BLMOON...looking for your update please and thank you!!

  • Hi,

    I know you are on and off here so I am hoping your guides will have you check soon...:)

    I am just wondering if you could pick up any change as far as where my book JADE, my move to another state based on this book...editor, agent, publishing's so close now to know how the start to all this is going to go...I think...schools almost out...I feel a clock ticking and I have no answers yet...trying to push the negative away but UGH!...Can you guide me through these next few weeks and summer? I would so greatly appreciate the calm your spirits can give mine.

    Thank you in advance...

    Most sincerely,

    Molly 5/8/72

    (husband WCH 6/15/72)

  • I remember you! AND didn't I see a definate answer in May--as well as a bit more dragging their feet in April---as in another promise broken or a delay? I could relook up our posts or you can fill me in fresh. Last I remember the man and wife were on a plane but giving your scrip full attention. Give me an update and I'll connect. What progress was made?

  • Yay...I am remembered! lol

    About 3 weeks ago they said to give them a few more their plane trip didn't provide the time needed to work on my book at all. So, I am close to that 3 week time frame. They also said they knew an agent in Florida they "plan" on connecting me I am wondering if once they finish the book they will provide that name so I can be on "my way".

    Last week I went house hunting back in the state I am from. Was highly disappointed and wasn't sure what I price I should even be looking at. I am planning another trip back first of June for some medical stuff (love TMJ...NOT) and hope to have contracts and all the who, what, when, wheres answered by then. I am HOPING that everything will have progressed that I can actually move back in July...perhaps live with family or what not until I find the house....all assuming my life is on track.

    Basically, I am STILL waiting, but I think they are about done...just wondering and waiting. I KNOW I am leaving where I live now...I just hope it is with ease.

    What kind of info do you need? AND THANK YOU for checking in on here!



  • OK so far going as I saw---another delay which just passed and a May answer looks still on---though what I saw was you would have your book---I see them handing it to you but do not at the moment pick up were it goes. That's the unknown part---as if they just give you a name you still must submitt to that agent---or if the agent is a friend and they back you up with a direct referal.That's what you are hoping for. You are right---you need that name. Did they brush off telling you or did you not push on the name? Your house hunting issues and move are a whole seperate matter---I would need to seperate the two. Also, have you read your book since recent changes? I'm not feeling well today so give me some time---also I pick up your anxiousesness to have things go in a certein way---as if you can see it in your head--this is a big energy. I need to see if I can connect with the couple who have your book. It may be time to contact them for an update---get specific with your questions---ask for the agents name---even if they say they will take care of that get the name. I feel like the picture still will be clearer in May and it is close but not getting that all will be final. I did connect to you very strongly so I'm sure I can pick up more as usually spirit does follow through. Meaning at times spirit connects once and that's it--the message is finished but sometimes there is a following with some connections and I remember connecting several times so I'm shure you'll get more. Ifeel you are about to get more on there end real soon----if there was anything you got a fealing about after your lasty talk with them---let me know---it may help me connect. I will reread the posts but still got a strong feeling I will be able to see the picture after your next talk with them. Because in my last prediction---May was where the message ended---as if all that is hidden or unanswered would come out in May.

  • Okay...I have I am going to think about all this and I will post back EARLY in the morning as I get up with my hubby at 4am everyday to get him out the door...HA

    Thanks and feel better! Talk with you soon!


  • Uhhhhh....yawn....

    My first thought is that yes, technically speaking their "few" weeks is up...BUT, rather than feel like I am pushing them (and I do this every time and that is when I end up going crazy inside my own head) I wait until the following Monday to email them. The husbands initials are JH and he was born in the year 1945...he lives far away from where I am in the West USA. He is USA though. I don't know if that information will help. I think you have my email and if you want I could give you more info that way...

    The conversation with him last time (which would have been beginning of April or end of March) was that they would take and work on my book on their out of country travel which they ended up not having time to do so that is when on April 13 I shot them an email asking for an update. He said they needed a few weeks...

    The conversation with the agent he gave me was it was someone they knew who used to be an author and is now living in Florida working as a Lit. Agent. He has had several books of clients go through in the New York Publishing business. I will ask for a name on Monday if I haven't heard anything from them by then. I don't know if they have discussed with this guy my book or name or if they are just going to give me his name and have me submit...I go over and over that conversation all the time trying to remember some key word...

    Contracts, books, moving, spouce, it all plays in my head like a broken record. I feel the time ticking with June so close and a move for sure...

    It's like therapy just writing this all out. I hope the spirits and angels surrounding us will open themselves is May afterall....



  • A little voice told me to recheck what I wrote to you....editors initals are JA....thank you whoever you are watching over me!



  • Thanks again for your help into looking into all this...


  • Hi BLMOON!

    I thought I would bring up this old post in hopes you would remember our talk.

    I am still in complete editors have not made any contact with me in about two months. I have several thoughts on this as I know they are EXTREMELY busy BUT they have always returned emails or called when I have done a check in with them.

    The first thought is that they are about done and are conversing with an agent...and a future, soon.

    The second is that there is something having nothing to do with me and they are just not wanting to give me the news that they are still not done.

    I could be off base either way...My patience with summer and wanting to move is stressful and my "patience" button is making me grumpy to everyone...

    I would be so greatful if you could shed some light on this and hopeful regenerate my patience button with hope. 🙂

    L&L and a great big thanks!

