• Here you go flown in from my chopper from canada...

  • HELLLOOOOOOOOO I"M AWAAAAAKEE !!!! and i do NOT have a picture to post ! I mean i do but i don't want to be banned just yet lol one of these days i know i'm gonna upload the wrong picture

    PH the card said Frog:Purification. Clear away the clutter. What i perceived (after a sip of Shee's coffe lol) is there's a lot going on in your head right now contradictory wishes, ambitions desires like in ALL fishies brains anyway hahaha

  • Spot on Seehorse. Thank you and it does gel with what I had interpreted, namely: cleansing.

  • PH, as i was having a smoke under the kitchen's cooker hood (or whatever you call that thing that sucks up the air lol) an image formed in my (troubled) mind. A frog in a small pond, sitting safely on a lily pad and a snake lurking, trying to get in the pond. Fortunately there was something like an invisible barrier forbidding it to enter. I don't know if this holds any truth for you, i'd love to hear your feedback !

  • 🙂

  • Thank you for that message Seehorse. I think I am noticing that snake. Today I am having a real crisis of faith. I am questioning whether nor not I have done the right thing very recently. I am even starting to question whether or not I am doing the right thing with my life.

    I'm real grateful for the thought that there is an invisible barrier in place protecting me however. So again, thank you for that.

  • We are all full of questions my friend. But questions are the only way to find answers. Show me a person who claims he's wise and i'll show you a fool. He doesn't care to know anything else or wonder if he's doing the right thing. Why should he ? after all he's wise.......

  • Wise words 🙂

    Thank you my friend

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  • I'd stay out of it CWB; they've ignored admin's request to be civil. It wouldn't surprise me to see that thread removed

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  • Perception is projection CWB. It's actually interesting to read what they have to say; they're giving us a lot of unrestricted access into their inner-selves 🙂

    I'm sorry they've singled you out for personal attacks, but I'm sure you're not the only one that has complained to admin by now.

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  • I've always been able to pick up on people through their writing (without really recognising it for what it is). I remember talking to a friend a year or so ago over email and IM. I knew she was feeling profoundly sad even though there was nothing in the content of our "chats" to indicate it. I asked her a few times if she was okay, but she kept insisting she was fine. So I dropped it.

    A few days later while talking to a mutual friend I mentioned how she seemed so sad. Turned out she was having problems with her husband, she wasn't happy in her marriage or in her life. Already a mother of 2 before 30 years old, she felt life was passing her by.

  • Mark, the little frog must not leave his pond. The snake does not sumbolize the frog's intrinsic fears, doubts, guilts. No, it's an outside evil. It knows the little frog is not content with his present whereabouts. He wants to make a leap, explore, experience other places. And the snake patiently awaits to lead him to all the wrong paths and in the end devour him. There's a glow right above the frog. It forms a dome of white light surrounding the pond, keeping the frog safe. What he's going through right now is doubt, which will lead to questioning which leads to change, and change isn't always bad. It frightens us, but it signifies evolution. The little frog has a role to play (the word "HUB" formed in my mind), so he must evolve accordingly .

    Now PH, go meditate all day what this babbling really means, if it really means anything apart from the fact i need a vacation lol, i'm going for a well-deserved smoke.....

  • CWB, WHY BOTHER OVER TROLLS ?! These people are narcissists begging for attention and you are giving it to them. IGNORE THEM ! Don't answer their posts. Most probably they don't have a real life or friends because of their personality issues. You know somethin ? They enjoy harrassing you because they know it gets to you they succeed in making you angry and they're enjoying it. Well, deny them the pleasure. Ignore them, as we all should. I was really tempted to answer, but i won't. I will not play their silly game. After all you revealed the real reason yourself : "effgreen with envy n jalousy toward me"

    Love your spelling lol

  • Thanks for the advice/insight Seehorse, that makes a lot of sense actually.

  • seehorsey i didnt reply them at all this time round. all i did was take all the bs they had said n reported it to admin n then vented here lol

    nio im not falling 4 their game. scoreffbear is the one who slubbers for att LOL

    PH ur reply is that a yea i read people or no i only feel em lol

  • @Seehorse, Figured out the meaning of the word "hub", it's a computer networking tool, would speak to my desire to get out and network or socialise.

    @CWB More rum to be honest lol

  • Hey you're right PH, i googled that lol. The idea in my mind was something is to happen in the furure, say about 1-2 years from now. Something is in the works, people from all over the world are in the process of preparing themselves. They, about 20 people will form an important group, an inner circle. They will guide many others, spread a message, (a new religion?!) something like that. And the little frog will be in the center of it all, something like a coordinator (well or a human HUB !) I can't put my finger on it exactly, the concept is too vague i got the feeling you get when you see something with the corner of your eye, you cannot tell exactly what it was. Funny thing is that i knew i just HAD to convey this to you, it had a feeling of importance to it (as well as secrecy...go figure). Time to get my hands on my cards hehe.... maybe there is a way to exchange e-mails, i'd love feedback on this issue !

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