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  • I've been trying to find an answer and all I've really come up with is..well, let me start from the beginning.

    I know it may sound silly, but my biggest most unfounded fear is of spiders. I've been working on overcoming it. Just thinking of them gives me shivers, when they come on TV or a movie I can't look at them. If one is in the house, God have mercy on the spider, the wall, the neighbors, because I'm launching things across the room blindly trying to kill it. I at one point got over it enough to own a tarantula. But I guess I hurt myself there because I said he was the only arachnid I'd ever like, after I tried to hold another rose hair and it reared up at me. But anyways, yes, usually paralyzing fear of spiders. God thinking about them now makes my skin crawl.

    So in my research for guide animals, I found that there are "shadow" animals, there to make us overcome the fear? Is this what Spider is to me? I don't understand that concept fully, was hoping you may have a thought on it.

  • Yes pretty much. Think of it as literally facing your fears in order to overcome them. Also we attract what we fear, so you may find yourself attracting spiders into your life. Or, once you have overcome your fear, you'll find they no longer appear as often.

    The key is to remember there is no "bad" medicine. Animals, including insects, are here to teach us lessons. All animals are linked by "one" spirit. When referring to this "overarcing" spirit I will usually write the animal name with a capital - as in Spider, Dog, Tiger etc or refer to it as Great Spider spirit, Great Dog spirit, Great Tiger spirit and so forth. In this sense, you don't need to worry about individual species, once you conquer your fear of one spider you will conquer the fear of all spiders.

    As for actually conquering that fear, the first step would be not trying to kill them 🙂

    Go back to what you did in order to own a Tarantula. Do the same, but ignore the species. You can also thank Spider for being your shadow animal and ask for help in overcoming your fears. Also ask your power totem animal(s).

    You could surround yourself with images of spiders, set them as your desktop background on your computer, carry them in your pocket, purse etc. In essence you are aligning yourself with - and honouring - Spider medicine. This may reduce the need or even eliminate live spiders from coming to you if that is too scary an option.

    Love & light,


  • Ah, thank you so much for clearing that up some! I'd prefer pictures to the real thing, so I think I'll start there hehe! I remember when I had the tarantula, I started out just holding him in the palm of my hand making myself look at him, really really study it. To me, the "fur" made him look like a little eight legged mutant dog, thereby cute. Hmm, I should really sit down and do that again, find the beauty in the creature. I think the freakiest thing for me is how they move, don't know why but if it moves I'm as far away from it faster than a blink of an eye. My tarantulas name was Chewbacca, so I think I'll start with pictures that remind of him then move on from there. God help me...hehe I'll remember to honor Spider from now on, for sure! Then his little ones won't need to visit me...I hope...hehehe



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