    Molly 5/8/72

  • They know they can't stall you any longer so they just avoid you. I know this sounds odd to you but it is time to mail them a nice note--on pleasant stationary asking them to please contact you about your book and send it with delivery confirmation. They will get the message.

  • UGH...seriously...thank you...



  • Regardless of this drama---you are still a writer.

  • Blmoon,

    Hi...was just reading over these posts...YOU were SO right about the stalling. BUT, I took control and NOW I think I am almost to the end. If you aren't busy would you mind a new brush up for me? Editors initials JA and SA...they said they are introducing me once the book is done to Agent with initials GR.

    Always a huge thanks for your time and patience... 🙂


    molly 5/8/72

  • Sorry to keep you hanging--I'm very tired and have been working to get the school ready for the new year. Also, been hoping for something more positive for you to apear but honestly, you still look to be in stall mode. I am empathetic to your disapointment and the reality of your dreams. I send out manuscripts---more get rejected than not and it really is not a reflection on your talent most of the time but it's still hard to swallow. I still pick up that your editing friends are not giving you as much as they lead you to believe. My concern for you is the kind of publishing terms being offered. You need to look up the agent since you know his name. That will answer your questions more. I do know that a publishing date within a few months is unrealistic if this not a self published book. The process is more time consuming. The agent if he is happy and signs you on then must sell your book---he submitts it to publishers and once excepted he gets paid through them and you sign a contract and after that it usually is at least 6 months if not more before the book sees print. The problem for you is how little you understand about publishing---so you have no idea what to expect. If you had already surounded yourself with writers--immersed yourself in the writer's world and got that info first hand you'd have a more realistic idea and know what questions to demand answered. I believe they take advantage of your lack of knowledge. But I believe they do see talent in you. You need to subscribe to Poet's and Writers magazine. In the front of that mag are realistic articles and in the back are calls for submissions. There are also editors offering their services for money to edit your work. There are a lot of self publishing buisnesses as well offering services. I suspect you are on hold by the latter--and your friends will be stearing you to an agent who will ask for money to publish and market your book with no real promise of how much it will make. OR if he is a real agent who trys to sell your book to an outside publishing house you will have a wait. Depending on the publisher the money comes in different ways. I just had a friend get her book published by shuester--it took almost a year to see print----part of her contract required touring at a moments notice--and not all glamourouse as you think. She received a 50,000 dollar stipend for staying six months at a university for furthur research on a book of her choice for six months and from there she must move to another state university for another residancy paid for. The writers life is more complicated than you are aware and it's not all glamorouse or light bulb famouse moments. Most writers prefer the passion for writing --crave to be published but hate the politics and the truth is getting rich from writing is slim. Screenplays being the exception. Writing for TV or movies is big money but almost all famouse writers have day jobs! Mostly teach and supplement their incomes with grants and residencies or like your friends--editing for up coming writers who feel too insecure to polish it themselves. I feel you may be expecting your book to some how make you rich and bring fame--a redemption. You need to keep your dreams open but also use your head so you can choose. Harry Potter was rejected hundreds of times! Then took over the world---but even that story was no fairytale if you followed the authors life---fame almost cost her her creativity--it complicated her life and it was a lot of work for years after that in her own words caused a physical mental breakdown for a time. When you do get your script in your hand--get your editor meeting---do not sign anything on the spot. As you have options beyound your knowledge. Spirit says this must play out and options will come at the apropriat time and untill then there is no changing course as you are already in it and this is educating you. If this agent asks for money or tells you your book sales will be paying a large publishing dept---you have the option to submitt your manuscript yourself to agents or directly to publishers--the ones who believe in your book enough to pay you for it. I think October will be the desicion time. I will be happy to give you more advice as things progress. In the mean time--be bold with your questions. Ask your editors exactly how does this agent market his clients--push for answers. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you...I will keep you posted! I am talking with the editors tomorrow. The only finances I am hoping for are enough to pay a mortgage to move to my hometown...anything more than that is a blessing. I am so homesick 😞



  • I'm about to go off the radar for awhile---thinking of you and the meeting. Thought you may need some last minute guidance for your next crossroad. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon I have news when you come back.....ironically it happened the same day you touched basis with me here. whoop

    Happy days at class for you! Sending positive energy!


  • I was just thinking of you---tell me your news. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi! my editors surprised me with a complete book...Hooray! They gave me the contact of G.R. agent/consultant.. I called and talked with him last week. The conversation went really well. He was extremely nice and he gave me a couple things to do via email so he could get a feel of who I am. I feel it is like a test. He told me I answered his questions with an A+. I sent him a hard copy of my book in the mail which he should get tomorrow. My editors asked me to keep them in the loop which I have done so they can help guide me. They want me to be cautious and steer clear from any kind of self publishing which I agreed. The agent said he would work as my consultant and guide me to more of POD and has fantastic contacts. He has me doing some projects to help protmote me and the book. I told my editors about this and they said to hang on until they talk to me in a week. I told this to agent/consultant that I needed to make sure I was on track with my life journey. think I need to research more agens or is G.R. who I am supose to be with. He is a well knkown book reviewer as well. Any guidance on this? Now that things are finally moving I don't know which way to problem to the next...eeeesh! I have G.R. waiting on me...uhhh...such is life!

    L&L (thank you for thinking of me too....)


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