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  • Asia118X

    OMG wow lol! Today I wanted to conquer my fears and shakes by going to my exes facebook and I must admit he looks happy and like he is actually changing his life around a little. It's not making me second guess anything it's just It makes me think that we both need to learn to live on our own before we wanted to live with each other. I think he wanted space to clear his head that was surmounting with problems of his own and to take on the relationship is alot of work. I'm actually kind of happy for him and kind of want to let him know I will be there for him but I know how most exes take that lol. I saw some pictures of his and he's actually removed the pain and hurt look in his eyes. In a way I think he took my response to the breakup the wrong way as in he was angry I reacted the way I did because I wasn't understanding him (a purely selfish and self centered thought I know but how he'd think Id react if he was rude to me and abruptly broke it off). I really hope he rethinks his ways I actually kind of misshim especially in his pure happinessnot semi. Sometimes I think he still has feelings for me just loving his freedom right now. Do you guys think so?

    Our fallout was very mysterious, confusing and brutal yet abrupt.

    His bday is Nov 1 1991 and I am May 6 1992. Am I right does he still has some feelings for me? I'm not sure if I want them or not I mainly focusig on my life.

  • Hi Asia118X

    Your having a case of the What Ifs and should just ride it out and not contact your EX. I sense that he did have love feelings for you just could not understand your love language, as it seem to abrupt for him at times. You say the ending was brutal and now miss him? I really feel that you need to find another facebook page to look at now.

    You will heal and are at this time, you will go out again and start to have fun. You just have to allow yourself to do so. Ask yourself the question: What did I learn from this relationship? Can I correct and than try not to repeat, because if you don't guess what? You will go out and draw the same type of man and situation right back to yourself again.

    I feel like you will meet another man in the technical field and he may be quite diffrent than what you are use to, but spirit says to give him a chance and you just may be delighted that you did. I do not feel him around you for 2-4 months, that is my time not spirits.


  • Thank Shaubby I say the ending was brutal for me. I learned alot and alot about myself and my life during spiritual boot camp (if you want the whole story of the breakup look at Taurus Girl Calling Out to All Scorpios) I actually wanted to send a message to him and not get back together only because I see the death of us in the in may you please give me insight please:

    Hey I know this is crazy and please do not respond of you have nothing nice to say but Ive been going through an empowerment journey for sometime and doing some emotional healing (not from you lol but from other pain I felt) and Im just revisting everyone from my past just to let them know Im sorry for any pain, negativity or pressure or anything I put on them before Ive been on this journey to a better me.

    I've been doing wonderful Im feel and in the best mindset Ive ever had and Im happier than ever and Im geninuely happy to see you doing better and getting your life in order-hope it continues to go well 🙂

  • That was the message I want to send I feel empowered if I did it as I am on this journey and Im in a better emotional state than I used to be.

  • Write the message on a piece of paper then release it to the Universe by burning it. I wholeheartedly agree with Shuabby, don't get in touch with your ex now, the Facebook pictures aren't all that they seem to be.

  • Ok thank you guys! I just wanted ask that because I wanted to release it to feel better but at the same time I kind of felt like I might have been inviting more damage in my life being that he may need more time to mature and I dont want to waste any of the recovery Ive made for myself. Ive have been on an emotional journey though and I definetly feel better after my talk with Captain yesterday. I also dont want to send a message when I may have little if any feelings left over so for now I think I dont need to I will be fine.

  • And I think I do agree with you after you said the FB pictures aren't all that they seem to be. You remember my deuces comment to him? He said duces (still spelling it wrong lol) means Dont u callme ever slut! I dont know if he was still mad and took my reaction to the breakup the wrong way but whatever? I sense I must just move on as much as it is painful for me to completely leave behind without sending that message. I adknowedlge he was apart of my life and my heart being my first love so I hope he remembers the best about me, By not contacting him and reacting the way I did to the breakup-what message does it send? How do you think he will remember me?

  • It sends the message that you are strong, an individual, a person who knows what she wants and that she is going to get it.

    Why does it matter how he will remember you? You don't need to waste your energy on those kind of thoughts.

    Having said that, the words that come to mind are "bittersweet memories". He'll remember you both fondly and with bitterness. I'm also inclined to say that it's going to take him longer to understand or to accept what happened than it is you. In fact I want to say you are light years ahead.

    I also heard today that it takes us half as long as our relationship lasted to completely move on and be completely open to a new love. So if you were together a year, you'll take 6 months to heal. Not to say you can't or won't have successful relationships inbetween mind you.

  • Hello Asia118X

    I felt like some of your comments were inappropreiate to my answers which I give in direct honest ways when spirit directs me to, in no way am I trying to hurt anyone with my readings. I am glad that you are in spiritual boot camp and that you are healing, but it does not mean that you have to open the door for hurt again. You can say your sorry in other ways, like sending prayer out for that person to forgive you if that is what you seek. Than let it go. I wish you the best of all that life can bring to you , and I thank you for the positive words for my life.

