clear and concise. I want change so badly but I have yet to do one thing in order to bring it forward. I sit and wait for it to come to me and wonder when it will get here. I did actually set some intentions and affirmations and I have a game plan but no I have not acted on any of those.

    Geee, I wonder what the hold up is???


  • Years ago, I was told by many different people in my life that if I wanted to change my situation; I was the only person that could change it. I would look at them as if they had done something wrong to me; however, once I began the process of becoming willing; it happened. Moreover, slowly I began embracing the difficult issue of change. Change is the hard part sometimes because you may have willingness; however, the changes it takes to accomplish a complete transition is extremely hard to accept. Nevertheless, if you accept change and have the willingness to make those changes through embracing what must occur to accomplish the change you will succeed.

    Anything worth having is well worth willingness to accept the changes necessary to achieve whatever it is you are seeking. You will find a spiritual awareness never before felt once you are able to embrace these concepts.


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