Shuabby help please?has something to do with my music career

  • hey shuabby you may have recalled me asking for advice on my music career..well ive been working with a drummer for hire recently with very good results.the problem is,she seems to get kind of personal with the way we work.

    i cant find a drummer cheaper than her.but i feel i could accomplish results working with drummers for the same projects,just not her.

    i want to keep her as my main drummer,but im wondering if this is a wise choice.i want to finish an album with another drummer who is a virgo.this would save me alot of money,but i get the feeling my current female drummer (scorpio) would take this personally.can you tell me if you think i should drop her?also do you see me initiating a recording project with the virgo as sucessful?thank you.

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  • thanks moonalisa

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