  • Thanks Shaubby I wasn't offended at all sorry if it seemed that way And I respect and adore your guidance thanks I think I can just go on without sending the message I wrote it and Ill pray on but that's the end for thanks Shaubby.

    PisceanHealer thank you so much hope he can heal from all that bitterness he needs to look inside myself as I have but can't help those who don't help themselves. I appreciate you help love and light to you both 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Shuabby, good to see you here!

    if you read this could you send me a message to ser_beatriz (at) y a h o o

    and let me know if you have a website or a way so we can pay for your re adings?

    Thanks very much! Cheers,

  • Hey Shaubby,

    I just wanted to offerr an extensional apology not only because I would feel better and havemore insight and more healed about the breakup but also because I adore and respect your insight as it touches people profoundly. I was still healing at the time and I'm nmending the last edges now and for the most part Im ok. Even though from other readers, Ive heard h is going to accept my friend request (he isn't on alot-I only know this because of the few times I've seen it) and be the one initiatig contact I don't feel I need it or even know if I want it now lol. I did and still have hi I my heart as my first love and I really do like/love him as a person regardless of his past but I don't think I want a relationship with him and realized I only yearn for him at times out of loneliness and

    anxiety. He's a great guy deep down despite his immaturity, selfishness and rudeness at times. Honestly I can see us being friends nothing more because I frgive him but I can never look past his actions but also I dont need to have him as a friend (just saying itjust because I know I don't need anyone especially him to cling to.:)

    So what is it about this other guy do you see-what is his name, what does he look like?

    And also do you see me gong to school in Miami this October (my plans for July in Miami got jolted)?

  • I meant the past and not his past lol

  • Btw how've you been?-Ive been ok just going thru a rough period right now.

  • Bump lol 🙂

  • Been doing alot of internalizing and thinking lately and trust me its been alot for me but today I feel at peace and very compassionate and understanding of others and thier actions but I dont forget to neglect my own feelings or emotions but at the same time I feel I can control them and put them in perspective and objectify (if that''s even a word) my feelings. Ive thought about everything Ive been through and felt a great positive surge of light go through me especially after actually sat down and talked to my father (it was quite wonderful) and for some reason it help me put things together. This feeling or period Im going through is very difficult to explain regardless of how good it is and even though Ive been crying some of my feelings out-I feel like I have a purpose and this journey Im going through is for the best and all of my hard work and struggle will pay off in the end-I feel like Im just on the edge of a breakthrough. My father seems as if he is struggling to break out of his ways and make an effort but he's so damaged and I actually feel very bad for him because in all actuality hes a pretty sensitive good guy just very damaged, selfish and protective of his feelings (but afraid of being hurt). The funny thing is this isnt like a spur of the moment thing, I really feel this about him and I really love him and like him but I dont forgive his actions or agree with them but I understand it but I still hold my feelings but I forgive him and feel like our relationship is healing when I talk to him and feel it is best if we kept in touch.

    What do you feel about this period in my life and what is my father going through?

  • Asia118X

    Thank you for the kind words and when I read them I know that my pathway is the right one for me to walk. Going to school for you seems to be a bit of a mind trip, you have to wrap your mind around the schooling that you will receive and really want it before you can progress is what I'm getting for you.

    Your love life is on hold at this time and for a reason. You needed to have a mental break from the fellow you just cut loose. After you enter into school you will shut down a bit and want to be alone to concentrate on studying , after about three months you will again be open to seeking romance. I feel a young man that is slender and tall and rather shy at first until you turn the key to his heart strings and he opens up to you. He has not had alot of experience with love , so be tender with him. You just may become his first love, and in so doing you can take the relationship anywhere you want to. Please look forward to happier times and you will do well in school .

    Best Wishes


  • HappyDoc,

    Iam working on a website and I tried to send you and e-mail and it came back.


  • Thanks Shuabby 🙂 And Im sure that is the reason my love life (really lol Im 19 jk) is on hold-trust me I feel me and him could be good friends nothing more-I feel like the break up was needed no matter how abrupt it was only because I got time to really heal my inner child and personal wounds I was dealing with from my childhood but at the same time I realized I was being a child and a semi-mother in the relationship (he had alot of issues too) I feel more insightful, happier and independent and dont really have regrets about him-it was a learning experience, I will always have him in my heart, and never forget and I'll always be there to lend a helping head or be a shoulder to cry on-but I feel like he isnt the best guy for me and its just best to move on from the past regardless on all the memories and love we had.

    Right now my main focus is school and everything centered around my aspirations and dreams. I feel as if Im on the verge of a breakthrough as far as school wise. Ive been struggling for money for school but I honestly feel this Miami is a very great idea and if I set my mind to it I can get there. Ive been feeling very happy and at peace ever since Ive practiced talking to my angels.

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