Please Anyone Join In-in Need of Faith and Guidance

  • Everyone, I've been on a big journey every since I joined this site. I appreciate and applaud those who have helped me on becoming the best me there is before I go off into the world by myself. Unfortuantely I feel Im about to have a mental breakdown. I've been gaining strength or at least trying to gain the most after this rough breakup with my ex that caused me to join this site but after being in Captain's Spiritual Boot Camp Part Two-I realized that I may have survived the breakup along with a long history of vicious abuse by my father (which in turn affected my relationship-bad father-broken abused girl with boyfriend-just imagine) but Im still dealing with alot of baggage I am surpressing especially my surpressed ongoing feelings about my ex, not getting closure from the breakup, this great feeling that I may run into him again and still try to appear strong and possibly still dealing with the craving for attention and love from a father that abused me. It took me awhile to forgive him all the way but it still affects me to a certain extent. I hate burdening my family with emotions (they don't like dealing with too many emotions nor do I want to burden my friends elsewhere and on this site ) but I really need help I feel broken. I have so many goals and so many emotions. I need and want to be a little more emotionally stable and find peace in my life (hopefully in Miami when I go to school). Please someone help sorry if this is too much but I need some guidance as to how I am feelings and what should I do?

  • Asia118X My advice may not be something you are willing to try but what I do when I get overwhelmed with feelings that feel like they may consume me is pray with all my heart. It was during a near mental breakdown that I decided to cry out to God with all my heart for help, and what happened that instant was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I felt this intense feeling of comfort and peace that I hadn't felt since I was a child. I truly felt the burdens, fear, and the sins of my past lift from my body and heart. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before and I will never forget it.

  • No, you are not having a breakdown, Asia. Actually you are healing. You are releasing old emotions that you have held inside for too long. We all need to do this periodically in order to cleanse and get well. Crying is a release and not a weakness - you don't have to soldier on trying to be strong all the time.

    Just take ten deep breaths and try to remain calm. You will get through this - it is not a breakdown, but a move forward and up in your personal development. Give yourself plenty of peace and quiet and rest to adjust to all this sudden rush of emotion. Let it all flow away from you, leaving you feeling better and stronger. It may feel like a loss at the moment because you have carried this inside for a long time and you may feel like you are letting go of people too who you have grown used to having in your life. But all negative people and situations and feelings must leave you if you are to be really happy and at peace.

  • Thanks Captain and Cancerman276. I feel alot better now. It was a huge relief the next day I felt soooo much better-rejuvanated and overjoyed. I will continue to live life to the fullest and I won't stop. I'm glad Im healing it's best for me in the long run and anyone in my life. Thank you all god bless 🙂



  • Thank you!!!!!! 🙂

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