Natl Chart Interpretation Help = )

  • The website that I get this Chart does not provide enough interpretation for my natal chart, while having me going online to search for info really confused me.. it seems so complicated... what do you guys think about my natal Chart? The chart is produce using my exact birthday and time as well. >.< Thanks Guys~~

    Positions of Planets

    Sun 0°50' Leo

    Moon 5°27' Pisces

    Mercury 29°56' Я Cancer

    Venus 13°51' Virgo

    Mars 13°53' Я Capricorn

    Jupiter 22°39' Я Pisces

    Saturn 3°13' Я Sagittarius

    Uranus 18°51' Я Sagittarius

    Neptune 3°43' Я Capricorn

    Pluto 4°34' Scorpio

    Chiron 19°28' Gemini

    Ceres 27°08' Virgo

    Pallas 0°57' Virgo

    Juno 2°00' Я Sagittarius

    Vesta 18°44' Aries

    Node 24°40' Я Aries

    Lilith 25°13' Я Gemini

    Fortune 21°12' Pisces

    AS 16°35' Leo

    MC 20°35' Taurus


    Planets in Houses*

    Sun House 12

    Moon House 7

    Mercury House 12

    Venus House 1

    Mars House 5

    Jupiter House 8

    Saturn House 4

    Uranus House 5

    Neptune House 5

    Pluto House 3

    Chiron House 11

    Ceres House 2

    Pallas House 1

    Juno House 4

    Vesta House 9

    Node House 9

    Lilith House 11

    Fortune House 8

    Positions of Houses

    House 1 16°35' Leo

    House 2 17°18' Virgo

    House 3 19°30' Libra

    House 4 20°35' Scorpio

    House 5 19°30' Sagittarius

    House 6 17°32' Capricorn

    House 7 16°35' Aquarius

    House 8 17°18' Pisces

    House 9 19°30' Aries

    House 10 20°35' Taurus

    House 11 19°30' Gemini

    House 12 17°32' Cancer

    House 13 °'

    List of Aspects

    Sun Conjunction Mercury Orb +0°54'

    Mars Conjunction Neptune Orb +10°10

    Moon Opposite Venus Orb -8°24'

    Venus Opposite Jupiter Orb -8°47'

    Moon Square Saturn Orb +2°13'

    Sun Square Pluto Orb +3°43'

    Jupiter Square Uranus Orb +3°48'

    Mercury Square Pluto Orb +4°37'

    Venus Square Uranus Orb +4°59'

    Venus Trine Mars Orb +0°01'

    Moon Trine Pluto Orb +0°53'

    Uranus Trine AS Orb +2°15'

    Sun Trine Saturn Orb +2°23'

    Mercury Trine Saturn Orb +3°17'

    Mars Trine MC Orb +6°41'

    Venus Trine MC Orb -6°43'

    Mercury Trine Jupiter Orb +7°16'

    Sun Trine Jupiter Orb +8°10'

    Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb -0°50'

    Moon Sextile Neptune Orb +1°44'

    Jupiter Sextile MC Orb -2°04'

    Uranus Inconjunction MC Orb +1°43'

    Mars Inconjunction AS Orb -2°41'

    Sun Inconjunction Neptune Orb +2°53'

    Uranus SemiSquare Pluto Orb -0°42'

    Mercury SemiSquare Venus Orb -1°04'

    Neptune SesquiQuadrate MC Orb +1°51'

    Neptune SesquiQuadrate AS Orb +2°08'

    Jupiter BiQuintile AS Orb -0°03'

    Moon BiQuintile Mercury Orb +0°28'

    Sun BiQuintile Moon Orb +1°22'

    Saturn SemiSextile Neptune Orb +0°29'

    Saturn SemiSextile Pluto Orb -1°20'

  • Hi, I am sorry but a full natal chart interpretation is an unreasonable request in my opinion. Astrology is very broad. To properly interpret an entire natal chart can take days (and I mean 8 hours a day for several days!). It covers a persons entire personality and touches on relationships and events throughout a the persons life. As I am sure you can imagine this is very complex and yes... complicated. Professional astrologers charges rarely take into consideration the work (and time) spent on interpreting a chart.

    If you have a particular question you would like answered about your life.. such as your one to one relationships, your career prospect or perhaps your financial abilities you might like to ask the question and leave your birth details for an astrologer to pick out that particular area of your natal chart.

  • it is about career... wat industry suit me the best...

    make it more proper... wat is my special talent? = )

    thanks for you reply so so much...

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