No Contact or staying friends with an Aquarius ex for reconcile?

  • Ive posted here before but just need an extra bit of advice. Ill do a short version of what has happened.

    My ex Aquarian bf broke up with me after 2 years as he didn't want a relationship anymore, wanted to be single and do his own thing and not have female company around him all the time.

    Ever since we broke up (it has been 4 months now) we have not stopped txting, meeting up, having sex etc. He still calls me his nickname and leaves kisss at the ends of texts like nothing has changed apart from the commitment. So yes the best of both worlds, beneifts of a relationship without the commitment.

    Now I told him I couldnt do this anymore, I cant be friends as I want more so I think it is time to move on. We spent our last night 2gether and I got upset and he had tears in his eyes and told me to go as he didnt want to get upset anymore.

    A few days after he txtd me with 'Its hard to not think of you and pretend you dont exist :-/' I was a good girl and didnt respond! Until I got drunk one night and broke the silence... Tut tut on me!

    We met up and I asked ihm to open up and tell me his feelings and I told him how he felt. He never opens up and I felt like I was one of his other ex's that he throws away, forgets and never thinks of them in that way again.

    He told me he cares and still has feelings for me. He would still see me but he doesnt want to be commited at all, he doesnt want a relationship but also doesnt want me to hold on as anything could happen in the future. He asked if we could still email and meet up to take his dog for a walk now and again. I told him I wasnt sure.

    I went home and sent him a txt saying this: 'Thankyou for tellin me what you did and your feelings. Honestly that is all I wanted. I really understand you don't want a relatipnship but I just hope either you realise you cant have me in your life and can't stand seeing me with another guy or one day when we start tlaking and seeing each other again that you would want me back. This is just how I am feeling now ~:-/ and just hope that one day we are togther again as I feel you are the one for me xxxx'

    He replied: 'Well if Im honest, all that you hope for is true. Cuz like right now if I wanted a relationship, I cant deny it would be you. You are pretty, adventurous, not a slag, decent job and I know you would be a good mother. And I dont want you out of my life either Bexy 🙂 Would you miss my txts? xxxx'

    So there you have it. Im stuck. I dont know whether I should stay friends with him so there is still contact or have no contact and give him a chance to miss me and realise im not there for his beck and call and I could acually move on.

    I want to be with him I really do. I just dont know whether to believe him with what he says.

    Anybody think there is a chance of reconcillation?

    Any advice woul be soooooo helpful and I would be so greatful!! 🙂


  • Sorry xbexy87x, but he has commitment issues. He wants the best of both worlds as well as the freedom to see other women.

    Essentially, what he wants and what you want are not in synch right now. You must move on with your life as difficult as that may seem. Accept that he will always have a place in your heart, but find someone you are more compatible with.

    By maintaining contact with this guy you are just feeding his issues, there is nothing you can do to help him other than letting him go.

    On a final note, trust your instincts here, you're having a hard time believing him for a reason...

    Love & light,


  • Hi Marc Hate to interupt but I was wondering if you could help me in my Shaubby or Anyone-thread I need some insight thank you so much (it's on ofmy latest ones)

  • So you think there is no chance again of getting back together? I mean even if I get out of his life and stop responding to him and being friends with him etc. There will be no chance he would actually miss me being there and would hate seeing me with another person? N actually realise what he lost when im no there.. Its just he hasnt experienced life without me yet. Because for all you know if I back off he might realise he cant not have me in his life.

    He probably even thinks that the grass is greener and was fed up of the arguments and the moaning etc. (he did say this to me)..

    Its just his other exs he doesnt speak to them, not friendly with them or anything but he is completely different with me, Im the first person he actually still connects with and kept in contact both physically and emotionally. Also the fact he still calls me his nickname and the way he speaks with me hasnt changed.. it jut baffles me 😞

    I just know that is something still there... Maybe he needs a kick in a teeth and a bit of realization..?!

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